The Ascent – Dealbreaker Endgame Build & Stats

The Ascent – Dealbreaker Endgame Build & Stats 1 -
The Ascent – Dealbreaker Endgame Build & Stats 1 -

The endgame build that I personally use and managed to get great success with it.


You CAN max out all stats by the end of NG+. The following are just the stats you want to focus on first.

  • Tactical Sense – Faster Tactical recharge
  • Critical Hit Rate – Higher DPS
  • Weapon Handling – Faster reload. Miniguns reload speed is exceptionally slow.
  • Balance – So that you can walk normally while using miniguns

You also need a few points for the following. Around 5 points each by the end of the main campaign is enough.

  • Vital Signs – Your health pool
  • Body Battery – Your “mana” pool

Dump stats. Stats that you don’t really need to care about.

  • Aiming – You are using a minigun!!! You are gonna hold down the trigger 99% of the time.
  • Evasion – Who needs to dodge when you are tough as a nail and with overwhelming firepower?



Yes, you don’t need an energy weapon. Instead, you will rely on I/O Converter to deal with robotic enemies. I will explain why this is a better choice in the Augments section.

  • There are certain enemies that carry front shields, making them immune to incoming frontal damage. Overwhlemer solves this problem. It deals mini AOE damage and can practically ignore front shields.
  • Can in theory be accessed in the early game. Yet the weapon itself is surrounded by high-level enemies.
  • Use Astromaster before you have access to Overwhlemer



It is simple. Just pick the ones which offer the highest overall protection

  • The wiki suggests it has the same stats as Custom SEC-5 Rig. It is incorrect and outdated. Custom Flatliner Rig has better overall stats.



  • Don’t worry about the high charge. You have a very high tactical sense and the Tactical Charge module to compensate for that. Your Pocket Mech will always be available when you need it.
  • The mech has some synergy as well as a breaking bug with the choice of augments. I will expand that in the Augments section.



  • Turn your Dealbreaker into a robot shredding monstrosity
  • You can make your mech weapons deal digital damage as well if you activate I/O Converter BEFORE jumping into the mech.
  • Some players will suggest swapping I/O Converter with Lockon Fire and swap Overwhelmer with an energy weapon. It is true that Lockon Fire is extremely effective when paired with miniguns. And you will find yourself killing organic targets much faster than my build. Yet, you will also find yourself struggling when dealing with robotic enemies. Because energy weapons generally have lower DPS than ballistic weapons of the same type. Not to mention comparing them against Dealbreaker.
    By using this build, I can comfortably deal with 2 Megarachnoids (i.e. the Spiderbot boss) at the same time. As well as farm through Scrapland in NG+ like a walk in the park (in case you didn’t notice, Scrapland always has 3 – 4 bosses spawned, all robotics).



  • Speedheal Mod – More heals = Good
  • Tactical Charge – More mechs = Even better


Written by Zeraph

Hope you enjoy the Guide about The Ascent – Dealbreaker Endgame Build & Stats, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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