The Planet Crafter – All (9) Golden Chest Coordinates

The Planet Crafter – All (9) Golden Chest Coordinates 1 -
The Planet Crafter – All (9) Golden Chest Coordinates 1 -

There is no guide about the golden chests here on steam, so i will put it here. This is my first guide so i will make this quick and simple. I will put all the coordinates in 1 screen so you can see all the coordinates at once.


(you can find your coordinates at the lower left part of the screen)
The Western Ridge First Chest (1): 263:28:478
The Shipwreck Second Chest (2): 276:167:1018
The Iridium Caves Third Chest (3): 832:50:1208
The Ridge Labyrinth Fourth Chest (4): 1510:9:665
The Moat Fifth Chest (5): 938:24:324
The Aluminium Hills Sixth Chest (6): 1076:23:-16
The Field of Spiked Columns Seventh Chest (7): 402:4:-267
The Sandstorm Wall Cave Eighth Chest (8): 473:65:1567
Grand Canyon (9): 2158:3:241
South warp gate (10): 926:86: -776
Lush Valley (11):1749:1:1992
I don’t plan to upload images, I will leave you guys the fun of finding them.
I will continue to add to this list when I find more golden chests


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Written by Juny Foo

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about The Planet Crafter – All (9) Golden Chest Coordinates; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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