The Book of Shadows – Best armors and weapons in game

The Book of Shadows – Best armors and weapons in game 1 -
The Book of Shadows – Best armors and weapons in game 1 -

This guide will help you find some of the secrets within the Book of Shadows. These tips will not be specific, but they will help you find other things.


This guide is your welcome! This guide was created to help players find hidden items in the game. It won't tell you where the item is located in most cases. However, it will tell you which dungeon or area to find it.
Due to the nature and importance of the locations, the guide will contain some spoilers.

Ultimate Skills and Spell Locations

The Book of Shadows starts with Chapter 8. Here you will find the ultimate skill or magic for each character. These are the locations where you will find these skills or spells. You can learn the skill or spell by using the book that contains it. It will be added to your existing list of skills or learned spells.
Here's the complete list. Please note that there are some minor spoilers in this location list.
Fire (Nova): Found on a Body in the Caves of Chimar Chapter 9.
Water (Frozen Slash): Automatically learned at Chapter 9.
Air (, Air Phasing): Located on Floor 5 of The Tower of Storms
Earth (Ultra Wall): Old cave South of Esteron. Access requires the Ship.
Energy (Energy Wrack Energy): Located in Mana Stream and guarded by a powerful beast. To get this, you will need to defeat it or slip by it.
Mind (Mind Tap) – Located in Tower of Elyon.
Life (Divine Assistance): Floor 2 in Amelia's Hideaway, guarded and protected by many Angels
Death (Restoration El17Y: Elmwood in The Pit. To obtain it, you must defeat the Undead Guardian.
Thief (Concealment) : Locked in the vault at Clearwind Magic School. To access it, you'll need to find the passcode. 41368 .
Protector (Ultra Shielde17Y: Located at Secret Room 37, Winterglen.
Reporter (Krotrium sword): Given to you by Whitebeard in Clearwind after you have discovered 45 or more of the 50 Secret Rooms.
Cheers (Pep Rally): Secret Room 48. To access the Secret Room, you will need to use the ship.
Chemist (Cleanse): Learned automatically at Chapter 9.
Archer (Arrow Rain): Learned automatically at Chapter 9.
Gladiator (Groundbreaker): Complete Chapter 9 of the Thundermeadow Beach Challenge to earn this.
Merchant ($$$$$ Located at the bottom Aviary.
Scientist (Equalizer): Located at North Vrylilum Woods. This is the area where the party defeated the Hare of Darkness. This will be on a body located in that area if you return in Chapter 9.
Strategist (): Return to Tiatha's Archives the Art of War Volumes 1-6 to obtain this spell

Locations for Ultimate Weapons, Armor, And Necklaces

Chapter 8 contains the best weapons and armors in the game. These weapons and armors can be found in these dungeons.
Sword: Eastwood Sewers
Axe for sale at Zabbas, Tir Koraz in Chapter 9.
Fist: Blackmire Mushroom caves
Halberd: Monster Pit.
Staff: Crossroads. You can trade GP for it Chapters 8 and 9.
Tower of Elyon: Daggers
Pom-Poms Secret Room 40, Silvanos But not the docks area!
Megaphone: In Chapters 8 and 9, you can win the Battle Arena in an impossible mode
Bow: Thundermeadow Peaks Warning: When you grab the item, a boss will jump on you. Use Earth spells to defeat the boss. It resists all other spells
Book: Chapter 9 of The Church Temple North of Silverdale.
Rapier: Old Elmwood Mansion Top Floor.
Clothing: One of several caves located on the ocean. It is the one that you can't land at because there is no landing point. To reach it, you will need to find a Warp in the Mana Stream. This will teleport to the cave.
Leather Armor: Krythaelia Wetlands Chapter 9.
Heavy Armor: Dragon's Horde Bank Elmwood. The clerk will need to request the wardstone that you found in the Pantheon of Sirath.
Robes: There is a pair of them. The first can be found in the Riverdale chest with all the skeletons around it. The second is located in the caves below Tir Koraz, where the Mage Warded Door used to be.
Cloak: There is a second one. The first one is located in secret Room 39. The second is at Dragonblast. To get to Chapter 9, you will need to use a Warp from the Mana Stream due to the Northpass barricades.
Shoes: These are dropped in Chapter 9 by a mandatory plot boss and can't be missed.
Shield: Secret Room 43.
Helmet and Hairpin. These are located at the end of Beardwhack Fortress.
Star Necklaces. Each stat has one. These can be found in the following:
Star Health Necklace: Find 3 Abyss Worm tails in Dragonblast, and bring them to Winterglen.
Star Mana Necklace: Secret Room 44
Star Strength Necklace: Secret Room 34.
Star Defense Necklace: Eastwood Training Caves Level 2.
Star Magic Necklace. This is one of the caves that you can access once you have the sailboat.
Star Protection Necklace: This is what the deserted island has.
Star Speed Necklace: Score 100 or higher on all levels of the Minotaur Maze At the Crossroads
Star Luck: Located on a Clearwind Magic School body.

Secret Rooms

There are 50 Secret Rooms in The Book of Shadows. We will show you where the secret room is located. If there are more than one secret room in a dungeon, we will give you the exact directions.
It is important to note that secret rooms in dungeons cannot be returned to in Chapter 9. It is possible to return to a secret room in Chapter 9 if you miss it.
Here is a list of Chapters in which you can access each secret room.
Chapter 1: Rooms 1 through 4
Chapter 2: Rooms 5-12
Chapter 3: Rooms 13-16
Chapter 4: Rooms 17-22
Chapter 5: Rooms 23-26
Chapter 6: Rooms 27-29
Chapter 7: Rooms 31 and 30
Chapter 8: Rooms 32-34
Chapter 9: Rooms 35-50
Scroll down to find out more about the area where each room is located.
Secret Room 1: Sarah marks it on the map in Chapter 1. It's located in the Elmwood East Caves
Secret Room 2: Elmwood Central Caves
Secret Room 3: The Pit. This is one of the two rooms in the Pit. It is located near the Undead Town.
Secret Room 4: The Pit. The map's northern side.
Secret Room 5: Elmwood South Forest on the Northern Side of this map
Secret Room 6: Elmwood South Forest on the Southern side of this map.
Secret Room 7: Silas Rest Lighthhouse
Secret Room 8: Silas Rest Tomb
Secret Room 9: Aurora Beach
Secret Room 10: Winter Island
Secret Room 11: Blackmire Marsh
Secret Room 12: Blackmire Mushroom Caves
Secret Room 13: Underwater
Secret Room 14: Tir Koraz Clearing
Secret Room 15: Tir Koraz Ice Caves
Secret Room 16: Tir Koraz Caves
Secret Room 17: Red Dwarf Tower Approach
Secret Room 18: Deserted Island
Secret Room 19: Las Vegas Mall
Secret Room 20: Military Base Approach
Secret Room 21: It's the map called "??? It is located under the military base
Secret Room 22: Minneapolis, Outside
Secret Room 23: Thundermeadow Peaks
Secret Room 24: Under Elmwood
Secret Room 25: Eastern Forest
Secret Room 26: Old Mansion Ground Floor
Secret Room 27: West Elmwood Earth Caves
Secret Room 28: Thundermeadow Beach
Secret Room 29: Silverdale Walls
Secret Room 30: Krythaela Wetlands
Secret Room 31: South Vrylilum Woods
Secret Room 32: Old Cave
Secret Room 33: Darkspyre
Secret Room 34: Raindew
Secret Room 35: Amelia’s Hideaway, First Floor
Secret Room 36: Eastwood Forest
Secret Room 37: Winterglen
Secret Room 38: Silvanos Woods
Secret Room 39: Silvanos Sewers. North Side
Secret Room 40: Silvanos. This is the city proper and not the docks area, which you can access separately.
Secret Room 41: Tall Oak Clearning
Secret Room 42: Slime Caves Level 3
Secret Room 43: Icetop Fortress
Secret Room 44: The Pit. It will be in the part you couldn't access in Chapter 1, behind a door you didn't know how to open.
Secret Room 45: Old Mansion
Secret Room 46: Tiatha’s Archives
Secret Room 47: Caverns at Cimhar
Secret Room 48: Old Cave. This is the cave you can access after you have purchased the sailboat.
Clearwind: Secret Room 49
Clearwind Magic School, Floor 2, Secret Room 50: Clearwind Magic School


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