:THE LONGING: – Coal Mine Map Location Tips

:THE LONGING: – Coal Mine Map Location Tips 1 - steamlists.com
:THE LONGING: – Coal Mine Map Location Tips 1 - steamlists.com

In this guide I will show you where to get lots of coal

Where you can get coal

Coal is an in-game item you can pick up; You can get coal in the coalmine or falling from the ceiling.
In some places coal falls from the ceiling more often than others.

Coal mine

The coal mine is a room in which you can mine coal with a mattock. It has only one exit, leading to the mine shaft.
It takes 11 minutes to mine 1 lump of coal which equates to 5 pieces or 1 piece coal every two minutes.

Western pink window room

:THE LONGING: - Coal Mine Map Location Tips - Western pink window room - 155B1FB
Single lumps of coal randomly fall from the ceilings all over the map. You have a limited amount of time to pick them up before they crumble to dust.
The western room with pink windows is a good place to collect coal, as it drops there every few seconds.
the choice is 5 coal every 11 minutes reliably or 10+ coal per minute at the cost of having to run around and collect it,

Uses for coal

The uses for coal are as follows:

  • Making a fire at home requiring five coal
  • Drawing in black assuming you have at least one coal
  • getting two answers from the Face in the Blue face cave for twenty and one hundred coal respectively


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