The Forest – All Codes & Cheats Console Guide

The Forest – All Codes & Cheats Console Guide 1 -
The Forest – All Codes & Cheats Console Guide 1 -

in this guide you will learn a bit about codes / cheats in game

How to turn on the console for entering codes?

Enter developermodeon in the start screen
Once in the game, press F1 to open the consoles

Basic codes

godmode on = immortality
speedyrun on = fast running
invisible on = if this feature is enabled, your character will not be affected by game effects such as water, mud, blood.
itemhack on = enables cheats on weapons
goto = takes you there
e.g. goto 50 -383 1328
save = save the game

Adding items

addallitems = adds all items
addallstoryitems = add all story items
additem “item id”
e.g. additem 77


buildhack on = allows you to build anything without consuming materials
buildallghosts = allows you to build all of your existing structure schematics at once
cancelallghosts = allows you to cancel the structure schemas

Weather / World / Light

forcerain heavy = turns on rain
forcerain sunny = disables rain
lightingtimeofdayoverride noon = makes the day
cavelight on = light in caves
terrainrender off – turns off the substrate
cutgrass 100 = removes grass
cutdowntrees 100% = removes trees
animals off = disables animals
spawnanimal “animal name” eg spawnanimal crocodile


killallenemies = kills all enemies
enemies off = disable enemies
spawnregularfamily = 3-6 common cannibals.
spawnpaintedfamily = 3-6 painted cannibals.
spawnskinnedfamily = 3-6 cloaked cannibals.
spawnskinnyfamily = 2-3 skinny cannibals.
spawnmutant male_skinny = skinny male mutant.
spawnmutant female_skinny = skinny mutant.
spawnmutant skinny_pale = pale skinny mutant.
spawnmutant male = normal mutant male.
spawnmutant female = regular mutant female.
spawnmutant fireman = Mutant Fireman.
spawnmutant pale = Pale mutant.
spawnmutant armsy = Armsy.
spawnmutant vags = Virginia.
spawnmutant baby = Mutated baby.
spawnmutant fat = Fat Man
spawnmutant worm = Worm.
spawnmutant = final boss.

Game mode

setdifficultymode peaceful = Changes the difficulty to peaceful mode
setdifficultymode normal = Set the difficulty to normal mode
setdifficultymode hard = Set the difficulty level to hard mode
setdifficultymode hardsurvival = Set the difficulty level to hard survival mode
setgamemode standard = Set the game mode to default
setgamemode creative = Set the game mode to creative
setgamemode mod = Change the game mode to mod

Written by Kacperek

Hope you enjoy the Guide about The Forest – All Codes & Cheats Console Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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