The Perfect Tower II – How to use the AI to create Chips in the Factory

The Perfect Tower II – How to use the AI to create Chips in the Factory 1 -
The Perfect Tower II – How to use the AI to create Chips in the Factory 1 -
How to use the AI Script Editor to easily automate the creation of chips in the factory!



So is making tier 2 and higher chips in the factory very time consuming? Fear not. You can use the Facility AI (unlocked in Headquarters at tier 4 or higher) to automate them! 
Please note: This guide assumes that you store your ore as dust. If you do not, you may need to adjust a few things in the guide. 

Tier 1 Chips

While you don’t necessarily NEED to automate tier 1 chips at the start (since you can buy them in packs of 30 in the store), later on you’ll need more than you can buy. 
Each of the chip setups will be broken into 3 scripts, one to create the chips and two to create the circuit wires and circuit plates. 
Important Note: For all Set Globals in this section, you want to use Global: Set (Double), NOT Global: Set (Int) 
For the main script, you’ll need the following: 
The Perfect Tower II - How to use the AI to create Chips in the Factory 
Impulse: Key 1 (optional) 
Conditions: Blank 

  • 1) Set Global(T1 Chip) to MAX(Global(T1 Chip), 1.0) 
  • 2) Execute Sync Script (T1 Chip T1 Mat) 
  • 3) Execute Sync Script (T1 Chip T2 Mat) 
  • 4) Craft Global(T1 Chip) x Chip (T1) 
  • 5) Set Global(T1 Chip) to 1.0

Breaking down each line… 
Line 1) 
There’s a reason we set a global instead of assuming one chip — when you create mass chips, this is much faster. This will set it to 1.0 IF it’s not set, otherwise it will use what it’s set to. 
Global: Set (Double) 
[T1 Chip] [MAX[Global(T1 Chip), 1.0]] 
Line 2 and 3) 
These lines call the subscripts which create the circuit parts. 
Basic: Execute (Sync) 
[(script name)] 
Line 4) 
This actually creates the chips, not much to say here. 
Factory: Try Craft 
[Chip][1][Global(T1 Chip)] 
Line 5) 
This sets the global back to 1.0 in case this script is manually called by key press. 
As for the subscripts… 
(I’ll only be going into the T1 mat script, but the T2 mat script is near identical) 
The Perfect Tower II - How to use the AI to create Chips in the Factory 
Impulse: Blank 
Condition: Blank 

  • 1) Put 2.0*Global(T1 Chip) x Dust (T1) into Oven 
  • 2) Wait While Is Processing(Oven) is True 
  • 3) Put Global(T1 Chip) x Ingot (T1) into Presser 
  • 4) Put Global(T1 Chip) x Ingot (T1) into Refinery 
  • 5) Wait While Is Processing(Refinery) || Is Processing(Presser) is True 
  • 6) Put 2.0*Global(T1 Chip) x Cable (T1) into Assembler 
  • 7) Put Global(T1 Chip) x Plate (T1) into Refinery 
  • 8) Wait While Is Processing(Assembler) || Is Processing (Refinery) is True

Most of these lines are similar, so I’ll only go over these quickly: 
Line 1, 3, 4, 6, 7) 
All of these lines put materials in the necessary factory part. Some of them have a 2.0 * Global, as two are needed per chip. If only one is needed for a chip, I simply omit the arithmetic command. 
Factory: Try Produce 
[1] (Tier) 
[Arithmetic(x * Global(T1 Chip))] 
[(factory part)] 
Line 2, 5, 8) 
These lines simply wait until the factory part is done with its work. 
Basic: Wait While 
[Factory: Is Processing((part))] 
[Comparison: Bool] 
[Factory: Is Processing(part)] || [Factory: Is Processing(part)] 
Hint: Once you’re done with one mat script, you can use export and import to easily copy the commands to a new script — just remember to change the tiers 

Tier 2 Chips (and above!)

For tier 2 chips, you’ll also need to create tier 1 chips, so you’ll need some extra commands in the main script (the mat scripts are near identical, but with different numbers for each mat) 
For these, if you remember the global variable that we used for the T1 Chips, instead of just crafting one at a time…this will speed things up tremendously! 
The Perfect Tower II - How to use the AI to create Chips in the Factory 
Impulse: Key 2 
Condition: Blank 

  • 1) Set Global(T2 Chip) to MAX(Global(T2 Chip), 1.0) 
  • 2) Set Global(T1 Chip) to Global(T2 Chip)*4.0 
  • 3) Execute Script T1 Chip and Wait until Completed 
  • 4) Execute Script T2 Chip T3 Mat and Wait until Completed 
  • 5) Execute Script T2 Chip T4 Mat and Wait until Completed 
  • 6) Craft Global(T2 Chip) x Chip (T2) 
  • 7) Set Global(T2 Chip) to 1.0

Going over the two new lines… 
Line 2) 
This sets the global for T1 chips to 4 times however many T2 chips are created — which is used in the next line… 
Line 3) 
This executes the T1 Chip script. 
2. Global: Set (Double) -[T1 Chip] [Arithmetic[Global(T2 Chip)*4.0]] 
3. Basic: Execute (Sync) [T1 Chip] 
For Tier 3 and above chips, the steps are identical, you’ll just need to change the numbers. 
Tip: If you want the script to use chips in your inventory, after line 2 add this line: 
*) Set Global(T1 Chip) to Global(T1 Chip)-Count(Chip (T1)) 
Count(Chip (T1)) is Factory: Item Count 
Due to the way the script works, it will always produce at least one chip of each lower tier, but this can save some time if you have a bunch of lower tier chips in your inventory.

Quick quantity reference


Chip TierPrev Tier Needed1st Mat Tier2nd Mat Tier


Mat TierDust->OvenIngot->PresserIngot->RefineryCable->AssemblerPlate->Refinery


Written by Kesac

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about The Perfect Tower II – How to use the AI to create Chips in the Factory; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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