The Forest – How to Unlock Vegan Achievement Guide

The Forest – How to Unlock Vegan Achievement Guide 1 -
The Forest – How to Unlock Vegan Achievement Guide 1 -

This took literally six attempts to figure out a perfect way to get it every time. I wanted to beat this a achievement on the hardest difficulty. The hardest difficulty makes damage vary hard to deal, melee is weaker bows deal less damage , fire damage is a third what it is in other game modes and other damage is irrelevant to beating the only enemy I have to kill. The boss. Another feature to the hardest difficulty is a calorie count. When you cant kill animals the only options I have are candy and soda (hella calories that I have to burn off) berries (not very filling), and poisonous mushrooms (my health instantly gone)
Another feature that works in my favor and the whole reason I decided to play in this mode other then I like to be tortured; but that’s beside the point. The feature is half the animals spawns are disabled. That means I wont randomly hit a deer thAT got scared when I cut a stick tree down or a lizard who has a massive hit box FOR NO REAL REASON.
Anyways if you want to try for this achievement Dont be a sadists like me and play on hard survival and play normal difficulty like the other 3% that got this achievement.
Here’s a brief guide,
Brake call the cases by the plane then, get your bearings and head to the yacht to brake more cases. If your not playing on hard survival (like you shouldn’t be) then you wont have to worry about eating the candy bars you find. But if your crazy like I go on the yacht it has a free meal. Then head right to an anchor follow the length of the anchor and you’ll find the cave for the scuba gear. A little tip cannibals can brake barricades put your back to the wall boards block then let them brake it for you so you don’t hit them by mistake.
Then go the spelunking path to the rusted ax; it has 99.99% block. Your going to keep going that path till you reach the exit at swan lake. Pick up the resources. I don’t know how to directly tell you to the next step other than make your way to the flare gun up in the mountains. Once you get the flare gun load that up and while your at it make some Molotov cocktails for the boss she’ll love the fire.
Next go to the shipping containers and get to the cave near by on the hill. Save in the tent, block by the barricade and let the dumbasses open the thing for you. Run like hell past the mutant, grab the key card, run back through all the madness and leave the cave.
Check you inventory you should have the scuba gear from the first cave, one tank of O2 also from the first cave, the flare gun from the cockpit, the key card from the second cave, and as many molotov cocktails you could make. Next go to the cave by the land bridge, if you don’t know how to navigate your way down this cave and to the bottom of sink hole without the climbing ax then watch a tutorial on youtube.
Then make your way through sink hole cave open End Game with the key card. navigate through end game as you would dont kill any thing stock up on soda. Combine your flare gun to 1, cocktails to 2, rusty axe to 3 and meds to 4, use up all your flares then switch to cocktails using meds when you need to (careful when fireing for throwing not to kill any babies that she will spawn). If your playing in normal when you in your inventory the game is paused; so drink a soda when you are out of stamina to pick it back up.
Once you have beat Megan, do the plane crash ending and you have done it. You’ve nearly given your self a hospital visit from stress but you got the a achievement “vegan” in the forest.


Written by Ari StarStuffer

Hope you enjoy the Guide about The Forest – How to Unlock Vegan Achievement Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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