The Swordsmen X: Survival – Main Quests and Combat Playthrough

The Swordsmen X: Survival – Main Quests and Combat Playthrough 1 -
The Swordsmen X: Survival – Main Quests and Combat Playthrough 1 -

Welcome to this post We hope you find the following page, in which we detail The Swordsmen X: Survival – Main Quests and Combat Playthrough, informative.

This guide is still in development as I just started playing the game. You can find Adri9854 on Discord – or EU (PVP), as “Shu”.

Part 1: Exploration and Combat

Skip the tutorial. A bug may prevent you from advancing as of April 30th, 2023. You can get back to the real world if you log out, then log in again after you’ve completed the tutorial.


This game is a challenge for you to Eat and Drink Frequently. Gather all that looks edible because in the beginning you will be starving about every 5-10 mins.

Press X if you want to meditate. It seems to stop hunger/thirst completely.

Mission 1 :


  • Gather 5 Gravel
  • Gather 5 Dry Thatch
  • Gather 5 Twigs

Run around and run press F in the vicinity of tall grasses, bushes and piles stones.

Mission 2 :


  • Craft 1 Stone Axe
  • Craft 1 Stone pickaxe
  • Craft 1 Stone Knife

Press B. On the top right, select the corresponding item and then click on “Make“.

Mission 3 :


  • Craft and equip 1 Wooden Sword by pressing F1 (-

Right-click the Stone Axe. To cut down a branch, click the left-mouse. Open your inventory again, and craft the Wooden Sword.

Once you have finished, close the inventory window and press F1 your weapon to be ready.

Mission 4 :


  • Craft 1 Worn Hat & equip it
  • Craft 1 Worn robe and equip it
  • Craft 1 Worn Sandals, and equip it

Gather hay and branches for the gears mentioned above. They unlock in order so you must craft them in that order.

This is the last mission you can play relatively safe.

At this point, it is advisable to stock up a few items before heading to the main island. The small islands are safe zones, where you can freely gather resources. On the big island you will find zombies and, if you spawned south-east, not many resources.

I would suggest you get some of these:

  • Empty Waterskin
  • Logs (your blade will be damaged very quickly).
  • Nettles – they drop Rough Ramie (which can be made into bandages)

Fill up your water-bottle, grab some food and then move on to the missions.

Mission 5 :


  • Visit the ruins

Press M to access the map. Then, go to the ruin symbol closest to you. Here you’ll have to fight two different zombies, the Maniac Outsider as well as a Maniac Villager. They both seem to have similar skills, but the Maniac Outsider is a bit more dangerous.

After you have killed the Maniac Outsider, look around. There may be a 231A01311651A. But don’t linger around as the Outsider can respawn very quickly (and will jumpscare you behind).


You can attack a zombie by walking up to it and clicking on the left button. The yellow bar in middle of screen is your stamina. when it runs out you stop attacking The zombies will certainly mess you up. You can parry by right-clicking, but the zombies’ ability to jump breaks your parry.

You can dash two times by pressing shift, and you can lock targets by pressing tab.

If you get injured, create a bandage and use it yourself (or go into a safe zone to meditate – it might require enough hunger/thirst – it seems inconsistent thus far).

If you’re starting to feel thirsty, you can eat some wild veggies. But you should then run to the nearest source of water and fill up your thirst meter. You should have a waterskin, but if you don’t, go back to the rabbit hunt.

The zombies drop the two beginner skills Heart Buster (fists), and Sunburst, (sword). You will see a small icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. This defaults to hotkey Q. Use them often and you will see that they improve with each use (you must hit an enemy to gain experience). Press K to see how you are progressing with your skills.

Mission 6 :


  • Examine the “Southeast woodland border marker”

Follow the marker until you reach the “southeast boundary woodland marker”. If you are near the marker, press F to inspect it.

Mission 7 :


  • Go to the Guayin (recommended: level 6 – sit on the designated place

Follow the marker and you will reach the temple. The temple is crowded with zombies, so avoid getting overrun. You will be required to sit on a specific square.

Mission 8 :


  • Learn your first Mind Technique (?)

You need to run around, open chests/defeat Zombies to collect 10 “Scroll Fragments Varja’s Style”. Once you have 10 scroll fragments, right-click to activate the passive technique.

To open the locked chest in the house north-east from the temple, you must make a wooden key.

You can improve the technique by meditating in designated cultivation spots throughout the temple and the world. You can also passively gain experience when you play.

Part 2: Crafting, Building, and Building

Mission 9 :


  • Place an elementary lodestone somewhere

Then, put it down. This structure represents your “home”, though you can always move around later by simply picking it back up and pressing F.

Mission 10 :


  • Make a straw rug and place it anywhere

You can logout instantly by sleeping in an actual bed.

Mission 11 :


  • Create a Workshop to place somewhere

We are building our first construction structure, allowing us to do carpentry and smithing.

Mission 12 :


  • Create a simple lumber mill to place somewhere.

To build this, you must craft 20 Rough Wooden Planks at the Workshop and gather 30 Gravel.

Mission 13 :


  • Craft 10 Rough Wooden Beam

You can make these at the newly constructed Elementary Lumber Mill. You must put these into your bag to complete the quest.

Mission 14 :


  • Make 1 box of miscellany and put it somewhere.

Create a box, and place it in the same spot.

Mission 15 :


  • Make 1 Elementary Furnace, and place it somewhere.

You can do it in your Workshop.

Mission 16 :


  • Craft 10 Copper Ingot

Put fuel (e.g. Put fuel (e.g., if you lack copper), copper veins can be found near cliffs and mountain ranges.

Mission 17 :


  • Craft 1 Elementary Anvil. Place it somewhere.

This is something you can do at the Workshop.

Mission 18 :


  • Craft 1 Elementary Loop and place it somewhere

You can do it at the Workshop.

Mission 19 :


  • Craft 50 Ramie Threads
  • Craft 20 Ramie Cloth

This can be done on the Elementary Loom. You’ll need a lot Ramie to do this. Keep looting shrubberies, tall grass and other plants.

This The Swordsmen X: Survival – Main Quests and Combat Playthrough guide has come to an end. Please contact us and let us know if you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions about how we can improve this topic. Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness, and I hope you have a lovely day! The author and creator Adri inspired this post. Also, don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you like the post; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so visit us frequently for more posts.

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