The Matriarch – Gameplay Basics

The Matriarch – Gameplay Basics 1 -
The Matriarch – Gameplay Basics 1 -

This guide will cover all things game.

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The Matriarch
You must find as many players as possible.
As bots/sinners, you must find the exit and behave like other bots to matriarch trust you.
Other important points
Golden shovel
It will make it easier to dig faster. It will be hidden on your map. It can be found anywhere on the map. It will not be in basement.
There are currently only 2 maps.
1 – The Convent
2 – The Barn
The Bell
The bell is reserved for the matriarch. The bell can be used for 3 instant kills. It will only be available on The Convent map.
Special effects on The Barn map
You can be a bot in the barn map using your use button/F.

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