The Perfect Tower II – Challenges

The Perfect Tower II – Challenges 1 -
The Perfect Tower II – Challenges 1 -
Challenges – personal reminder
help wanted 🙂


Gerneral FAQ

Do Powerstones work on Challenges etc? 
“Yes they do!” was the first comment on the guide 🙂 
Does Fire Taste f.e. Stack with fire dmg increase? 
Tested it and the 2 Combinations i tried do not stack Taste with element increase 

Map 1

Challenge 1 SOLVED 
Enemies: Fire Water 
Wave: 111 
Restictions: 7 Modules at T1 max 
fire atttack 
magma foundation 
shoot speed 
multi shoot 
Reward: Phoenix bounce (x DMG with 10 times bounce on red enemies) 
Challenge 2 
Enemies: Earth 
Wave: 325 
Restictions: 5 Modules T2 Max 
Blueprints: (weakness Elekticity) 
Best try so far: 
Wave 87 (4+ mil base dmg) 
basis attack 
attack speed 
electric taste 
Reward: +5% resource drop per finished Challenge 
Challenge 3 
Enemies: Nature 
Wave: 500 
Restictions: 5 Blue Modules T3 Max 
Blueprints: (weakness earth) nature exchange needed? 
Reward: Module? 
Challenge 4 SOLVED 
Enemies: Neutral Fire Nature Water 
Wave: 50 
Restictions: 5 Modules No Blue T4 max 
attack speed 
ice shards (underestimated does more dmg than basic attack with slow) 
electricity taste 
multi shoot 
Reward: planned strike (max tier 5 every 8th attack is 25% more dmg) 
Challenge 5 
Enemies: Neutral Fire Earth 
Wave: 20 
Restictions: 6 Modules (max 2 Red) Tier 5 max 
Neutral enemies only take damage from unsiversal Dmg 
Neutral towers do Universal dmg 
Universal dmg does no Dmg on Neutral enemies 
Blueprints: (electricity is 300% total dmg but must be combined with neutral)) 
Reward: Module 
Challenge 6 
Enemies: Nature Earth 
Wave: 60 
Restictions: 10 Modules ( 4 Red 4 Blue 2 Violett max) T5 Max 
Enemies only have 1% HP 
Enemies do 10 Times more DMG 
Blueprints: (electricity is 300% total dmg) 
Reward: Module 

Written by Eggility

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about The Perfect Tower II – Challenges; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!


  1. Beat Challenge #6
    Attack Speed
    Fire Attack
    Fire Crit
    Granite Foundation
    Adaptive Regenration
    Titanium Hull
    Steel Foundation
    Super Tower
    TIP: Use super tower around wave 28-29 then titanium when health falls to 50% HP (to have enough time to complete challenge)

    Module: Forest Gift- +% DMG/resistance (neutral, fire, earth, nature)
    Max Tier 5: +99% DMG/Resist neutral/fire/earth/nature

  2. Beat Challenge #3
    Granite Foundation
    Adaptive Regeneration
    Nature Resistance
    Shield of Nature
    Module Earned:
    Stab Prevention- % chance to block all assassins
    Max Tier 5- 80% chance to block all assassins

  3. Im not for enough to get it, but in the infinity grid map grid location 17 theres a module called death aura and i think this is the missing piece in challenge 5

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