The Last of Us™ Part I – Shiv Door locations guide

The Last of Us™ Part I – Shiv Door locations guide 1 -
The Last of Us™ Part I – Shiv Door locations guide 1 -

Hello and welcome, Everything you need to know about The Last of Us™ Part I – Shiv Door locations may be found in this guide. Take each step in accordance with this guidance.

Shiv Door locations in The Last of Us Part 1

The Shiv Door is one of the locations in The Last of Us Part 1:


Note: The following are the locations of the Shiv Doors in the original PlayStation 3 version of the game, as well as the remastered version that was released on PlayStation 4. They are the same when playing the game on PC to date.


  • The Outskirts Museum The Outskirts Museum: Following the cutscene in which Joel and Tess leave subway, you’ll see a room with a Shiv Door to your left. The door leads to a supply room that has a few materials as well as the training manual “shiv doors”.
  • Bill’s Town Bill’s Town The Woods: After leaving Bill’s safe home, walk towards the dead-end street and turn left. In the corner of the alley is a shiv entrance. The door leads to a shed with some useful supplies.
  • Pittsburgh Alone and Forsaken: In the chapter where Joel and Ellie become separated, you’ll eventually get to an area where you’ll need to jump over a fence to continue. Instead of jumping over the fence then look to the left for the building. You’ll find a shiv entrance that leads to a supply area.
  • Pittsburgh Hotel Lobby – There is a shiv door at the left side the reception desk. The door leads to a room that has the safe, which is filled with valuable items.
  • Pittsburgh – Financial District: After entering the Financial District, you’ll eventually arrive at a point that you’ll have to walk through an area with several floors. On the first floor of the building, you’ll see an ashtray on the left side. The door leads to a space with an office desk and some other equipment.
  • Suburbs sewers: Once you’ve reached the surface and exited the underground tunnels, turn left and look for the shiv entrance. The door will take you to a room that has a workbench, some supplies and bathroom facilities.
  • The Suburbs – Suburbs: You’ll find a house on the right side , with a locked door near the beginning of this chapter. To get inside, you’ll need the shiv.

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