The Forgotten City – Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough

The Forgotten City – Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough 1 -
The Forgotten City – Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough 1 -
This guide will walk you through how to get to the true ending in the least number of loops to unlock the “Minimalist” achievement.



This guide serves as a “Minimalist” achievement walkthrough, and is intended for those who’ve either already played through most of the game or finished it at least once, and are familiar enough with the world. This guide will hold your hand through the dialogue options, but will assume you know locations/names to a certain degree. If this is your first playthrough of the game, I recommend checking out a different guide either on Google or in a different Steam Guide, assuming one has appeared by now.

Before reading the guide, I would recommend trying to deduce the best path for the Minimalist achievement on your own. It is a nice sort of puzzle to try and figure out the fastest way to complete the game, and it’s not as challenging as you might expect (in spite of how long this guide turned out). Remember, this game is all about figuring things out with careful consideration, not brute force. If you do get stuck or need a push in the right direction, check out the titles for each section to give you a good framework.

It took me 8+ hours to put this guide together, and I may have made one or two mistakes, but nothing major. For dialogue options, I only typed out when there’s a choice to be made between 2 or more options. Many long dialogue options are shortened to save me the trouble of typing them all out. Let me know if you have any questions or notice any errors.

Note: Although the achievement says you must complete it in the “smallest number of loops”, you can supposedly complete it taking up to 3 loops. (I can’t test this for myself.) If you need to take an extra loop or two while following this guide, you should still be on track to get the achievement.

Loop 0

Loop 0 has the most objectives to complete, although some of them can be done on Loop 1 without risk of failure. You have plenty of time to complete everything, so don’t worry too much about running out of time.

Save often, in case you make any mistakes.

  • Start a new game and create your character (Fugitive would be best for the 25% faster sprint).
  • Enter the city, then the time portal.


1. Wine and the Key to the Chest in the Shrine of Apollo

1. Read Rufius’ threatening note in the slums and get the wine in the caves.
2.Save Fabia from the crumbling shrine, and get the Armed Stranger crushed in it instead.
3. Get the idea for Galerius running for Magistrate from Duli.
4. Choice: a. Get the Golden Bow with Desius’ help, then the “Key to the Chest in the Shrine of Apollo” from Naevia, or b. Get the “Key to the Chest in the Shrine of Apollo” from Naevia’s home in the slums.

You now have 2 options for how to proceed; You may either get the Golden Bow or skip it. The Golden Bow is only “needed” for the “Key to the Chest in the Shrine of Apollo” and the Roman Plaque in the secret Christian shrine, but there are alternative methods to get them. Skipping the bow is the faster option.

If you are taking the Golden Bow, follow the options with the The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
at the beginning. If you are skipping the bow, follow the options with the The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
at the beginning.

  1. After exiting the time portal, decline the tour from Galerius to get an achievement.
  2. Enter the slums.
  3. Standing at the entrance, go up the stairs on your right, then turn right into the small room. Read the threatening note on the desk from Rufius.
  4. The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
    In the slums again, head up the stairs on the left, then go straight in the room ahead. Loot the chest for the “Key to the Chest in the Shrine of Apollo.”
    The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
  5. Towards the back of the slums, go through the gate (see below), then immediately turn right. Go straight up the steps, then turn left (there is a golden statue running that direction).
    The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
  6. There will be a small wooden hut (see below), search the chest inside for a Bottle of Wine.
    The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
  7. Head back out of the caves and towards the market.
  8. Approach the area towards the bathhouse where Fabia is hiding. Do not walk up to her. You must first read the note on the collapsible shrine saying that the shrine is at risk of collapse (circled in dark blue on the image below). Otherwise, your character lacks enough reason to suspect that it could collapse, and won’t be able to convince Fabia to avoid it.

    However, Fabia’s range for her to talk to you is rather large, so you must avoid it to reach the note. To do so, you can either climb up on the handrail (see the green line in the image below), or go down the back alley and climb up the short part of the wall on the side (see the blue line/circle below.)

    The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough

    If you trigger Fabia on accident before reaching the note, pick the dialogue “How is this my problem?” and then “Just callous. Good luck!” to get an achievement. Then reload your save from before talking to her and try again.

  9. After reading the note, approach Fabia and agree to confront the man. Tell her “Do not go in there!”.
  10. Approach the bathhouse and lie to the Armed Stranger “Yes, I saw him worshipping in the…”.
  11. While you wait for the Armed Stranger to get crushed, talk to Duli in the prison cell. Select the following:
    • “What’s your story?” and go through the dialogue.
    • “If you give me the key, I can try to find what it unlocks”
    • “Let me talk to the Magistrate about getting you out of here”
    • “Then maybe it’s time we had a new Magistrate.”

    This will give Galerius the dialogue option later to convince him to run for magistrate.

  12. Go loot the body from the crushed Armed Stranger for his Wooden bow, the Bounty notice, and 10 arrows.
  13. The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
    Approach Desius and accept his proposition to swap out the Golden Bow for the fake.
  14. The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
    Enter Diana’s shrine, extinguish the braziers, and swap out the bow. Then shoot the wasp nest to open the tunnels. (If you want an achievement, stand near the hole and get killed by the wasps first.) Go through the tunnels and the palace area to get to Naevia. (Tip: Headshotting the stripped statues will turn them into gold instantly. Bodyshots require 2 arrows.)
  15. The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
    When Naevia talks to you, select:

    • “This has nothing to do with me”
    • “It’s not just this statue whispering to me…”
    • “No, I swear”
    • “I ended up here by accident…”
    • “I never had any intention of hurting you”
    • “Wait, I can undo this”
    • “I can cover her in gold again”.
  16. The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
    Shoot the strapped up statue to turn it back into gold, then take the Key that Naevia gives you.


2. Name of the unknown god

TL;DR: Talk to Equitia about how she came here, then talk to the citizens to see if you notice any patterns. Once you notice 3 patterns, return to her and follow her to the bathhouse to learn about the reality of the city.

  1. Find Equitia the Priestess and select:
    • What’s your story?
    • I’m in a hurry
    • How did you end up here?
    • What were you going to say?
    • Alright, I’ll do it.
    • I’ll be careful.
  2. Talk to random citizens asking “What’s your story?” then “How did you end up here?” until your quests update saying you notice three patterns (a coin, a river, and memory lapses.) (Note: Some citizens don’t offer clues.)
  3. Go back and talk to Equitia, select:
    • What’s your story?
    • How did you end up here?
    • What were you going to say?
    • I may have already noticed a pattern
    • -Select all 3 patterns-
  4. Follow Equitia to the bathhouse. Select:
    • I don’t have any questions right now.
    • -Go through each option until you get the option “Alright, I’m ready to get started”-
    • -Select any choice of quest objective-


3. Rufius’ Threat and the Roman Plaque

TL;DR Retrieve the Roman Plaque in the locked off secret shrine. Get the Willowbark treatment from Lucretia and give it to Rufius. Prove Rufius was threatening Vergil and confront him about it.

  1. The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
    Head back towards the Shrine of Proserpina and enter the slums.
  2. The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
    Go towards the back exit (where you got the wine before.) Continue in the same direction through the cave, until you find a wall with vines growing down it. Shoot it with your Golden Bow and climb over.
  3. The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
    On the other side, take the Roman Plaque from the table. Then take the key from the wall next to the door and unlock the door. Leave the shrine, then take two lefts through the caves to wind up at the election area.
  4. Go to the Shrine of Apollo (where the poisoned girl is at), then unlock the chest immediately inside the door on the left. Take the notes from it.
  5. Talk to Lucretia. Select:
    1. What’s your story?
    2. Tell me more about Naevia.
    3. Who?
    4. Actually, I already figured out the treatment for rheumatism.

    You will be given the Willowbark treatment.

  6. Find Vergil at his shop, and ask him:
    1. I noticed the graffiti…
    2. Why does someone think that?
    3. You like men?
    4. I’m sorry to hear that
    5. Cultists?
    6. I think I already know who it is.
  7. Find Rufius and ask him about his rheumatism. Then “Are you the one threatening Vergil?” and “I know it was you…”
  8. The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
    Speak to him again and ask about the Roman Plaque. Say “Come on, you owe me one” and he’ll give you a key to the secret Christian Shrine, along with directions. Enter the shrine and get the Roman Plaque.


4. Ulpius Suicide, Malleolus’ Identity

TL;DR Watch Ulpius commit suicide to hear about Sentilla. Confront Malleolus about being Quinctius (without enough evidence), then get some evidence from his wife. Then convince him to drop out.

  1. Go up to the high temple and approach Ulpius as he’s about to jump. Leave the conversation with Octavia as she tries to talk to you, then agree to talk to Ulpius.
  2. Talking to Ulpius, select “(Bluff) Go on, jump”
  3. After Ulpius jumps, jump down after him to fall into the deep water hole his body created, which will get you into Malleolus’ villa.
  4. In Malleolus’ villa, talk to Malleolus, then select:
    • So you’re Quinctius?
    • I can’t prove it’s you, yet. But I will.
    • I’ll be going now.
  5. Take the key hanging to the left of the front door, then go up the staircase to your right.
  6. Unlock the door on the 2nd floor, then talk to the lady inside. Select:
    • Can we talk?
    • Why are you locked in this room?
    • How would you like some help getting back at Malleolus?
    • Just a hunch…
    • I just hate to see a beautiful woman treated so poorly.
    • Actually, I don’t have any questions.
    • I have some wine right here.
    • -Select whatever options for the remainder of the conversation-
  7. Go back to Malleolus, select:
    • I want you to drop out of the election.
    • Because I know you’re Quinctius…
    • No, I’m not, fortunately for you.
    • I will.
  8. Leave the villa.


5. The Hermit Philosopher, Egyptian and Mystery Plaque

TL;DR: Skip the debate with the Hermit Philosopher and have him give you the key to the catacombs. Go down into the Egyptian ruins until you meet Khabash to get the Egyptian Plaque, then jump down for the mystery plaque. Go through the 2nd ruins, then talk your way out of a fight with Khabash.

  1. Go into the shrine to the left of the collapsed temple where the Armed Stranger was crushed.
  2. Inside, to the right of the statue, there is a hidden opening covered by a mini wood door. Crouch and enter it, then go down until you meet the Hermit Philosopher.
  3. Talking to the Hermit, select:
    • I’m [name]
    • I’m looking for Khabash.
    • -Note: If you haven’t completed the previous section with Equitia, you can’t progress past here in the conversation.-
    • I’ll pass
    • -Ask either about the plaque or Khabash, go through the dialogue to get a key-
  4. Unlock the door into the catacombs.
  5. Down in the Egyptian area, either fight all the golden statues, or The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
    avoid them by running to the house on the right and crossing the plank bridge (see below).
    The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
  6. Approach Khabash. (Note: I don’t think the dialogue here matters much, except “I want to return it to the obelisk.” He will always drop the mystery plaque.) Select:
    • I’m [name]
    • I’m looking for an Egyptian plaque.
    • I want to return it to the obelisk.
    • Thanks.
    • Do you know where I can find it?
    • May I have it?
    • How so?
    • The Egyptian Underworld?
    • So what’s the problem with this plaque?
    • (Lie) If you give it to me, I’ll destroy it for you.
    • Please, don’t.
    • -Finish the conversation.-
  7. Pick up the Sumerian Plaque. Proceed through the Sumerian Ruins. (Trigger the 3 boulder traps and avoid them to get an achievement.)
  8. When confronted by Khabash, select:
    • There’s no need for this to end in violence.
    • There’s no shame in building on the works of the people who came before you.
    • If gods exist, isn’t it possible they each have more than one “true” name?
    • Isn’t being a good person a worthwhile pursuit, in and of itself?
    • Even if your beliefs about the afterlife weren’t quite accurate…
  9. Climb the ladder and exit the ruins, and return to the market.


6. Silphium Resin, the Blocked Door, and ending Loop 0


  1. Before finishing the loop, create a Save, just in case you need to come back due to missing something.
  2. To finish this loop, steal the Silphium Resin from Desius’ stall. On the way back to the time portal, before the entrance to the slums, go into the cave that was blocked by a golden statue, which has now moved due to the Golden Rule being broken (see image below). Go inside and loot the chest for 4k denarii. (If you forget this, there is a backup option.)
    The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
  3. Enter the time portal and end Loop 0.


7. Loop 1, Save Ilius and Ulpius.

TL;DR: Tell Galerius to do all 3 tasks you can give him. Give the Silphium Resion to Lucretia to cure the poison, then talk Ulpius out of jumping.

Note: Saving Ilius and Ulpius is technically not necessary, as long as Galerius gets at least 3/5 votes for the election. However, saving them will allow you to get the Oracle achievement, so it’s better to do it.

  1. After exiting the time portal, talk to Galerius and he will give you a zip line. (Note: if you don’t get a zip line, it means you’ve done more than one loop on accident. As of version 1.1, supposedly you can still get the achievement by doing up to 3 loops, but this could potentially change, so just be aware of it.)
  2. Select:
    • Thanks. You seem capable…
    • -Select the three available options, which should include “Rufius threatening Vergil”, “Fabia entering the shrine”, “Malleolus’ real name”.
  3. Go to the shrine of Apollo and give the Silphium Resin to Lucretia. You must do this before going to Ulpius.
  4. -Note: If you don’t have at least 2k denarii, The Forgotten City - Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough
    talk to Desius and offer to sell him info on how to get a Golden Bow. Max he’ll go is 3k denarii, which is more than enough, but he won’t speak to you for the rest of the loop.
    If that’s not possible, you’ll need to reload to before ending Loop 0, and loot the chest with 4k denarii blocked by the golden statue.-
  5. Go up to where Ulpius is about to jump.
  6. Note: As of version 1.1, this conversation can be a bit glitchy due to Galerius talking to Domitius down below, assuming you rushed up here. If any of the following happens: 
    • The conversation abruptly ends
    • Ulpius doesn’t run down to see Malleolus
    • Malleolus and Domitius get stuck in a loop saying “Domitius, are you listening?” “Yes sir.”

    …then reload to before talking to Ulpius, and wait a minute or two for Galerius to finish talking to them down below.

  7. Talking to Ulpius, select:
    • Is this what Sentilla would want?
    • I’ve already saved Iulia’s life.
    • Actually I do.
    • No, you’d be free.
    • Of course.


8. Elect Galerius, and the Greek Plaque

TL;DR: Start the election, get the Greek Plaque from Duli’s cell, return them to the obelisk and enter the temple.

  1. Once Galerius finishes talking to everyone he needs to, he’ll be in the running for magistrate. (Note: As of version 1.1, Ulpius and Rufius will both say they’re voting for Sentius, but will actually vote for Galerius.)
  2. Talk to Equitia, and ask:
    • What’s the status of the election?
    • Can we start the election now?
    • Holding it early may prevent conflict between the voters.
  3. Wait for the election to conclude. (Note: As of version 1.1, Ulpius will say “The man who saved my life, Galerius”, even though you’re the one who saved him. This could get fixed/changed in the future to where he doesn’t vote to Galerius, so just be aware of the inconsistency. You can pay Desius to vote for Galerius as a backup.)
  4. After Galerius wins, go to Duli’s cell.
  5. The cell will unlock as soon as Horatius starts talking. Immediately run in and grab the Greek Plaque behind Duli.
  6. Run up to the mystery temple (same place that Ulpius was about to jump.)
    (Duli will break the Golden Rule after he’s released, so you’ll want to hurry. If you make it inside the temple before he breaks the rule, you’ll be safe (the main area will unload, and thus Duli can’t do anything). If the rule is broken before you enter, reload to before Duli was released and try to be faster.)
  7. Place all 4 plaques into the obelisk. then enter the door.


9. The White Hall

NOTE: This section contains major spoilers. If you haven’t yet gotten to the White Hall before, avoid this section. If you’re here on your first playthrough, I recommend trying this section once or twice for yourself before looking at the walkthrough below. However, if you do get stuck, here’s a hint:

To convince him to end the Golden Rule, you must bring up the hypocrisy of his enforcement of it by learning about him and his people..

A more direct explanation: Certain dialogue options do not appear unless you’ve asked him other questions already. There is a “Q&A phase” and then a “Persuasion phase”. To ensure you don’t miss miss unlocking a key dialogue option for the Persuasion phase, exhaust all dialogue options in the Q&A phase first before proceeding. This will ensure you unlock the necessary dialogue options to complete the Persuasion phase.

Note: If you reload your save, you will need to do all of the below dialogue over again.

If you get annoyed hovering over the spoiler over and over while trying to go through the dialogue, highlight it all and copy paste it into Notepad to read it.

1. Entering the temple, Speak to the doors in this order:
Pluto, Hades, Osiris, Nergal
2. Approach the throne and speak to him.

Question and Answer Phase

1. Select “What is this place?” then “Tell me about your wager”. Once he finishes, select “Let’s talk about something else.”
2. Select “Are you responsible for The Golden Rule?”, then “What do you consider a sin?” Pick any of the three responses given. Once he finishes, select “Let’s talk about something else.”
3. Select “That’s all the questions I had” to finish the Q&A phase.

Persuasion Phase


Here, you will persuade him to end the Golden Rule. Follow along closely here, as a mistake could cause him to attack and force you to reload from the beginning. If any dialogue options appear to be missing, you may have missed a key dialogue option from the Q&A phase.
1. Speaking to Charon, select “I’m from the future.”
2. I was hoping you could tell me. (Lie)
3. Shouldn’t you know this, as the God of the Underworld?
4. I’d like you to put an end to The Golden Rule.
5. The Golden Rule is corrupting this city…
6. How can you expect us to live without sin…
7. You’ve given terrible punishments to hundreds of people…
8. If our positions were reversed…
9. No.
10. What makes your kind superior to mine?
11. Why does wisdom and technology make you superior?
12. So you think you’re not obliged to treat us fairly…
13. What was it the Romans Stoics said? “Treat your inferior…
14. But didn’t you say Jupiter was your leader? …
15. So are you treating humans the way you would wish Jupiter to treat you?
16. I’m saying: If you can’t follow your own rule…
17. You’re not a monster…
18. Humans make mistakes. It’s in our nature.
19. Perhaps he made a mistake too.
20. Perhaps when you took on human form, you took on some human foibles as well.
21. We just want to return to the world.
22. Why?

Speak with Al Worth, and after finishing the conversation, you should get the achievement. (Note: as of version 1.1, you may also get the “Law Abiding Citizen: Finish the game without looping through time once” achievement, despite obviously looping once. Not sure if it’s a bug or a miscaptioned achievement.)

Written by Past

Hope you enjoy the Guide about The Forgotten City – Obtaining All Achievements Guide to Minimalist Walkthrough, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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