The Symbiant – Walkthrough + Intro

The Symbiant – Walkthrough + Intro 1 -
The Symbiant – Walkthrough + Intro 1 -

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  • Full walkthrough guide

Introduction and Disclaimer

Before we dive into it, These aren’t the best answers. I do not have the developers’ expertise. There is an official guide with more “correct” answers and the developers mainly go above and beyond with their official guides, providing the reasoning behind the choices to understand why something is “right” or not. You won’t get that level of attention to detail in this guide. This guide will lead you to the finals and accomplishments. It has been thoroughly tested to ensure it works, but I am leaving it to encourage players to purchase the guide if they are competent.

If you have the means to help them further, I strongly recommend that if you used this guide, you purchase their strategy guide dlc on the official steam store found here: – []

Thank you for understanding. If you’re unable to afford it right now or you’d prefer to try out some of the possible endings before you purchase, continue reading this guide, which is not official.


  • There’s a no-cost adult 18+ patch. If you’re over 18 and want to play more, the patch comes with fully voiced CG scenes that can be downloaded from Steam’s store as DLC. The “how-to” section will be found below. However, the quickest method to check if the screen’s start screen has changed, like DUFE, is to check if it is. Just look out for the tentacles.
  • To create this guide, I will be using the 18+ edition. It will include additional information. Don’t be alarmed if you spot a CG lock you don’t own. It’s just an 18+ cg.
  • The voice is full. While it is recommended to keep all agents on, you can turn off individual voices, much as in the Divine speaker. You can turn it off if you don’t love a particular character. Before you turn off the game ultimately, you should consider changing the options menu.
  • There are four possible endings to the game. Three of them are different levels of evil (which I’ve referred to as the “bad cluster” in the guide). I recommend playing the game for a second time, attempting to find the “Good” ending before you read this guide, and then exploring the rest of the bad cluster when you’ve found the end you want. Be careful not to confuse them with “Failure” endings since they are still full-blown ones worthy of your attention.
  • You can reduce time by clicking the right button or using the mouse-wheel back to make more choices. This is the standard otome control, but it’s worth knowing that it also lets you save like the paranoid lunatic.
  • Some of the options in the Walkthroughs below aren’t necessary for that route. However, I’ll be clicking them to have a variety, and are really to help you unlock missing achievements (and inaccessible dialogue) in a fun way when you follow this guide. I tried to keep the same. For instance, I chose the “best” personal achievement options. (That was not important to the route if it was vital for you to click on something else) at the “good” end.
  • Missing an achievement but not sure where or what it is? A complete list of accomplishments is at the bottom of this guide, numbered for quick searches to the relevant section.

For The Symbiant – Walkthrough + Intro, see this guide. Please let us know in the comments below if you find anything incorrect or outdated, and we will attend to it as quickly as possible. I hope that today turns out well for you. Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to add this website to your bookmarks; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with this website regularly for more posts.

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