The Outlast Trials – How to dodge + Enemy Type

The Outlast Trials – How to dodge + Enemy Type 1 -
The Outlast Trials – How to dodge + Enemy Type 1 -

Welcome to this post This The Outlast Trials – How to dodge + Enemy Type Guide was written to be helpful to you, and we genuinely hope that you do.

What is the idea of dodging/reversal?

Sun Tzu is known for saying: “Not getting hit is good; doing a reversal is great”. Unfortunately this game won’t allow that. BUT YOU CAN! A trusty brick will do just fine to break up an aggressive cop’s aggression, or just jump aside when they rush at you and throw something made out of clay – even just bricks will suffice!

Every type of enemy and how to get the hell outta the way

When things go bad, you need a plan in place for survival; not necessarily the exact details, but this post for newcomers should help with that task. You might want to think of Dodge as the act of not becoming damaged during an attack.

As an example, timing a jump properly can neutralize all damage from any enemy that comes your way; of course, different enemies attack differently so here’s a breakdown.

SHOTS THAT SPIN AROUND ON YOU – To avoid these, known technically as dodging (since most don’t realize the potential danger lurking within a locker filled with screaming individuals could pose), simply avoid their path – this may require calling upon a friend to intervene and give a little nudge in their direction if need be – preferably one who knows you well to muscle up enough courage for giving an appropriate response (slap on neck).

Big Truck Dudes – These intimidating giants may look menacing, so to protect yourself it is wise to avoid those with weapons by simply jumping around them before they swing, fully nak*d ones (out) will only punch with wild haymakers so try jumping with them, those wearing padding/clothing will try dodgy moves such as punching downward or in a wild haymaker with both hands; to stop these attacks jump backwards then throw a brick or bottle to stun them for longer before striking with one (NOTE: BOTTLES STUN LONGER AND THEY RECOGNISE FASTER SO YOU MUST STUN USING TO OCCUPY), and throw one quick brick or bottle so as not to allow retaliatory swinging between hits (NOTE: If using BRICK THEY WILL RECOGNISE AND SWING INTO BATTLEYNES).

Regular Dudes – When fighting regular dudes (suit or not) those wearing pipes will typically go for the swing attack from right to left (like big haymakers – go with it), while any weapons such as guns can use any attack they see fit ranging from left-to-right attacks (similar to big haymakers ) or even sprint attacks like that cop dude did (later explained)

Leland Coyote/THE MOST AMERICA CORP EVER SEEN is an unscrupulous/horny bastard who will often attempt an animated attack, perfect for co-op due to it taking five seconds for him to deal damage – his attacks range from sophisticated rushes towards you or left hooks with his shock baton/Genny, with the latter usually best avoided by leaping left or right; try not to panic when in his loving arms (they may prove deadly/trial ruinous); whilst his left hook… well… just right… just right!

CLIMBERS/HOOK HAND DADs will attack with hooks on their right hands; guess which direction they jump. LEFT! Their hitboxes are quite hilarious.

PUSHER/RAT BASTER WHO DOSES YOU – As its name suggests, this person probably gives out drugs to children; however, an early sign he might be near is when an elevator flashes a warning light accompanied by some kind of sound; I can’t pinpoint it exactly but once it sounds, you know. Avoidance in general would probably be best; when push comes to shove though, jump around quickly to find a doorway or bricks that will hit him where it hurts most or throw them directly at him to get his attention before going back into his gas mask-clad face for good.
Sounds similar to static noise on TV sets may also indicate nearby presence.

THE IMPOSTERS/NOT THE DUO YOU’RE DUO-ING WITH – These fake partners may look identical to you (use a mic to help prevent confusion) however if their name contains “DSKO1R,” it could be an impostor; impostors tend to get close before stabbing you, though their actions might look normal when walking along; just act like a toreador and jump away like in Chainsaw Man (not sponsored) scene!
Ms. Gooseberry/World’s WORST DENTIST by far, as evidenced by her right hand featuring a drill duck. To avoid danger from this madwoman it would be wise to run in another direction or outrun her as quickly as possible; don’t duck as she may chase after you; run to either side or simply outwit her by any means necessary.

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