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This guide will assist you in the progression of Skyblock maps within Terraria with small tips and tricks, but has been ultimately modelled around SkyTerra, a map by ZapdosGuy29.

If you have any useful advice for Skyblock in general, or want me to cover another Skyblock map, please do let me know!


Guide Notice

This guide is based on the following Skyblock custom map, however, the tips and points can be valid for the wider majority of custom maps. 
SkyTerra by ZapdosGuy29 
Steam Workshop: https://www.curseforge.com/terraria/maps/skyterra” target=”_blank”>https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2441677764″ target=”_blank”>https://www.curseforge.com/terraria/maps/skyterra 
Steam Workshop: Progression

Note: The order of headings are in no linear fashion, you can accomplish any of these whenever you see fit. 

Farm Slims to Collect Gel

Build far enough for slimes to spawn, and ensure a way to stop them from jumping off the map. Killing them will present you with money and gel, with chances of other items on chance such as ores and bombs. During the Christmas period, you can additionally collect Candy Cane blocks from slimes if you wish to play during this season, but you must be aware that the variant of slimes within this period do not drop their bonus drops. 
Once you have killed 50 slimes, a banner will drop which, when placed and are in range, a bonus on 50% damage inflicted (100% on Expert), and -25% damage taken (-50% on Expert). 
I recommend collecting all the blocks you can and build out as far as possible, mining as much as you’re comfortable with except the furthest piece. Then you should jump to the lone block and repeat, until you’re at a reasonable distance for slims to start spawning. You should also make some form of “cage” to prevent the slimes from jumping out if the world. 
[To add – an example of a good early-game “farm” to progress the game] 
Terraria - Skyblock 
In order to spawn slimes, or any form of hostile mob, you must meet the criteria of distance in order to do so: 


Build Valid Housings

Using the Solidifer, you can craft slime blocks which are used to expand your island. These slime blocks can also be used to craft some utilities and furnishing to assist in your progress. Most people know how to make a house, but you are able to make a house that don’t look like what the average player would see. 
The requirements and framework form valid housing are as follows: 

Terraria - Skyblock 
[To add – an example of a some valid housing] 

Obtain the Merchant

You need to farm 50 silver coins which can be collected by killing mobs, and selling the loot dropped by them – it’s recommended to keep the gel from slimes to assist in the expansion of your home and the exploration of the world early-game. You can also buy rope to assist in the exploration of the world. 

Purchase an Anvil

You’re able to purchase an anvil for 50 silver at base value once you have obtained a Merchant. 

Obtain the Demolitionist

In order to get the Demolitionist to spawn, you must first cause the Merchent to show up and have at least one form of explosive in your inventory. In order to obtain an explosive, you have three means; 


Craft a Dirt Bomb

Once you’re able to craft your first dirt bomb, you are able to generate as much dirt as you want, and in order to craft one, you need 25 dirt blocks and a single bomb. Unfortunetly, you cannot make one based on the starter island alone, you must explore for other dirt blocks using slime blocks or rope from the Merchant. 
To maximise your dirt yeild, I recommend building up a couple blocks and mining all but on piece, then carefully throw your dirt bomb on to the single block – this way you can get roughly 55 pieces of dirt per explosion. 

Create a Graveyard Mini-biome

A graveyard mini-biome will form the “Ecto Mist” which is required in order to progress the game. In order to form a graveyard mini-biome, you must place at least 5 tombstones within close proximity to each other. 

Collect Wood

In order to begin collecting wood, you must find and gather four (4) Jungle Walls. Using these walls in a Work Bench and Ecto Mist will give you one (1) Jungle Grass Seeds which will spread over time to other dirt blocks. Once enough grass has spread you can collect wood from the naturally spawning Jungle Trees – they should also drop saplings to make the process go by with more haste, however, if you’re unlucky and none are dropped, wait for another natural spawn. 
There are chances to spawn the following from naturally spawning Jungle Trees, so be weary: 


Purchase a Furnace

You’re unable to obtain a furnace through crafting in majority of maps, so you must purchase one from the Merchant once he is in a Jungle biome for 3 silver. 

Farm Sand

In order to farm an infinite amount of sand blocks, you must first create a sand biome, which must consist of 1,000 blocks of sand above the Underworld. Once the desert biome has been created, you’re able to spawn desert mobs, however, the creature we are interested in is the Antlion which shoots sand blocks at incredibly slow rates. 
Another way to farm sand is to acquire the following: 



Acquiring Lava

If you are playing in Expert mode, you can get lava by going to the bottom of the world and killing a lava slime, else, you must look for lava within the world. 

Farming Stone

You are able to farm stone, along side any other type of gem depending on the type of gemcore you make. In order to create a gem tree, you must use an acorn and any type of gem, and then plant it within the underground layer on to stone. Each time you mine a gem tree, you have a chance of dropping the following: 


Forming a Snow Biome/Farming Snow+

In order to gain snow to form a snow biome, you must be playing during the Christmas period and the world must be in Hardmode, where previously mentioned to be a hindrance. To obtain one, you must collect presents and open them for a Snow Globe, where the drop chance is 1 in 13. This will spawn the Frost Legion where you can fight mobs, but the specific ones we are interested in are the snowmen which will drop snow blocks. 
To make a snow biome, there must be 1500 snow blocks placed within close proximity of each other. Snow plants and mobs are able to spawn once this condition is met. 

Duplicate Your Liquids

In order to duplicate liquid, you need to first acquire a bucket. Once you have done so make a “u” shape out of blocks and hammer one side. Whichever side you hammered you want to place the water and pick it back up quickly; there should ideally be a tank to collect the water that falls onto the other side. 
Alternatively, you can get a hold of a liquid bomb by fishing for Obsidian/Hellstone crates. Once you have one of these liquid bombs, the Demolitionist will sell it to you so long as it’s in your inventory. You can craft the four bombs as shown below: 


Accessing the Demon Alter

There is no way to access the demon alter other than to hoik your way in. It’s a glitch that allows you to quickly traverse through your world or through blocks. In order to perform a hoik, you must place a platform and hammer it until it’s in the stair form. You must then place a block and hammer it until it’s a slop pointing the direction you wish to travel. If you wish to use it for quick movement, you should repeat the sloped block every over tile, otherwise, to travel through a wall, you must have every block at the bottom of the floor sloped in the direction you want to travel, or hammer the block in the top right space that the player also inhabits. 
The creator of SkyTerra, ZapdosGuy29, gives the thumbs up on this method if you wish to access the Demon Alter, but has specified it’s not necessarily required in order to progress. 
If you need more assistance, here’s a video I can recommend that teachers you, but is also fairly fun to watch! 


SkyTerra Islands & Contents


Spawn Island

Coordinates: 260, 70 

The sign gives a rough estimate of where you can find both islands: 

Right 1750, Down 900 
Left 1550, Down 250

Chest Contents: 


Surface Island:

Coordinates: 1420, 305 

Chest Contents: 
Jungle Chest: 

Corruption Chest: 

Crimson Chest: 

Hallowed Chest: 

Froxen Chest: 

Desert Chest: 

Glass Chest: 


Underworld Island

Coordinates: 2855, 305 

Chest Contents: 



If you have any useful advice for Skyblock in general, or want me to cover some aspects or details of another Skyblock map, please do let me know in the comments below, or add me on Steam! 
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By BabyCollie

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Terraria – Skyblock, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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