The Bathhouse | 地獄銭湯 – How to Obtain Good Ending Video Guide

The Bathhouse | 地獄銭湯 – How to Obtain Good Ending Video Guide 1 -
The Bathhouse | 地獄銭湯 – How to Obtain Good Ending Video Guide 1 -

There are no guides for this game, so here’s how to get the best ending.

is required to activate the good ending.

1. You helped the candy shop owner locate the cat and retrieve it!

2. That weird guy gave me the potato


Play is when you have fun As the sister, you will need to go to room205 and grab the doll in the corner. You can continue doing everything as normal until Maina appears. Once you see Maina, you must locate the keys in the girls’ bathroom. Donate the 5 yen you have paid to the Shrine Offering thing. Take the 1st (1/3 Newspaper pieces and check the box to the right. Remember the doll we took from our room? We need to throw it away by going under the crow! This activates Maina’s room (203-). Open Maina’s bedroom and take the doll with the (2/3-sized newspaper piece). Next, search under the rolled-up bed. Boom, we now have all three pieces of the secret newspaper! Next, we will go into the boiler room to find the tongs near the 1st boiler.

The tongs are located on the left side of the boiler. You will then find keys. These keys will be used to open the taped door. Next, go outside to find a hatch. Go down it. To crouch, press C and search the room within (it should be a cave called)). Have fun exploring the room with the bolt cutters. Once you’re done looking around, you should see a chain that runs around a pillar. Follow the chain to find a strange f*cker. It is yours to set free. That’s all you have to do. Once you’ve done that, you can do all the normal things and run from the Onryo b*tch. You should be able to get the ending. (Note: If you don’t like the ending, just press the Continue button in the main menu. Follow the same steps to get a good ending.

You can watch my video for more help! I hope you find this guide helpful!



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