The Outer Worlds – Enable Console in Steam

The Outer Worlds – Enable Console in Steam 1 -
The Outer Worlds – Enable Console in Steam 1 -
Here is another way to enable the console for the Steam version of the game. I think it is a bit simpler than other methods. YMMV.


How to enable the console

Here’s another way to enable the console for the Steam version of the game. 

  • Visit SunBeam’s thread and download the unlocker ZIP file: 
  • Extract the contents of the ZIP somewhere. (password for the ZIP archive is available on SunBeam’s thread!) 
  • Move IGCSInjector.exe and IGCSInjector.ini into {SteamPath]\SteamApps\common\TheOuterWorlds\Indiana\Binaries\Win64 (you won’t need The Outer Worlds.dll) 
  • Download Dev-Console Unlock DLL for Steam version from NexusMods http://( and place the DLL in the same location 
  • Edit IGCSInjector.ini to look as follows:
[InjectionData] Process=Indiana-Win64-Shipping.exe Dll=The Outer Worlds Steam.dll

That’s it! 


Just follow the “SunBeam’s The Outer Worlds Unlocker” section of stoker25’s Dev-Console Unlock Guide here in NexusMods. 
found here: 

  • Alt-Tab out of the game, 
  • Run IGCSInjector.exe. You should see a success message. 
  • Close the window 
  • Go back int the game and hit the tilde key (~) to open the console.

You can create a shortcut to IGCSInjector.exe and place it on your desktop of another folder for easy access. 


Here is a list of codes I found on the Internet. I have not tried adding companions or the quest-related codes. Use any code with caution and save first! 
Add currency code – AddCurrency <amount> 1 (replace <amount> with your chosen value) 
Adding items to your inventory – AddItemDebug <ItemID> 1 
Adding perk points code – PerkPointsAdd <amount> (Negative value removes points) 
Adding perk points to companions code – AddPerkPointsToCompanions <amount> 
Change FOV code – fov <amount> 
Changing your level – SetLevel <level> 
Changing your armor level – SetArmorLevel <level> 1 
Changing your weapon level – SetWeaponLevel <level> 1 
Changing your stats – RpgStatAddModifierDebug <stat> <value> 
Code to change variables – variablename <amount> (r.MaxAnisotropy 16) 
Code to start quest – QuestStart <questname> 
Code to complete quest – QuestComplete <questname> 
Companion unlock code – DebugUnlockCompanion <companionID> 
Flycam – toggledebugcamera 
God mode – god 
Heal – HealthFill 
HUD on or off (toggles) – ShowHUD 
Respec Perks – RespecPerks 1 
Respec Skills – RespecSkillPoints 1 
Save game in any difficulty level – SaveGame bIgnoreSuperNova 1 0 
Teleport to camera location – Teleport 
List of Item Codes: 
Take Photo of your character 
Enter ToggleDebugCamera but DO NOT PRESS Enter 
Wait for idle animation and then press enter 
You’ll be able to position your camera to photograph your character! 
Stat Name Info 
I have not tried altering my characters stats, but here is some info to use with the command listed above. 

Written by dave.ranck

This is all about The Outer Worlds – Enable Console in Steam; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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  1. It’s important to TEST what you’re claiming is correct. In this case, it is not. The enabler does not work as described.

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