The Genesis Project – Alchemy Guide & Upgrades

The Genesis Project – Alchemy Guide & Upgrades 1 -
The Genesis Project – Alchemy Guide & Upgrades 1 -

Alright, you made it to The Medium, but now you need gear and better weapons to survive, correct? So we have alchemy to solve our problems! But you don’t know how to do alchemy? No worries! This guide will teach you how to do alchemy!

What Is Alchemy?

Alright, by now you know, The Medium is a dangerous place, and you need better gear to survive this hellscape. But how do you get better gear if its not in your house? Why alchemy of course!
Alchemy is going to be your main way of upgrading weapons or gear to be better. As we all know, alchemy is like science in the real world. And what is science about in the real world? Experimenting, sometimes stuff will fail and work. When it works, it gets you a slight bit more advanced, and when you fail, you may get set back a bit.
A few tips with alchemy: always have cards of the original items that you try combining if the result is worse.
NEVER use other player’s items/cards without their permission, they may need those items later on.
And never try to combine a SBURB disc with anything, it just wont work and will remove your disc permanently.

How To Upgrade Existing Items

To upgrade existing items, you will need that item and something to upgrade it with, for example we will be using the Pogo. punch both items in the left slot of your Punch Designix and then put the Pogo/Upgrade Item in the right slot, then put the item your upgrading in the left side, then you will double punch your left item by clicking the || button in the middle of the left and right slots. This is what it would look like:
The Genesis Project - Alchemy Guide & Upgrades - How To Upgrade Existing Items - 0FA9192 Shoes + Pogo.

How To Create Items

Now you may be confused that I said alchemy is for UPGRADING items, but you can also use it to create items, for example, eye-wear that lets you build without a PC/Laptop. The recipe for this is as following:
The Genesis Project - Alchemy Guide & Upgrades - How To Create Items - 6064731 Glasses + Laptop


In conclusion, alchemy is an extremely important resource for your survival in The Medium, and you probably wont survive long without it. Good luck out there!

Written by EternalProgram

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about The Genesis Project – Alchemy Guide & Upgrades; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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