The Age of Decadence – Noncombat Completionist Walkthrough

The Age of Decadence – Noncombat Completionist Walkthrough 2 -
The Age of Decadence – Noncombat Completionist Walkthrough 2 -

The purpose of this guide is to create a walkthrough (spoilers everywhere!) that can win the game for The One God achievement as well as several conventional victories. This character will (if you follow the guide) never engage in a fight, though it’s hard to call what the character does pacifism.

The character can get all but one of the ending achievements – Burn It requires a specific setup that uses an Imperial Guard quest and substantial combat. I have another guide here on Steam that covers that specific option.
This guide will also get all of the achievements for the House Aurelian Praetor questline, as well as all but a few of the other non-faction achievements.

Character Build

Drifter background. You can also use Loremaster, just be sure to have enough Persuasion and Lore to get the sphere from the first quest.
Str 4 – we’ll never use it.
Dex 6 – we’ll never use the AP, but we need Dex+Con=12 for a critical check.
Con 6 – we need enough to get to 7 with the healing machine.
Per 8 – need it for sphere artifact and abyss.
Int 9 – need at least 8 and have an extra point with no better place to put it.
Cha 7 – allows training opportunities.
We will never have any trap skill, so if you find a trapped chest, just reload a save and ignore it. There are some in the inn rooms and in Hellgate. We’ll spend skill points in the guide, just save the points for now.
The combat skills are irrelevant, they’ll never be used. Throwing and dodge are used outside of combat in a few options, but we will not use them.
We’ll have a lot of points leftover in the end, but there are several points that are quite tight on points so keep saves to go back to in case you miss something.


Go to the other room, picking up the sphere on the way, rest for the night
{{{{{DRIFTER ACHIEVEMENT}}}}} – easiest achievement ever
******Raise Trading 1->3******
******Raise Lockpick 1->4******
******Raise Sneak 1->4******
1a – Walk back into inn, get an inn room using Trading (+1 SP)
-Exhaust the storyteller’s dialogue options
******Raise Stealing 1->3******
-Loot everything on the first floor (+9 SP), the second can wait
-Do not sell anything until Trading gets to 4, this character has limited income
1b – Go to the gate, admit Aemolas using Trading, talk to him in trade plaza for an item (+1 SP)
1c – Go to the blacksmith, go in his back window (Dex 6 required, we have that), loot everything
-Crafting to 2 from training, also (+5 SP)
-Sneak to enter, sneak to side room, lockpick chest (+3 SP)
******Raise Sneak 4->5******
1d – Go back to inn, second floor:
-Avoid the chest at the far end of the floor (trapped, we’ll never open it)
-Clear the rest of the floor (+12 SP)
-Drop all your stuff except cash, sphere, and clothes in your stash
-We’ll wait until Trading 5 to sell, though we shouldn’t need the cash
1e – Go to Feng, use trading to reduce cost and improve rewards (+13 SP)
-buy the amulet for 100g, if your streetwise is not 3
-Unclear if this counts for the collection achievements. If you need them, buy it.
******Raise Streetwise 1->3******
1f – Go to Tavern, play game with Lucius using streetwise (20g, +3 SP)
1g – Go behind tavern for event, use steal option to deal with thief (+3 SP)
-Ignore the gang on the right, we can’t do anything with them.
1h – Travel to palace, go to house on left with the man standing by the door.
-Enter using window on south side.
-Sneak twice, loot cabinets and dinner table (+2 SP)
-Lockpick the door in the back (+1 SP)
1i – Travel to palace, go in and talk to Dellar for two quests.
-Travel on world map to bandit camp and outpost, just enter each and go (+10 SP)
******Raise Impersonate 1->4*******
1j – Travel to palace (in Teron), look for an alternate way in
-Approach the guard (#2), Streetwise him (#2), lockpick or sneak (+1 SP)
-Right side (#2), sneak in (#1, #1), explore back (#2, #2), pick/sneak (+2 SP)
-Put them on and go back to the main building (#2), impersonate (#2) (+1 SP)
-Approach, show him the map (+19 SP)
-Ask to learn more about his house (Lore trained to 2, 5 SP)
1k – Travel to bandit camp, talk to Esbenus (“negotiate”), use stat checks to get to lore check.
OPTIONAL-Save before doing this and reload after as we need the Aurelian outpost
OPTIONAL-for other quests. Travel to palace, talk to Dellar and use Intelligence
OPTIONAL-to have the Raiders attack the Aurelians.
-Travel to palace, talk to Dellar about the camp, ignore the intelligence and persuade.
-Say you can’t handle them, then use perception on the next check (+12 SP, 50g)
1l – Travel to inn, talk to Cassius, take him to a house, use streetwise (don’t kill him)
-Talk to Feng, buy the ring (100g, +3 SP)
-Exhaust Feng’s options including training (Persuasion 1->3)
1m – Travel to palace, go to house on right, use streetwise and impersonate for loot (4 SP)
-You’ll fail one check during the process but it doesn’t stop anything
******Raise Crafting 2->3*******
******Raise Lore 2->4*******
******Raise Streetwise 3->4*******
******Raise Persuade 3->4*******
1n – Travel to barracks, head north along the wall to the graveyard
-Pay 5g to exhaust gravedigger dialogue
-Grab rope and hooks from “Dead Body” eye interaction
-Continue north along the wall to an unmarked door to a ruined tower
-Go up tower and into hatch, search wall at bottom for “Jellyfish” (1 SP)
-On leaving, pass streetwise and trading checks (2 SP)
End of Teron, next step is point of no return. We’ve done everything we could, won’t need combat items and there isn’t anything worth buying, so the inability to go back isn’t that relevant.
I had Lockpick 4, Sneak 5, Steal 3, Traps 1, Impersonate 4, Etiquette 1, Persuasion 4, Streetwise 4, Alchemy 1, Crafting 3, Lore 4, Trading 4.

Maadoran (with one stop first)

2a – Buy a loremaster outfit from merchant on left at Teron plaza, go to Outpost
-Try and sneak in, fail to climb the fence, and leave (+1 SP)
-Impersonate Sohrab and head in, lone traveler escapes attention (+1 SP)
-Complete the ritual, go to Maadoran, talk to Gaelius (+12 SP, 150g)
-Accept his offer to join Aurelian and exhaust his dialogue options.
2b – Go to inn, exhaust dialogue on entry, buy a room with Trading (+1 SP)
-Can only steal in one room first floor, other one has two sleepers (+4 SP)
-Second floor chest is trapped but can loot shelves in that room (+2 SP)
******Raise Streetwise 4->6*******
2c – Proceed up the path for an event, use streetwise option (+5 SP)
-Avoid the area behind the inn it takes you to in the future as the thugs will still be there
2d – Proceed up the left side of the area for another event, use persuasion (+4 SP)
2e – Talk to Clericus in red hat near the gate, exhaust his dialogue
-Talk to a local guide near the event in 2c, pay 10g, and exhaust his dialogue
-Talk to a beggar on the left side near 2d, pay 5g and exhaust his dialogue
2f – Accept the quest from the youth by the Slums entrance near where 2d happened
2g – Enter the slums, pay 20g, when given an opportunity leave Leon, use streetwise (+3 SP)
2h – On the far side from where you enter on the right, there is a well, talk to the man by it
-Dive in, going right and then left at the choices to find a secret chamber (+2 SP)
-Explore, lockpick the crate for a respirator and power modules (+1 SP)
-Click on the respirator in your inventory and install a module
-Give the man 100g on return for Word of Honor
2i – Go down the path towards Abyss, pay 200g to pass, touch the exit for fast travel flag, don’t go in
2j – Go from Arena District to Trade district (on right), exhaust dialogue on entry
-Visit Abukar, talk to him and get the location of Saross
-Go on to the Palace district, ignore the guy selling the badge
-Search the baths for rock oil using sneak and lockpick (+3 SP total)
-Talk to Caius Amerius in the group outside the palace, accept his quest
2k – Go to Saross (+5 SP)
-Use streetwise options to scare the prospector away (+1 SP)
-In the basement, get locations for Inferiae, Zamedi, and The Arch and examine the machine
-Visit those three locations then leave (+15 SP)
-Return to Abukar, use intelligence/streetwise to get part (+1 SP)
-Talk to curio trader at base of tower, buy oil injector and use Trade for astrolabe (+1 SP)
******Raise Crafting 3->4*******
2l – Return to Saross, use crafting and parts and oil to fix generator (+3 SP)
-Go back to the stairs and search for a switch to open a secret area
-Use the sphere to open a hidden compartment to get a surgical kit (+6 SP)
-We’ll have to come back here later when we have more lore
2l – Go to Darius Tomb (+5 SP)
-Walk-in, walk back, have the raiders help, open the tomb for the helmet and go (+1 SP)
-Tell Gaelius that the tomb collapsed (+25 SP, 100g)
-Talk to Lord Senna if you want, we aren’t using his option
2m – Domitius Ulpius in Arena district, he’s in back in an unmarked house near the fallen spire
-Go to see Gaelius (+19 SP) and return
2n – In slums, head towards Temple district
-Use streetwise and persuasion to pass Hermon on the path to Temple (+3 SP)
-Near the exit to the temple is Neros’ place, enter it, hand in the package
-Use streetwise to avoid the fight (+3 SP) and get a name
-Walk in to Temple district, exhaust dialogue with Clemens
-Travel to noble homes, look for Calvus estate on your left, take the money (+6 SP, 400g)
-Sell enough stuff to have 1300 gold
******Raise Persuasion 4->5******
2o – Go to the pass (+5 SP), using the lore/streetwise option to bluff your way in (+1 SP)
-Talk to Raminus to the right in front of you, pay 1300g for the glove and tubes
-Map button to wait, wait until morning, any options will work (+1 SP)
-At the Ordu camp, find the tent you can go in (two guards out front)
-Calm him, talk to him about Bolad, exhaust his dialogue
-Talk to Belgutai, use streetwise, then lore (+1 SP)
-Opposite Belgutai is the loremaster’s tent. Exhaust dialogue options (+3 SP)
-Tell Thorgul “Good Plan”, afterload ask who leads them, go to Carbo’s camp
-Use the “not offering peace” option, then just follow the conversation. (+3 SP)
-Tell Thorgul that they will die against insurmountable odds (#3)
-Report to Gaelius, receive The Crimson Eye (+31 SP, 150g)
I had Lockpick 4, Sneak 5, Steal 3, Traps 1, Impersonate 4, Etiquette 1, Persuasion 5, Streetwise 6, Alchemy 1, Crafting 4, Lore 4, Trading 4.

Ancient Wonders

3a – Still be damaged from Neros, use the Maadoran healer
-Go to the Abyss, exhaust all dialogue from the Old Man next to the path, 20g for a trinket
-Enter the Abyss itself, proceeding with whatever option, but do not use the mask
-At the Str/Con check, choose that option and fail to take damage then go back
-Go back to slums, then healer, heal up, get damaged again by the abyss, heal up
-After being healed a third time, talk to the healer again and take his quest
******Raise Impersonate 4->5******
******Raise Streetwise 6->7******
3b – Head to the monastery (+5 SP)
-Talk to raiders, use impersonate and streetwise and streetwise/persuade (+4 SP)
-Talk to the guard near the monastery entrance, use streetwise (+2 SP)
-Once inside, go down the elevator, come back up, and leave
-Confronted outside, choose to leave
-Return to Maadoran, talk to the healer, tell him the man lied (+6 SP)
******Raise Lore 4->6******
—Make a hard save here, follow OPTIONAL for Antiquities Expert and Mr. Fixit Achievements—
OPTIONAL-Head to Inferiae, talk to the villagers, let them throw you down
OPTIONAL-Sneak past the demon, go to the control panel, and exhaust all options. (+4 SP)
OPTIONAL-Head back up the stairs and loot the demon for the glowing core.
OPTIONAL-Go through the portal down the hallway. (+13 SP)
OPTIONAL-Click twice on the lamp to take the large module
OPTIONAL-Pick up the glove from the ground and read the scrawling on the wall by the body
OPTIONAL-Travel back to the sewers in the slums and go right, then left (see 2h above)
OPTIONAL-Insert the large module by the portal and go through to the “mountain facility”
OPTIONAL-On the left, lockpick the box by the coffin for a jar (+1 SP)
3c – Head to Inferiae. Talk to the villagers, let them throw you down
-Introduce yourself to the demon, use intelligence and streetwise (+2 SP)
-Talk to the demon, exhausting all conversation options (nuking Inferiae is optional)
-Go through the portal down the hallway (+13 SP)
-Click twice on the lamp to take the large module, the portal will close
-Pick up the glove from the ground and read the scrawling on the wall by the body
******Raise Lore 6->8******
3d – Head to the Abyss in Maadoran, use the breathing apparatus and enter the hole (+31 SP)
-Examine the bookcase and use lore
OPTIONAL-Make a hard save and use the console to activate the remaining chambers,
OPTIONAL-then reload.
-Power down the last chamber (+31 SP)
-Talk to the Old Man before you leave for the slums
3e – Go to Zamedi, enter with the Crimson Eye
-Use streetwise and cooperate with the demon, after the elevator, grab the reagent chest
-On the top floor, use the central semi-sphere to understand the ring and exhaust dialogue
-You can also use the central semi-sphere to get to the mountain facility in OPTIONAL above
-On the right in the mountain facility, search the scrolls for a lore entry
-On the left, lockpick the box by the coffin for a jar (+1 SP)
-Interact with the coffin device, use the jar to raise your Constitution to 7
-Go back to Zamedi and head down the tower, give the demon the ring
-Choose the first options in dialogue until you get a Streetwise option, use it (+4 SP)
-Trade the demon the ring for answers, exhaust dialogue (+13 SP, Word of Honor)
3g – Stop by the secret room at Saross to get the rest of the lore entry
-Return to Gaelius, discuss the tower (+31 SP, 200g)
-Ascend the stairs in the palace to Erebus, dialogue and training (Etiquette 1->2, +5 SP)
-Tiresias is next to Abukar’s tower, facing the other way
-Streetwise to get a useless large module (+1 SP)
-250g to get training and some dialogue (Etiquette 2->4, +5 SP)
3h – Head to Teron, which will give you a screen as if it’s a new location (no SP)
-Search first floor of the inn for three lockpicked doors, two sneaks, and a steal (+6 SP)
-If you click fast, can get the two steals in the room with the failed sneak (+2 SP)
-The chests in the last room are trapped
-Search the second floor for four lockpicked doors, five sneaks, five steals (+14 SP)
3i – Head to Ganezzar, walk up the stairs to the gate, enter.(+20 SP)
-Follow the path up to the stairs up to the temple district, getting a mention of Elias
-Once in temple district, fast travel to inn, go up to second floor
-Lockpick two doors, sneak twice, steal from a sleep (+5 SP)
-Talk to Laevinus on the patio against the wall for three map locations (+19 SP)
3j – Travel to Dead River (+5 SP)
-Go downstairs in the ruins, do 1 of 2 repairs on the machine (+3 SP).
Arbitrary break point.
I had Lockpick 4, Sneak 5, Steal 3, Traps 1, Impersonate 5, Etiquette 1, Persuasion 5, Streetwise 7, Alchemy 1, Crafting 4, Lore 8, Trading 4.


4a – Travel to Hellgate (+5 SP), follow the path down to an elevator
-There’s a body on the left, examine it for an item that you won’t be able to repair
-Follow the bridge until you see a construct, choose the second option twice to leave
-Travel to Old Facility (+5 SP) and leave
-Return to Ganezzar (gate area), immediately on front of you on your left is a mercenary
-Use streetwise and streetwise/persuasion on the mercenary and you’ll return to Hellgate
-Walk forward, the mercenary charges, suicidally killing the construct
-You’ll immediately be dropped into a conversation with Bennie, streetwise him (+1 SP)
-The amulet he gives you will keep the constructs from attacking you, put it on
-Walk through the center passage further into the facility, the red beams will damage you
-Take the key from the chest in the room at the far side of the facility
-Go through the beams past the sentry to a room with more sentries and seven chests
-Ignore the other chests (traps, useless loot), open the center one for the spear Bennie wants
-Leave the facility the way you came in, using the key, without handing in the spear
******Raise Persuasion 5->6******
4b – Return to Ganezzar, heal up
-Go to Ganezzar blacksmith and look for Esdras, he’s in white and red by the stairs
-Use the impersonate option to get the robes, then go with Esdras
-Use streetwise/impersonate (fail), lore/persuasion, persuasion/streetwise (+3 SP)
OPTIONAL-If you need the Iron Man achievement, save, use three tubes in the armor, reload
-Go to Maadoran blacksmith, Amerius’ home is to your left, trade the armor for the house
-Talk to Amerius and request a reward to get a power tube (+6 SP, Word of Honor)
OPTIONAL – For A Magus! save first, raise Lore to 10
OPTIONAL – Interact with the hand and insert three power tubes
OPTIONAL – Travel to Zamedi and search the second floor, far side from the reagent chest
OPTIONAL – You SHOULD receive the nullifier and the achievement
OPTIONAL- this achievement is notoriously flaky, reload when done
4c – Go to the Temple district in Maadoran
-There is a “Trader” facing the temple just to your right as you arrive
-Buy the eye implant from him, take it to Clemens at the zone entrance to install
-Put three power tubes in the ghost hand glove (glove from the pass or the minaret)
-Travel to the Arch, talk to the Oracle, show him the eye
-Interact with arch, follow prompts, “Send in one of your zealots to greet the Gods”
-Gods have accepted sacrifice, use streetwise to get a second volunteer (+1 SP)
-Use streetwise to get a third volunteer, Zealots flee (+14 SP)
******Raise Streetwise 7->8******
******Raise Persuasion 6->7******
4d – Go to Ganezzar
-Just to your right at the main gate is a ladder up to a second floor; take it
-Have them kill the heretic, then go to Hector at the base of the stairs to the Temple
-Travel to healer, Berengarius Gems is on the way towards the fort, use streetwise (+1 SP)
-Fast travel to Boatmen to get back to Hector, hand him the money (+6 SP)
-Take Hector’s next quest, follow the prompts, loot the place (+1 SP)
-Fast travel to Boatmen to hand in the quest to Hector (+13 SP)
******Raise Lore 8->10******
4e – Go to the Old Facility, use Praetor option to bypass guards, go down to door
-Examine the symbol, but don’t do anything with it and head back
-Use streetwise/persuasion on the engineers that appear in your path (+1 SP)
-Once they’re done, go back and talk to them, use streetwise to have them leave (+3 SP)
-Use a power tube in the console in the big room past the door
-Go into the fortress and up all the stairs, read the captain’s log
-Use the console, use the Jellyfish and Lore, take her to Maadoran (+12 SP)
4f – Ascend the stairs to the Ganezzar castle and go in, using the Praetor line, follow prompts
-With prophet, use impersonate/streetwise and streetwise options, take the drug (+4 SP)
-Go through the doors, sit in the throne, use the helm (+12 SP)
-Talk to Meru, tell him you need time to prepare or just go to Al-Akia
-With the Legionary at Al-Akia, use streetwise/persuasion (+3 SP)
-When you get inside, choose to find the chamber and act as loremaster
I had Lockpick 4, Sneak 5, Steal 3, Traps 1, Impersonate 5, Etiquette 1, Persuasion 7, Streetwise 8, Alchemy 1, Crafting 4, Lore 10, Trading 4.
^^^^^^^Put a hard save e.g. “ENDING 1” here, as the ending forks from here.^^^^^^^

Ending-Tron 9000

^^^^^^^Put a hard save e.g. “ENDING 1” here, as the ending forks from here.^^^^^^^
First option, ascend yourself
Ascend- Go downstairs, then sabotage the ritual as Meru performs it, then leave
-> Save “ENDING 2” before handing Bennie the spear
Ascend- Travel to Hellgate, give Bennie the spear and the kit, and ascend
Ascend- {{{{{{THE ONE GOD ACHIEVEMENT}}}}}
Second option, no gods
Atheism- Start with ENDING 2 after sabotaging Meru
Atheism- Travel to Hellgate, give Bennie the spear and the kit
Atheism- Make sure you put on Bennie’s amulet, then go through to the right, using the key
Atheism- Go through the damage field, another door, and up the elevator to the Ziggurat
Atheism- Go down the stairs, down the elevator, walk through the door, fail the conversation
-> Save “ENDING 3” before using the console
Atheism- Use the blue console and lore to open the next elevator, then go down
Atheism- Raise Crafting (should be able to get it to 10 with spare points)
Atheism- Go to the far side of the bottom floor to the console overlooking a chasm
Atheism- Use lore and crafting with the console to make things go boom
Third option, apathy ending
Apathy- Start with ENDING 3 after arriving at the Ziggurat after sabotaging Meru
Apathy- Examine the elevator covered by plates, choose to tell master it doesn’t exist
Fourth option, Meru’s original plan
Balzaar- Start with ENDING 1
Balzaar- Go downstairs, do not sabotage the ritual, kneel before Meru/Balzaar
Balzaar- Travel to Hellgate, give Bennie the spear and the kit
Balzaar- Make sure you put on Bennie’s amulet, then go through to the right, using the key
Balzaar- Go through the damage field, another door, and up the elevator to the Ziggurat
Balzaar- Go down the stairs, down the elevator, walk through the door, fail the conversation
Balzaar- Use the blue console and lore to open the next elevator, then go down
Balzaar- Raise Crafting (should be able to get it to 10 with spare points)
Balzaar- Go to the far side of the bottom floor to the console overlooking a chasm
Balzaar- Use lore and crafting with the console to make things go boom
Fifth option, needlessly complicated deicide
Boom- Start from ENDING 1
Boom- Go downstairs, do not sabotage the ritual, kneel before Meru/Balzaar
Boom- Since we’re not handing in the spear, we’ll take the Dead River path to the ziggurat
Boom- In Dead River, go underground and use the eye we got from Feng to replace the part
Boom- Overload the generator, arrive at the ziggurat, climb to the top
Boom- Go down the stairs, down the elevator, walk through the door, fail the conversation
Boom- Use the blue console and lore to open the next elevator, then go down
Boom- Use the first console, touch the crystal, open the tomb, ask how you would kill him
-> Hard save “ENDING 4” before you take the elevator back
Boom- Go back to the elevator, you’ll arrive before Meru-Balzaar, use the spear
Sixth option, take over the world as Agathoth’s pawn
Rule- Start from ENDING 4
Rule- Use a constitution check and let Agathoth kill Balzaar.
—————————————-Seven, Eight, Nine——————————-
Seventh through ninth options, Antidus/Gaelius/Pallus rules as Agathoth’s pawn
Pawn- Start from ENDING 3 after sabotaging Meru and arriving at Ziggurat
Pawn- Go to bottom floor, use the first console, touch the crystal, open the tomb
Pawn- Agree to help Agathoth, raise Persuasion and Streetwise to 10
-> Hard save “ENDING 5” before you take the elevator back
Pawn- Take the elevator back, choose a winner/victim, talk to them, take the trip
Pawn- There will be various obstacles, but Persuade and Streetwise will handle them all
Pawn- Go to the top of the pyramid, watch
Pawn- Go back to ENDING 5 if you want to see a different one
Pawn- If you didn’t get Novus Ordo above, you’ll get it here
The endings this character can’t do are the Chosen of God ending (also a Novus Ordo Seclorum) because it lacks enough Charisma. It also can’t do the ending for the Burn It achievement, as that can only be done from Imperial Guard and that means a combat-capable character.

Closing notes

I’m not exactly sure on the checks, but this guide could probably be rewritten to do the Chosen of God ending as well by dropping Dex and Int by one each to raise Charisma to 9, using the option at Zamedi to travel to the healing machine to get Con 7 and Dex+Con=12, but it’s very tight on skill points early on and can’t be followed to the letter. You should also get the training achievement following this, but I’m not exactly sure what counts towards it so I didn’t include it.
As always, my guides are completely free to copy, use, or steal as you see fit. If you were to take it and claim it as your own work I would not care one bit as long as you don’t sue me and claim I stole it from you.

Written by Shinesman Khaki

Hope you enjoy the Guide about The Age of Decadence – Noncombat Completionist Walkthrough, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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  1. “Character Build” section must be incorrect -with those stats you don’t have enough skill point for a 4-4-3-3 set. From that mistake, all the guide is wrong

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