The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera: Episode 4 – Bonasera 4 – Full Walkthrough

The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera: Episode 4 – Bonasera 4 – Full Walkthrough 1 -
The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera: Episode 4 – Bonasera 4 – Full Walkthrough 1 -

Stasis Room

Take SEEDS, BOX, and EGG. Use the BOX on the piranha. Use the INTERCOM and speak until the punk is also freed.

Hold the empty BOX above the pipe and switch control to the punk using the portraits in the upper left corner. Press the button on the wall for a MOUSE.

Switch back to the woman and use the SEEDS on the wires beneath the intercom. Use the mouse on the seeds. The agent is freed.

Get another MOUSE. Hit the sunlamp in the lower left corner to turn it vertical. Tell the woman and the agent to use each handle, and together, they will move the sunlamp to the ice cube. When the mammoth thaws, use the MOUSE on it.

Interrogate Captain W as the punk.

Johnny Invades the Aliens

Speak to the alien here until he gives you a bit of CLOTH. Enter the ship and take the BAT and GLASS SHARD in the windshield. Combine the cloth with the shard. Slice off the alien’s arm. Use the hand with the palm reader to head left.

Try to get a can of soda and it gets stuck. Whack the machine with the bat. A security bot emerges.

Cover the security bot with the cloth, and swat it down with the bat. get BROKEN ROBOT. Use it on the door to head left again.

Use the broken medical robot here, and it calls a replacement via teleporter. Follow the replacement back to the alien. Yank the hose, and then quickly follow the irate robot back to the teleporter. Sneak into the teleporter along with the robot.

Head left. We can’t get through here yet, but listen to the aliens here until they explain how gambling works. With that info, head right past the human guard and when you reach two doors enter the door on the left.

Take the KEY on the bed (behind the pillow and the sheet). Speak to the robot and then the alien here. Help with his gambling. We need to select the winner across three matches. I think this puzzle is randomized, but Astonishing beats Wonderful, Wonderful beats Amazing, and Amazing beats Fabulous. When you successfully solve the puzzle, take DEAD MOUSE.

Next, head back to the guard in the previous hallway, and now that you have some yummy FOOD (show him the mouse), he will let you in.

Speak to the alien here, Queb, until you play a round of Tic Tac Toe (or, erm, Stellar Chess). No matter how many times you play, the alien here is unbeatable. Draw or lose the game, and return to the robot in the room with the gambler. Ask the robot about the replicator and stellar chess. The only way to win is to not play.

Going back to Queb, refuse to play his game. You join the resistance. Get MESSAGE FOR RE. Take this to the alien with glasses in the hallway to the left of the teleporters.

Click to the right of Johnny a few times to shimmy up. Hit the big red button. Grab all of the items on the back shelf: BOMB, BEANS, PEPPER, and COMMUNICATOR, and POST IT.

Use the communicator and then leave the room. Get NOTE. Enter one of the teleporters, and speak to Re, who will add you to the system. Show him the POST IT for a translation.

Enter the telporter on the right and return to the replicator in the gambling room. Use the replicator for PAINT.

Use the PAINT on the mirror in Queb’s room for a disguise that lets you roam freely. Now you can pass the alien in the hallway to the far left. Speak to the people behind the broken door and exhaust all dialogue. Use the communicator and report status.


Speak to your boss and note the picture of Sabrina. Ring the bell of apt #9, and inquire after Sabrina. We have to answer a series of questions about her. She does not wear glasses, does wear earrings, does not wear a tie, drinks coffee, and has a star pin.

Ring the bell of #7 and speak to the landlord. Ring the bell of #8 and speak to Bri.

We switch characters. Ring the bell of #8 and have a friendly chat over some coffee.

We now have control over two toddlers, Fontana and Holder. As Fontana, try to escape the crib. Help her out with Holder. Take EVIDENCE from nightstand and go outside.

Take NOTE from table and enter the kitchen on the right. Take the MATCHES but do not open the fridge or you will be caught. Leave.

Enter the bathroom on the left. Take TOWEL and TP. Throw the TP in the wastebasket and the towel in the bathtub. Light the TP on fire.

Enter the kitchen again and take BEANS and FLUTE from a cereal box in the cabinet. Leave again.

Knock the phone down, and use the FLUTE on it. the numbers on the card correspond to the holes. Dial 555-1212. Speak to the landlord and say you have been kidnapped; he hangs up. Dial again and say you have food; he wants to know how spicy the chili is. You do not know yet, so he will hang up again.

Go to the kitchen again and grab FORMULA from the fridge, you are caught again.

Get Holder to boost you out again. Return to the bathroom. Clog the tub with BEANS and run the tap. You are caught a second time.

Get Holder to boost you out again. Speak to him for the number of the office.

Outside, drip some FORMULA into the coffee. Speak to the young Bri. Give her the FILE. She tells you how spicy the Chili is.

Call the landlord a third time, mention the food and how spicy it is. He comes over and eventually dials home office for you. Your boss comes and gives you another ID quiz; the answers are SED, 19, and Computers+Electronics.

As Holder, buzz Fontana a few times. Speak to your friend. Apologize to Fontana when given a chance.

The Ship (Part 2)

As Johnny, brief the people through the door. Switch to Romero and take cable. Plug the cable in. Switch to Johnny’s mom. Shock the Captain. Agree that it worked.

As Johnny, pass the Peppers through the hole. Give the Captain the beans and the bomb as well, and then return to the robot in the gambling room for UNION FLYER. Show this to the robot orb guards next door and enter the room.

Speak to the woman here and tell her Re is a mole. Show her the NOTE FOR QUEB. It is in code and she does not understand.

Return to Re and tell him Queb does not understand his note; he gives you a more direct one. Bring this note back to the woman in the guarded room. She leaves.

Take the two pictures on the wall and lift the large picture to see a safe. Try to open the safe and say you forgot your password. Make up some answers. We need to go find the real answers.

One of the answers is outright told to us by Queb. Another answer is found by calling earth on the communicator, and the third is given by the robot in the gambling room. Reset the password with Luxor, Babu, Brussels, and then use the new password to open the safe. Get a KEY.

Use both keys in the console here to open the reactor room.

Return to Wachimote in the hallway and use the BEANS on Ki to put him out of commission. Go right and try to move the robot. Go left, speak to the adults and ask for help with the robot. Switch to Johnny and offer to take everyone down in the teleporter.

Wachimote saves everyone; select Johnny to stay behind to take revenge.

Follow the teleporters all the way up to the reactor room. Set the bomb down and try to arm it. You may need to call HQ on your communicator.

Return to the flying saucer and try to leave; you need to find two batteries. The batteries are underneath the two out-of-commission Medical robots. The bat can be used as a lever to push them over if necessary.

Pop the batteries in, and leave!

Enjoy the ending, and thanks for supporting Johnny Bonasera!

Written by TheDeluxeTux

This is all about The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera: Episode 4 – Bonasera 4 – Full Walkthrough; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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