The Long Dark – Guide (Giant Guide)

The Long Dark – Guide (Giant Guide) 7 -
The Long Dark – Guide (Giant Guide) 7 -
Not in the style of The Long Dark crafting guide, this guide will only be about survival.


The Long Dark Guide (Guide By Tuna Erturk)


The Long Dark Guide:


– First of all, don’t rush to the beginning, collect the surrounding bushes to be at least 20, always keep them with you, and I recommend coastal path or mysterious lake to start with. 
The Long Dark - Guide (Giant Guide) 
– Do not abandon the fires before they expire, and if you have to leave, be sure to collect torches from the fire, which will be useful both as a light source and as a heat source. 
– Tear up all the curtains and towels in the houses you enter, craft bandages, use the remaining fabrics to repair clothes, always keep at least 5 with you. 
The Long Dark - Guide (Giant Guide) 

Don’t Provoke Animals in the First Place


– Wild animals never attack unless provoked. If there are wolves, bears, etc. following you, don’t point a gun at you. 
The Long Dark - Guide (Giant Guide) 
– Take care to hunt, set yourself a place, when you hunt, leave the skins to dry in that place, etc., clothes made with leathers are solid. 
– Most of the books you find are skill-enhancing books, so be careful when you throw them on fire, and so on, and try to read them all. 
– Before blizzards, clouds start moving fast in the sky, stock up, and the storm starts in 1 or 2 days. If you go out during a blizzard, you’ll freeze at -60 degrees. 
The Long Dark - Guide (Giant Guide) 
– Use your energy carefully, no more than 25 kilograms of weight on top of you, you can store your excess items in the place of your choice for skin drying. 
– Be sure to clean your weapons and cutting tools, they rust and become useless over time. 
The Long Dark - Guide (Giant Guide) 
– Note: Do not eagerly collect everything, the material is not damaged outside of food, most of the food is protected, etc. leave things that are not urgently needed in certain houses. If you do it this way, you can get the items you left back from that house when you need them. 
– If you want to watch it in a video way, you can watch it by clicking here: 

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The Long Dark - Guide (Giant Guide) 

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