The Price Of Flesh – Guide for the 3 secret achievements

The Price Of Flesh – Guide for the 3 secret achievements 1 -
The Price Of Flesh – Guide for the 3 secret achievements 1 -

Guide for the 3 secret achievements – BLOOD, SACRIFICE and CONTROL. Obviously spoiler-heavy, so please take your time with the game and explore around first! You may find one accidentally. :}


Heya! I know I’m making this super early but there’s already been people asking for secret ending tips (I was one of them) so I’m posting this guide!


This is the secret achievement for Mason’s route – and yeah, It’s a little painful to do.
HINTYou can’t die. You must survive and change.
SOLUTIONUnless you’re a mas*chi*t, do this one first – because the requirements for this involve wiping your entire game save. Yes, I’m serious. In order to complete this achievement you must have exactly zero deaths.
Other than that, the requirements follow exactly along the path of the ‘You Changed’ ending.

  • Make sure to unlock the full map as soon as you can in order to unlock the swamp.
  • Energy and passing out in random areas can be extremely annoying, so getting all 3 food items (trail mix, cooked fish, blue berries) isn’t a necessity, but helps a lot.
  • Getting your sanity low enough to meet the lich is also pretty important. I use the red berries by a fire at night (so Mason doesn’t catch me) in order to lower it significantly.
  • Mason leaves his cabin at 7 each morning. It’s generally okay to stay in there for a couple hours to mooch off his cabin heat.
  • As you can’t die a single time… save a lot. As Mason catching you causes you to bleed, don’t let him catch you a single time – using the ‘back’ button every single time you’re both in the same area can be a great help.
  • > As you’ve probably fully wiped the game, using ‘skip’ to speed through things like sleeping is generally safe as it’ll stop the skip as soon as you get to a new line (so prevents any sudden deaths). Just revert back to the last save if something almost kills you when asleep.

And good luck! Remember to eat your food before you go to sleep.


This is the secret achievement for Derek’s route.
HINTGet sacrificed. Stop a sacrifice. Finish the sacrifice in your own way. He wants lots of blood and you’re gonna give it to him.
SOLUTION – The first requirement to getting this achievement is to first have the ‘You Were Sacrificed’ death. This is easily obtainable by drinking the pool of water in the fissure immediately on your first day.

  • Start a new game and here are the steps to getting the BLOOD achievement
  • First get stabbed by Derek in the daytime of the first day. You need to first hide, refuse, then beg. You’ll be pretty badly wounded, which is exactly what we need!
  • It should be approaching night time, so go up onto the hill and discover the cave – but don’t yet go inside.
  • Wait a couple hours and enter the cave. If they’re busy starting a sacrifice, you’re good. If not, go back to your save and wait another hour until they are.
  • Kill Komodo.
  • Choose to kill Dragon.
  • Here I always chose to sleep as you’re generally on enough energy to get you to the daytime, which is what we want.
  • Go to the main desert and meet Derek again. This time beg, use the knife and kill him.
  • Now you should either have 0 health or very close to it. I’ve done this route multiple times and never died immediately after the Derek scene, even on 0 health. Go up the hill.
  • Die of blood loss.

As a note, if you do this route on memelord mode you get to see what our favourite nasty guy is actually saying.


This is the secret achievement for Celia. it’s not linked to an ending like the other two, just an achievement. – but you’ll probably die at the end anyway.
HINT – Keep your sanity high. Get drunk.
SOLUTION – This one is all about keeping your sanity high enough to not go insane when getting real drunk.

  • Be nice to her, do as she says. After the ‘roleplay’ scene you should have 90 sanity.
  • Grab the hairpin and the key.
  • DON’T go in the elevator. This loses sanity.
  • Go grab the beer from the vending machine but don’t drink it.
  • Sleep and go through the next scene. Continue with the nice options that don’t lose you any sanity.
  • Unlock her office.
  • Search the desk and take a swig of brandy. +10 sanity. (100)
  • Take another swig. -20 sanity (80)
  • Keep searching her desk again and take 3 more drinks of brandy, bringing you to (20) sanity.
  • Drink your beer, restoring sanity.
  • Drink the brandy 2 times more. Enjoy your achievement.

Sorry for drinking all your booze, Celia…

Written by Strade, chthonic

This is all about The Price Of Flesh – Guide for the 3 secret achievements; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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  1. Hey! sorry but I had problems with Derek’s ending, no matter how I follow the rules, I always die before I get to Derek’s death, when I enter the cave I have only 22 health left, if I go in earlier, they will notice me and kill me. Instead of the “blood” ending, I get “You bled out”, is there any more detailed walkthrough?

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