The Symbiant – Ending – Happy Ever After

The Symbiant – Ending – Happy Ever After 1 -
The Symbiant – Ending – Happy Ever After 1 -

Welcome to The Symbiant – Ending – Happy Ever After Guide

“Happy Ever After” Finale

This is a “good ending” This is the “good ending” – Happy Ever After. This will include all the CGs from pages 1 and 2 The top two on page 3, and the bottom three on page 4. All except the final CG on page 5 (the final CG can be unlocked after unlocking the rest).

This route unlocks explicitlyΒ the following: “An Honorable Gentleman“, and “Make Him Blush“. Scuba dive into the Unknown “, ” No Terran has ever been before. “, ” Your sheep aren’t sought after by anyone. “, “Shades of Purple“, “Pillow Talk“, ” Always ready for the Cuppa “, ” It’s a faraway location “, ” They are available in pairs “, ” You are the one I want to meet. “, “Just Kidding“, “Close Encounter“, ” You’re a Nosy one, aren’t you? “, “What About Love“, ” A Place in Tulrorth ” and “Happy Ever After“.

  • Ask him what he’s doing.
  • Explore the Dialogue options.
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Close the vent (This is a preference. I responded in character, however, there is no significance for either answer other than an achievement unlock option.
  • Yes
  • Compliment Him
  • Explore the Dialogue options
  • Just a Step away from Oatith
  • Exhaust Juniper’s dialog options

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