The Spatials: Galactology – Achievement Guide

The Spatials: Galactology – Achievement Guide 23 -
The Spatials: Galactology – Achievement Guide 23 -
An explanation of how to get all achievements in the game



I found the achievement descriptions to be a little vague so I created this guide for others that may feel the same way. The good news is there’s an achievement tracker built right into the game; the Goals tab. Every achievement in the game is triggered by completing some the various goals the game gives throughout your playtime. Do note that some goals are not visible at the outset so you will likely have to trigger them by completing a previous goal or by starting the goal yourself using this guide as a reference. 
These achievements are in the order they are listed by Steam based on completion percentage and not necessarily in the order in which they will typically be unlocked during play. 

We deliver

The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Unload 60 cargo units | Unload 800 cargo units | Unload 12000 cargo units 
Pretty self-explanatory and potentially one of the first achievements unlocked. Simply keep extracting resources from the various planets and you’ll get this in time. 


The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Cook 10 Rations | Cook 150 Dishes | Cook 1000 Dishes 
The goal here is to create 1000 Dishes of any type but you must cook at least 10 Rations of any type prior to unlocking the rest of the chain. You will accomplish this with ease as you expand your base and start to allow visitors. 


The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Upgrade an officer to any graduate spec | Upgrade 6 officers to any graduate spec/Upgrade an officer to any master spec | Upgrade 6 officers to any master spec 
The ultimate goal to unlocking this achievement is to get six Redshirts to their final career tier. After graduating one Redshirt to Scientist, Engineer, Medic, Diplomat, or Security the second two goals will unlock. You will then need to promote 5 other Redshirts to the second tier careers and then eventually those to a third tier career. 
This will take some time as you will want to ensure their needs are going to be met along with being able to afford them but you’ll unlock it eventually. 


The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Receive 10 visitors | Receive 100 visitors | Receive 1000 visitors 
Visitors will start to arrive from either the Humans or Crusantians (assuming you are still on friendly terms or above) after building your first visitor dock. If you want to keep your relations positive with these and other friendly races you will want to make sure you’re able to satisfy their needs with food, lodging, consumer goods, fun, health care etc. before you start to allow them to dock. Note that you can toggle the dock on and off after building it. 
As you work on other achievements and goals this will unlock in time. 


The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Heal 10 patients | Heal 200 patients 
You’ll likely start on this achievement path as you heal your own officers and will expand as station events and visitors come bearing whatever plagues with which they’ve been afflicted. Make sure you have a robust medical facility as its not uncommon to have at least two sick visitors per docking ship. 


The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Build 15 objects and 135 floor tiles | Build 75 objects and 675 floor tiles | Build 200 objects and 1800 floor tiles 
While pursuing other achievements you’ll eventually get this one. I’m unsure as to whether the game counts items that you immediately delete after building but there’s really no point to doing so. If you’ve found that by the end of the game you’re still shy of the last goal build a couple enclosed rooms and fill them with cheap objects. An object is any build item from the Build objects menu. 

Best defense

The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Kill 20 enemies | Kill 140 enemies | Kill 900 enemies 
Not too hard to get as you’ll be spending a lot of time on planets with your away teams. Kill anything that’s hostile. This includes any enemies that show up at your base. 


The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Make 10 juices | Make 150 drinks | Make 1000 drinks 
You will need to research Tier 4 of the Food & drink category and then make a Juice which is comprised of Fruit and Water in the Advanced kitchen. After making ten of those the next part of the goal chain will unlock. You’ll be making quite a few alcoholic drinks for your Tavern and Disco bars later on so don’t worry too much about this one though any drink other than Filtered water should count. 

Far and wide

The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Land 3 times on planets | Land 3 times on planets of level 5 | Land 3 times on planets of level 10 | Land 3 times on planets of level 20 | Land 3 times on planets of level 30 
You will likely unlock this goal chain while still exploring your home system. Don’t worry too much about actively pursuing this achievement as it will unlock naturally as you play. You’ll eventually visit nearly every planet while working on It belongs in a museum! 

Watering hole

The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Serve 42 drinks in the bar | Serve 420 drinks in the bar 
The “bar” in question is the Tavern bar from the Tavern I tier in the Recreational research category. As mentioned in the Brewer achievement you’ll end up serving up many drinks to both your officers and visitors. I am unsure of whether the Disco bar from Disco I in the same research category also counts toward this goal though it seems likely. 


The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Build a ship | Produce 100 ship build order tasks | Build 8 ships 
After unlocking Tier 1 of the Ship construction research category this goal chain should unlock. As you continue to unlock better ships and build them to replace earlier variants you’ll quickly accumulate the 100 ship parts that are required to unlock the final goal of the chain. If you don’t intend to build the mid-tier ships and rush to the end you can always build a couple of the first tier ships and scrap them for a partial return on your resources. 


The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
This station has seen 1000 dances. 
This goal is made available after you build your first Dance floor which is unlocked via the Disco I tier in the Recreational research category. This may take some time to unlock but will come naturally as you play. I personally built multiple Dance floors, a Gogobot and several Jukeboxes to encourage visitors to dance. 


The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Sell 50 cargo units to a planet | Sell 1000 cargo units to a planet | Sell 10000 cargo units to a planet 
Note that this is different from goods sold to visitors on your base. You will need to build a Delivery station on visited planets that contain other Civilization’s buildings. Often these planets include resources but not always. 
After building the Delivery station on a planet’s surface select it and choose a product you would like to export to them. Once that has been completed you will need to use the Civs tab and select that Galactic race from the list on the left. You should then see a Sell to XXX (where XXX is the name of the Civ) button below their portrait. There will be a list of goods you can sell to them listed below; select the same one you chose for the Delivery station and more info will appear on the right. You can edit the quantity of goods you wish to sell and select a ship for delivery. After clicking Start delivery the ship will depart and sell those items off. You’ll need to sell at least 10000 units of any product to any number of civilizations to complete this achievement. 
The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 

Nothing wasted

The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Build one storage area, one pallet and one recycler | Recycle 5 corpses | Recycle 150 corpses 
You will first need to complete the Build basic logistic objects goal before the rest of the goal chain opens up. Corpses can be your own officers, visitors, raiders or creatures from random station events. Note that while the icon seems to indicate that you need to create food from the recycled material that is not the case. While there is a right-click option to recycle corpses when visiting another planet I am not aware of a way to do so. 


The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Receive 10 visitors | Sell 100 things to visitors | Sell 500 things to visitors | Sell 3000 things to visitors 
You’ll have to complete the Receive 10 visitors goal before this chain unlocks. As the goal description states only consumer goods are valid. As you unlock more consumer goods through research within the Commercial category you’ll be able to place more and different types of vendors from which your visitors will be able to purchase items. Obviously the more visitors allowed on your station the higher number of goods will be purchased. 
You can view your available goods for sale by clicking the Inventory button on the side panel while at your base and selecting the Consumerist filter from the All resources button. 


The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Make 15 items/Make 5 items for different slots | Make 200 items 
Research Tier 1 from the Security category to unlock the Item forge which will open up the first two goals in this chain. You will need to complete both of those before the final goal is made available. Note that this achievement is specific to wearable items for your officers, regular items created at other stations do not count. 


The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Loot 5 items | Loot 80 items | Loot 400 items 
As you are fighting enemies on planets some will have unique names and icons hovering above them denoting rank. Those enemies have a greater chance of dropping wearable items for your officers. Target these enemies during combat and hope for the best. These items do not count against your ship hold size and will be picked up automatically when you walk near them. The frequency of loot drops was nerfed in the 3.13 build so be aware this may take some time. 

It belongs in a museum!

The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Discover 10 unique objects 
This goal should become available right after landing on a planet with a unique object. Be prepared to scour every single planet in the galaxy to find ten of these as this will likely be the last achievement you complete. 
As soon as you land on a planet zoom all the way out and pan across the viewable area looking for an object that looks out of place. Once you’ve found one click it and it will be made available for construction back at base. I’ve found no pattern that indicates what type of planet can contain a unique object so you’ll have to visit them all until you’re done. Below is a picture of some of the unique objects for reference. 
The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 

Some of these goals are painful…

Tell me about it. Plundering and It belongs in a museum! in particular. All is not lost however. If you’re willing to make a couple modifications to the base game these goals can be made as easy or as difficult to complete as you like. You’ll need a text editor and have a basic familiarity with Windows 10. These instructions were created with the Windows version of the game in mind so if you’re on another OS you’ll have to figure out the particulars on your own. 
Select your Steam Library and search for the game, then right-click and select Manage > Browse local files which should open up an File Explorer window at the base folder of the game. 
The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Double-click on the core folder then the goals folder. You’re looking for a file named goals.lisp. If you don’t see the file but instead a file named goals that is likely because you do not have File name extensions checked within the View tab of File Explorer. You should either enable that setting or ensure that when you save the file it does not rename the file to a .txt extension when using your text editor. I recommend Notepad++ http://( over the standard Notepad that comes with Windows. 
Right-click the file goals.lisp and choose Copy. Right-click empty space on your Desktop and choose Paste. This will create a backup file outside the game directory that you can drag-n-drop back over the game file in case you want to restore it to its original settings or if you’ve made an error while editing and want to start over. 
Open Notepad++ and drag goals.lisp from File Explorer into the application. A bunch of text should appear inside the editor. Note that my editor may not look exactly like yours but the functionality is identical: 
The Spatials: Galactology - Achievement Guide 
Don’t be put off with what appears to be a programming language; it’s not going to be difficult to make changes to this file. What we’ve loaded into our editor is a list of all the goals and their values. If we wanted to for example change how many unique objects are required to unlock the It belongs in a museum! achievement we could either scroll down or search the file for “uniques” and we would find this bit of code: 
(goal_add { .id "uniques1" .icon "ui_icon_15px_galaxy.png" .title (_L "goal_uniques1_title" "Discover 10 unique objects") .description (_L "goal_uniques1_desc" "While exploring planets look around for unique objects and click them. Discover 10 different ones.") .is_ready (fn () game.planet_spawned_unique) .progress (fn () (goal_counter_factor (bridge_hash "unique-discovered") 0 10)) .reward 10000 })  
The labels are pretty much self-explanatory. We have labels for the id of the goal, icon, title, etc. Pay attention to .title, .description, and .progress. The title is how the goal is displayed in the goals menu. The description is the info text that displays additional information about the goal when it is selected. The progress section is the most important part here and deals with the goal requirement. 
Lets say we want to bump that 10 unique object requirement down to 5. The only line that truly matters here is the one that starts with .progress but we should also change a couple others for consistency while playing. Change the 10 to a 5 in both the title and description lines and look near the end of the progress line for a 10 and change that to a 5 as well. Finally, lets change the reward line from 10000 to 5000 since we’re only going to be doing half the work. Your goal should look like this: 
(goal_add { .id "uniques1" .icon "ui_icon_15px_galaxy.png" .title (_L "goal_uniques1_title" "Discover 5 unique objects") .description (_L "goal_uniques1_desc" "While exploring planets look around for unique objects and click them. Discover 5 different ones.") .is_ready (fn () game.planet_spawned_unique) .progress (fn () (goal_counter_factor (bridge_hash "unique-discovered") 0 5)) .reward 5000 })  
If you’re comfortable with your change go ahead and save the file. Now when you boot up the game and find your first unique the goal should say that the requirement for completion is 5 instead of 10. Additionally, the achievement triggers are tied to completing the goal not the amount for the goal so if you really wanted to be lazy you could change those 5s to 1s and get the achievement with only one unique object found. 
Now that you’re familiar with editing goals you could potentially change any of the goal values you liked and even pump up (or remove) the credit reward you receive for completing them. 
Do note that I’m not entirely sure whether these changes will be reflected on goals you have already started so it may be best to start a new game after making your changes. 

Version Information and Thanks

02/21/2021 – Version 1.0 – Initial version. Unless something needs to be changed this’ll likely be the final version. 

Written by senornacho

Hope you enjoy the Guide about The Spatials: Galactology – Achievement Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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