The Symbiant – Missable Achievements

The Symbiant – Missable Achievements 1 -
The Symbiant – Missable Achievements 1 -

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Missable Achievements

These achievements are irreplaceable. You don’t have to take one route. :

  • Curious Terran is your first meal with Brahve. “Something about X”, until the story pushes your forward.
  • Smells like Soap – Offer Brahve Lavender tea.
  • Your Dirty Dog/An Honorable Gentleman– Close/Leave Vent
  • He was Blush/Showoff/Bad Timing. This is how great Braves are made
  • Music Connoisseur (Open the music room in “extras” on the main menu to listen to each song.
  • So that It Sinks in. – Go to the Scene Replay Section of the main menu to see every scene.
  • Art Collector: Unlock all the CGs. This will unlock and activate the final CG in the last page.
  • Alien Lover — Get all 4 endings.
  • Galaxy Brain unlocks all the achievements in Symbiant.

This achievement is impossible to duplicate. Only possible with the Happy Ever After Route :

  • I’m a NosyOne, Aren’t You? – Completely exhaust all the questions. This is done across the whole game, and you can cross-save. You don’t need to ask all of the questions in one place. You can invite 6 questions with Danya and three as Brahve. It is a particular route achievement. You cannot play Brahve if he is not on the Happy Ever After route. You must ask all of the questions and do not continue pushing until the game is over. Being nosy will not affect your way negatively, as you’re already safely on the path, so ask away.

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