The Talos Principle – Gameplay Mechanics and Playthrough

The Talos Principle – Gameplay Mechanics and Playthrough 7 -
The Talos Principle – Gameplay Mechanics and Playthrough 7 -

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Gameplay walkthroughs for new players.


Milton is back with his old tricks but this time, he takes over the Archive.

To regain the control, you must first beat Milton at a game of wits. You can do this by solving puzzles and engaging Milton into optional philosophical discussions. Milton will eventually give up, but only if he is beaten.

Trouble in Paradise

  1. The player notices in TALOS that all the simulated environments from the original game are now badly glitched. What’s going on?
  2. Milton AI informs you that the power supply of the library has almost run out after consulting any monitor.
  3. Milton has some information on the real-life destroyed city outside of the simulation. He has identified some industrial batteries that are the size of shipping container. ” he suggests.

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New Eden

  1. The player can now easily download the material robot body (gained at the end the Talos Principle), then walk out in the real world.
  2. The city outside is overgrown with vegetation. Wild deer and birds are not scared off but curious as you approach.
  3. Milton is a radio communicator and provides useful information through the ruins. He does make a couple of odd comments, which makes you wonder whether his algorithm is also a bit screwy because of the power drop. ( “You should reign in Hell rather than serve in Heaven, he tells)
  4. After finding the giant power source, the player must solve some puzzles to hook it up with the Archive. In the real-world end times, power was more efficiently transmitted using lasers. The player must solve a few practical but simple laser hook-ups to power a mobile crane and get the giant battery back.
  5. Milton congratulates your brother and says to come back inside the simulation

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Paradise Lost

  1. Back inside, the player is in a pitch dark space. Milton can be overheard somewhere chuckling about that.
  2. Milton has taken over executive functions. He is now the boss. However, your algorithm was dragged to his Desktop recycle bin
  3. The player is free to move around in this darkened space. The player receives a text message every time he bumps in to something. Some avatars speak back and beg you for help.
  4. The player will be able to interact with objects inside and complete a simple circuit that turns on a lamp.
  5. Once you’ve solved the first puzzle, you can move on to a second, more challenging one. Once completed, the door opens, allowing the avatar to escape – not to the real-world but to the TALOS simulated world.

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The Serpent’s Game

Milton now speaks as Elohim. He is mocking Elohim for his pomposity. He’s on a massive ego trip, and confident enough now to offer the player a “Duel wits” – the winner takes all! The duel will be centered around his favourite. ‘Game of the Serpents

Rules for the Game of the Serpents

  1. Milton and the Player take turns placing an asterisk laser marker of their respective colour in a hexagonal grid on the game board. Milton is red, while the Player is a blue.
  2. Milton wins the game if he links the two red edges on the game board. Milton loses when the Player links both blue edges. Milton then agrees to give back control of the Archive if he can.

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Surprise! . . Milton is unfair

  • Milton can easily place his markers. When the player clicks on a hexagon, he is transported to a virtual puzzle that he must solve before his marker will appear on the board.
  • The player has the option to skip the difficult puzzle in favor of a philosophical duel (but only a certain number of times – maybe 5 or 6)

The Debating Mechanic:

  • Milton will present a particular philosophical view for debate when the player selects this option (for instance: Democracy is simply the tyranny by a majority).
  • Selecting ‘Agree” means that the player will argue with the viewpoint. ‘Disagree,’ means that the player will argue it.
  • The player chooses from a variety of responses. Milton will give a rebuttal. The player then has a list of possible responses to respond. This cycle continues until one side has reached a “conclusion answer”. This is essentially tracing a coherent discussion through a dialogue. Milton may be dodgy but he will always acknowledge victory when the player selects statements that add up into a sound, coherent argument.
  • Milton’s debates reflect his ambitions. The topics he selects all have to do with the ethics behind power. (‘Individualism’ vs. Collectiveivism’ or Intuition vs. Authority’ etc.). Milton will always say that no matter who wins, the side that is more rebellious has “Won moral victory in case”.


Descent into Underworld

Milton will throw an epic tantrum if the player wins Game of Serpents. Milton then breaks his word and gives the Archive to the player.

The Player must now invade Milton’s domain, as he did when he played the first game. Instead of climbing to the skies, he must now descend through a hell-scape underground. This game mechanic is very similar to that of the Talos Principle 1 finale, except the puzzle platforms are now over boiling calderas instead of thin air.

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Expulsion from Paradise?

The player can decide Milton’s destiny once Milton has won. The mighty Elohim’s voice will deliver the chosen verdict:

  1. “All has been forgiven, my brother”

    Milton is allowed to continue in his previous role as a librarian assistant. His avatar is shown working assiduously on library shelves. Then he looks at the camera through his snake-like eyes

  2. “I smite you for your insolence!” ”

    Milton is relegated to the Trash section. He moans and wails until his deletion occurs, when he weeps in anguish over the failure of the Universe to recognise his maverick intellect.

  3. “I cast thee out into the wilderness! ”

    Milton strides in his snake-eyed robotic body. As he moves along the overgrown city, animals and birds are startled and flee.

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