The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Tips and Tricks for new players

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Tips and Tricks for new players 1 -
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Tips and Tricks for new players 1 -
A few tips and tricks for the new scavengers in NOLA


The Basics

So, your in NOLA and your confused on how to play 
What should you do? 
Well, i’ll tell you 
First things first don’t let zombies grab you, if you get grabbed just shake them off. 
If you can’t get a good stab on zombies then, grab their head so that you can have more precision in your attacks. (Note: this doesn’t work with 2-handed weapons) 
To quick store, grab an item and reach over your left shoulder and let go. If done correctly it should have stored without you needing to pull out your backpack. 
-Herds of zombies aren’t good, take them out one at a time. 
-If you grab a zombie and throw it into another it will stun both of them for a second, use this opportunity to either run or attack or even heal up. 
-Use spoons and bottles you find so it doesn’t waste your weapon’s durability. 
-Don’t eat items you find in maps, it makes your max health go down. 
-Using guns can attract attention of zombies all around the map, use your bullets if only absolutely necessary 

Best way to use guns

Crafted guns are the best guns in the game, weapons you find whilst scavenging are worn down and prone to break. To avoid losing your main gun’s durability, use the worn down guns you find. 
-Worn down guns are prone to jam so do be careful whilst shooting. 
-Don’t waste your bullets shooting Zombies, just stab them 
-There are iron sights on the top of pistols and 2-handed guns, this can help to further increase your accuracy 
-If you are going to use your gun/guns a lot then eat a Jambalaya, as it will increase its durability (More on food on 4th page) 
2-Handed guns are amazing 
The 2-Handed guns are powerful and not to mention they have the best sights in the game 
My favourite 2-handed gun is probably the lever action rifle as the iron sights feel so smooth and clean in the game 
When using the bolt action rifle, the proper way to reload is by using your dominant hand to reload, the hand resting on the wood below the barrel is the hand that stays, this method is a lot more easier than hitting your controllers together by mistake. 
{Worn down 2-Handed guns} 
When using these guns, just like the worn down pistols, they are prone to jam which can waste time on shooting, and they usually break after 2 shots. 
Don’t use them, they are heavily unreliable in all situations. 
However crafted guns are the key to success 

Best way to use melee

As I said about crafted guns the same goes with melee, crafting is the key to survival, worn down weapons wont save you for long. 
Found melee weapons have low durability 
Crafted melee weapons have the highest durability 
Best melee that you can craft 
If you like slicing things then the cleaver is your best option 
If your more of a fan of stabbing then The Night Shift is your best weapon 
Throwing a knife can save a few extra bullets as long as you can actually throw it. 
Use melee on Zombies its more reliable than bullets 
(more on diseased walkers later) 
You can use frying pans and skulls as melee weapons, bash it into a zombie’s head 3 times and you got yourself a rotten pancake. Skulls and pans don’t have any durability so you can use them forever. 
(WARNING) these weapons make a lot of noise and could attract attention to yourself. 
Melee is your best bet when against some zombies, guns attract even more attention to yourself and melee is silent. 
Don’t use melee on humans unless they don’t see you, have friends walking about or have a weapon. 
Just surprise attack them if you have no gun or bullets. 
2-Handed weapons can push walkers away and stun them. 

Food and Meds

When sprinting for a long period of time your max stamina goes down which can take a toll on how many swings you can throw. 
Don’t sprint for no reason, you have all the time in the world… Sorta.. 
Nutria stew is your best friend, have it on you at all times. 
Only eat if your max stamina is a quarter gone 
Braining takes up more stamina than decapitation 
*Secret Recipe* 
Jambalaya can be found in the kitchen of the tower house, its near the sink. 
Jambalaya can be used to increase your weapons durability 
Jambalaya also increases your max stamina 
Medicine can be most commonly found in houses 
As the days go on Medicine becomes rarer 
Medicine caches can be available the further you progress 
If you get Survival station level 8, Herbal medicine can be unlocked and crafted at any time. 
3 types of bandages: 
Dirty (Found) 
Sterilised (Level 2) 
Restorative (Level 10) 
Dirty bandages for small wounds 
Sterilised for when your on half health 
Restorative for when your near death 

Diseased Walkers and how to deal with them

Diseased walkers can be spotted from a fair distance, they are grey with green spots around their face. 
Don’t let them grab you as they will drain your max health quickly 
Don’t go close to them as when they die a huge green splash appears 
The range of the splash is quite big so keep your distance and snipe them from afar 
Medicine can be used to heal your max health 
If you have a long ranged weapon I highly recommend to stay back and shoot them from far, if they spot you then walk back and shoot them with a 1 handed gun leaving 1 hand free to shove away any normal walkers around or to potentially grab the diseased walker 

What are the best items to scrap?

If your out scavenging then look for broken guns, fire wood, food and item boxes 
The best items to get are item boxes 
They are 3 different types of colours and have different items with each colour 
Orange,Green and Black 
Green usually has gunpowder, metal 
Black usually has metal,sharp objects 
orange usually has, adhesives, water, spice and sugar 

Written by StealthyBaton55

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Tips and Tricks for new players; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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