The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – How to inject role-play to Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – How to inject role-play to Skyrim 1 -
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – How to inject role-play to Skyrim 1 -

Welcome to this post We hope you find this The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – How to inject role-play to Skyrim helpful guide.

Welcome to what is truly one of the guides of all time. Within, ye shall find a plethora of obscure, forgotten, and otherwise bastard-status old mods that still work fine with most modern Skyrim modding setups (to my knowledge), and most importantly: allow for even ‘more’ unique role play for your character! Huzzah, I say! As shall ye forthwith…

Nay: said praise twas ‘not’ a request:

Twas demanded tribute.

Ye olde lost mods list: Being the first section

‘Lockable Locks’ makes it to where, if you have a key, you can lock a door or gate behind you. This can be great for stopping mobs from chasing your character under the right circumstances, or for corralling them into a dead end and wiping them out en-masse.

‘Project ja-Kha’jay’ Is one of the most ambitious NPC overhaul mods I’ve ever encountered. It completely remakes all NPC Khajiit in-game to match their correct appearance as per-lore. Meaning you will soon see ‘all’ (or nearly all) 17 types of Khajiit (once the mod reaches its final update, that is), including Pahmar-Raht, Dagi-Raht, Cathay-Raht, and even Ohmes-Raht.

‘Accessible Merchant Storage’ intuitively places merchant chests above ground, in places that make sense. Another stupidly immersion-breaking decision by Bethesda done away with! They are all master-locked, so if you can steal the key off of the related-merchant, you can plunder their goods! Just don’t expect them to have anything for sale, or even much gold to barter with you if you empty said chest, and then try and trade with them again for a while.


‘More Rewarding thieving’ makes playing as a Thief ‘actually’ rewarding, and not boring as soon as the Thieves Guild quest ends. Silver candles, plates, and do on will be valuable now, for example.

‘Prince and the Pauper’ (and all of its patches) gives children in Skyrim new high resolution clothes based on their social status, and gets rid of the dumb, copy-pasted red and green ‘shirts’.

‘Red Kid Revolver’ fixes a ton of issues with the hugely popular RS Children Overhaul mod that were never addressed.

‘DISCONTINUED – Improved artifacts collection’ Is the immediate predecessor to the popular ‘Zim’s Immersive Artifacts’. In my opinion, IAC is a better mod in many ways that you can test out for yourself if you wish.


‘Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack’ Re-texture’s all animals in Skyrim to not look like muddy, early-2000’s digital abominations.

‘Bookshelves script SKSE’ lets you place up to 48 books on one shelf.

‘Luminescent Luna Moth WIngs’ Retextures Luna moths to look like beautiful fantasy creatures with glowing wings (with several color options).

‘Bloodthirst – Vampire NPC’s can feed’ increases immersion by making it to where NPC vampires will randomly feed on victims.


‘Skeletons don’t breath’ Does exactly what it says: removes the pointless breathing sounds from Skeletons because… well, they’re ‘skeletons’.

‘Muffle Nirnroot’ Significantly dials down the annoying chime of Nirnroots.

‘Draugr don’t breath’ Does the same thing for Draugr that it does for skeletons… because they’re walking corpses.

‘Undead summons emerge from ground’ Gets rid of the weird, immersion-breaking ‘teleport from hidden cell’ effect of summoning undead creatures, and makes them claw their way up from the ground instead.


‘Disable follower collision’ gets rid of a huge headache that everyone who has ever played Skyrim has complained about.

‘Betrayal at Hrothgar’ lets you tell Delphine at the negotiation scene to ‘Do it’… which results in her stabbing Elenwen.


‘Better fast travel – Carriages and Ships’ will add many minor locations to Carriage drivers that you couldn’t get to before without manually slogging it there yourself. It also places boatmen who will ferry you across many rivers and lakes for a fee.

‘Nightmare – Increased enemy spawns’ is a lightweight enemy spawning mod that automatically detects enemy creature and other mods in your load order and spawns extra of those as well.

‘HASTE’ This mod does so much at once, I can’t even list it all here, but some of it includes getting rid of that stupid spinning death that NPC’s die, increasing crime bounties to ten thousand and higher and making it so that animals don’t report crimes.


‘Simple Actions – The floor is as good a place to sleep as any’ simply lets your character sleep anywhere he or she wants.

‘Smart Training – Tweaked’ lets you manually get rid of that lame ‘five training sessions per level’ limitation.

‘Suspicious City Guards’ makes Guards actually ‘act’ like the city watchmen they are supposed to. Thief characters can’t just go around sneaking in cities anymore, as they will attract the attention of Guards who will follow them around for a while, waiting for them to commit a crime.


‘Perfect Legionnaire’ Makes Imperial armor and weapons actually look professional and well-crafted.

‘Remove Enchantments – Disenchanter’ by CyberSpyder is probably the easiest, no frills disenchantment mod I’ve found to date. No conflicts found with any newer spell and enchantment mods that I’ve seen.

‘Unplayable Faction Armors LE’ overhauls the weapons and armor worn by unplayable factions such as (but not limited to) the Vigilants of Stendarr and the Alik’r to better reflect their roles and functions (the former gets heavy, knightly-looking chain-mail armor and unique weapons, and the latter gets history-inspired eastern-looking armor and shields).


‘ALL’ of Mihail’s mods are essential, believe me: you just won’t have enough esp slots for them all, sadly. You’ll have to pick and choose which ones you ‘really’ want.

‘Most’ of ElSopa’s mods are essential (and better yet: very few of them require esp slots!). Check them out, you’ll really like them, I’m sure.

‘Skyrim Stormcloaks Enhanced’ overhauls the Stormcloaks’ armor to actually visually ‘make sense’ based on Skyrim’s climate ‘and’ look better to boot.


‘Sacrilege’ is a very lightweight vampire faction overhaul that takes your chosen race heavily into account; giving buffs and bonuses based on said choice, while also overhauling the vampire perk tree into something unique and interesting.

‘Balanced magic’ makes it to where your chosen schools of magic dynamically evolve (become stronger and/or effects last longer) as you use them: not ‘just’ as you pick perks for them.

‘Magicka and stamina combat regeneration’ eliminates the utterly RETARDED combat regen penalty. You ‘need’ this, trust me.


‘Dungeons revisited series’ massively (and I ‘do’ mean massively) expands on the major dungeons in Skyrim such as Bleak Falls Barrow, Ustengrav, Embershard mine, and several others. It adds branching paths, side chambers, locked doors and gates where there previously weren’t any before and quite a few other nice features that severely reduce the vanilla linearity of said dungeons.

The ‘Great towns and villages’ series (go to nexus and look up ‘The great City of Solitude’, for example, and just download the other towns and cities mods from the profile of mod author ‘soldierofwar’) is, frankly, incredible. It turns the bland, samey towns and villages of Skyrim on their heads, and gives them region-contextual architecture and restructures each and every one to be unique. You have to see it for yourself, it’s crazy.


‘Claws without hints for the hardcore adventurer’ turns ancient nord temple puzzle doors… into actual puzzles. It does this by removing the stupid answers from the palms of all dragon claws, thereby forcing the player to use trial and error until he or she figures out the combination on their own.

‘Requiem – Morrowind-like soul gems’ simply returns the appearance of soul gems to the way they were originally portrayed in Morrowind. I consider this essential, as there was precisely zero reason for Bethesda to have changed their looks from Oblivion on at all. And no: you don’t ‘have’ to have Requiem for it to work.


‘Armor and magic effects’ is another good one that makes it to where the more armor pieces you wear, the greater your magic-usage costs are. It makes playing as a mage with nothing but magical robes, rings and staffs actually viable. Also, it makes playing a spellsword feel rewarding in the long-run, as the more you advance is your chosen schools of magic and armor type, the more the costs decrease.

Ye Olde Lost mods: being the second section

Ah, but I have yet to be finished:


‘Classic classes and birthsigns’ is an absolute essential that I would never play Skyrim without. It’s a mod that reintroduces the classic class system back into the formula, complete with classic birthsigns and their effects, and the option to make them permanent or not. Paired with the immediate-aforementioned mod, it makes for some excellent role-play.

‘Usable Lanterns’ Is the best alternative to ‘Chesko’s wearable lanterns’ there is. No frills, no thousand and one patches needed, and It even works with companions from mods like Inigo!


‘Throwing Weapons lite’ Reintroduces throwing weapons back into the formula. No throwing stars, sadly, but you ‘do’ get to use throwing axes, Javelins, and throwing knives, and better yet: so will some enemy NPC’s!

‘Headache’ will replace some of the pictographic animal symbols pertaining to dungeon ”puzzles” with blank ones. As with the ‘claws without hints’ mod, you’ll have to use trial and error! Good luck…

‘Traps make noise – more dangerous traps’ turns so called ‘traps’ into genuinely dangerous mechanisms. They now do much more damage, alert nearby enemies to your presence, and have the potential to disease your character.

‘Thieves guild requirements’ Brynjolf won’t just approach you right off the bat now: you’ll actually have to ‘earn’ your right to join the Thieves Guild (via a configurable MCM menu)! To top it off, you can also configure when certain guild-related quests (radiant and otherwise) will be available for your thieving-pleasure.

There are quite a few more, I’m sure, but Hopefully this list of obscure/forgotten mods will enhance your Role Playing to new heights!

Now where is my Jester?! I grow bored!

We are grateful that you took the time to go through The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – How to inject role-play to Skyrim, and we sincerely hope that you discovered it to be of assistance to you in any way. You are more than welcome to point out any mistakes or make suggestions for changes in the comments box below, and we will attend to them as quickly as we can. My warmest thoughts and prayers are with you today. The inspiration for this guide comes from a post that Lost Trekkie wrote, so a big thank you to him! Don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you like the post; we update regularly with fresh stuff.

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