The Genesis Project – Sprites Items & Effects Info

The Genesis Project – Sprites Items & Effects Info 1 -
The Genesis Project – Sprites Items & Effects Info 1 -

A quick guide to help you find out what sort of prototyping you want to inflict on your Sburb session, and how to do it.


When opening your Cruxite Extruder, a funky lil friend will emerge. This lil thing is gonna float around looking like a potential seizure hazard until it manages to find an object that can give it a more distinct form.
While Sburb would theoretically let you prototype just about anything, The Genesis Project is an actual video game made by real people, and an infinite number of sprites just isn’t possible. But there’s still a decent variety you can encounter.
This guide will tell you what items you can use to get what sprites, in the base game. There may be player-made mods on the Workshop that add more sprites as well- check those out too!

Sprites, Their Items, and Their Effects

For the purposes of clarity in this guide, Sprites can use ITEMS or OBJECTS to prototype. An ITEM is something you can pick up and carry in your inventory. An OBJECT is something you cannot pick up, that must be placed either by a server player from the Deploy menu or while using the House Editor before playing a session with that house.
If an OBJECT is usable for prototyping, it will be denoted by Italics. ITEMS will just be plain text.
Also: Currently, prototyping only affects enemies cosmetically and does not imbue them with additional stats or traits. So don’t worry- prototyping a knight doesn’t give them higher defense, prototyping a bird doesn’t make them fly, or anything like that. This may change in the future.
Squiddlesprite: Squiddle (the lil plush), Distinguished Gentleterror Poster, or a Squiddle Poster.
Effect: Adds tentacles to the faces of most enemies, may change arms into tentacles. Some enemies’ eyes change to be cuter.
Sassacresprite: Colonel Sassacre book.
Effect: Gives enemies the beaglepus (fake glasses/eyes/moustache) and/or john’s lil wizard/party hat.
Sleuthsprite: Problem Sleuth poster or ‘Dad Hat’ (this item is just named Hat but it resembles Problem Sleuth’s hat)
Effect: Gives enemies Problem Sleuth style coats and hats.
Knightsprite: Knight helmet or suit of armor.
Effect: Gives enemies armor. Currently only seems to affect Liches.
Catsprite: Dead cat (white or black)
Effect: Gives enemies cat-like appearance. Kitty mouth, ears, tail, etc.
Bunnysprite: Con air bunny (a plush)
Effect: Gives enemies bunny ears. Cute!
Birdsprite: Dead bird (black or white)
Effect: Gives enemies bird wings and beaks. Distressing.
Dogsprite: Taxidermied Dog
Effect: Gives enemies a dog-like appearance. Ears, tail, etc.
Princessprite: Large Princess Doll
Effect: Gives enemies princess outfits, they’re pretty in pink.
Jestersprite: Large Jester Doll
Effect: Gives enemies jester hats and outfits, similar to the ones they recieved from John’s jester prototyping in Homestuck- but without the damaged parts.

FAQ, or ‘What about this other sprite I saw?’

Q: This guide is incomplete. I’ve seen another sprite in the game! It was Vriska/Terezi/Eridan/etc canon Homestuck character.
A: There were multiple sprites added to TGP at one point as part of an April Fool’s update that are only accessible via cheat commands to give you their associated items. These include Terezi, Vriska, Eridan, Sweet Bro, Hella Jeff, Nick Cage, and other goofy lil homestuck references or gags. Word from the dev team is these will be removed soon, as they’re unfinished and were meant to be a joke- not a permanent thing. Plus most of them don’t even have any dialogue.
Q: I saw a 7upsprite, wtf.
A: See above! This is a particularly popular one I’ve seen because some custom houses include the items needed to spawn it, despite those items not normally being available to players. It is also one of the April Fools Update sprites and is likely to be removed (or at the very least, attached to something that makes more sense like a can of 7UP. Maybe. That’s my hope at least, I kinda love the effect that prototyping has on enemies).
Q: Okay I saw something but it wasn’t the 7upsprite or a Homestuck character or Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff or whatever. And it’s not from a mod, either! What’s up with that?
A: It’s totally possible I missed something- or that the game’s added something in a patch. Leave a comment letting me know what it was and I’ll check it out and update the guide.
Q: How do I add more sprite prototypings to the game? Does it work like adding new items?
A: Adding a sprite prototyping to the game is very doable! Including adding cosmetic effects that prototyping can apply to enemies! However, it involves using Unity and creating/editing asset bundles, so it’s a bit advanced compared to making a new weapon or hat. Check out the #modding channel on the TGP discord for more information!
Thanks for reading!

Written by HatsuneZaku

Hope you enjoy the Guide about The Genesis Project – Sprites Items & Effects Info, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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