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Management of your storage and travel to save time and energy.



Terraria has many items and if you play on a bigger map, traveling can consume a lot of time. This guide aims to minimize your time with storage and travel. 
Terraria - logistics 

Storage: Chests placement

To make storage easier, you will make 2 sections with chests and a teleporter to fast-travel between them. The aim is to be able to press “Quick stack” and store all the items; storing both important items and junk items which are dropped/picked up frequently which you can sell later when managing your chests. I recommend you put the piggy/safe/void etc in the mix to be able to reach your personal storage too. Feel free to experiment and put the layout like you want, as long as you can quick stack; you are doing it right. 
Terraria - logistics 
Here is another example on a different playthrough with this setup, also an example with a ruler for measurements: 
Terraria - logistics 
Terraria - logistics 

Storage: Chest content

Depending where you are in the game (Pre/Post Hardmode) will affect what you put in the chests. Having item frames and names for the chests will help you memorize where you have everything. Here are some examples of what i have in some chests which are pre hardmode items but you might occasionally pick up. 
Terraria - logistics 
Terraria - logistics 
Terraria - logistics 
Terraria - logistics 
Terraria - logistics 
Some examples of the chests i have: 
-Soft blocks 1: 
-Hard blocks 1: 
-Sell Accessories 
Pre Hardmode accessories which are not needed or easily farmed. 
-Sell Hardmode accessories 
Post Hardmode accessories which are not needed or easily farmed. 
-Hardmode 2: 
Cursed Flame 
Pixie Dust 
Unicorn Horn 
Have the chests close to frequently used crafting stations with resources for fast item/potion crafting. Example of my alchemy/brewing setups which is included in the “Quick stack” logistics: 
Terraria - logistics 


I strongly recommend you build a base around the initial spawn point. It’s a free teleport spot which you can use if you un-click your bed which is good before you have access to pylons/teleporters. Add water at the bottom or cloud blocks if you don’t have access to wings/horseshoe. Putting ropes in the main hellevator also helps when going down or up. This hellevator should go past your base and down to the Underworld. 
An example of a pre and post hardmode base: 
Terraria - logistics 
Terraria - logistics 
Pylons should be places to maximize travel distance, nothing that needs too much explaining. Having one in your main base helps very much though. 
Having railroads going from the middle to the edges of the map helps a lot with traveling if the pylon network is down (invasion) or with traveling in general, this with a couple of helevators gives you fast and safe travel to most places of the map. Very helpful if you’re playing on mediumcore and need to recover your lost gear. 
Red/white showing where i have my railroads. 
Terraria - logistics 
Terraria - logistics 

Extra: Bed spawn

Have the bed close to the nurse, teleporters and storage for maximum efficiency. 
Terraria - logistics 

Extra: Doors

Some custom doors which is safe/secure against enemies. If you are using a fast mount you might need to have a bigger distance between the door and the button since you have to account the lag in multiplayer, not an issue if playing alone. It comes with a light which shows if the doors are closed/open. 
Terraria - logistics 
Terraria - logistics 
Terraria - logistics 


Spending some extra minutes with logistics will save you a lot of time in the long run. 
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Written by Kamui

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Terraria – logistics; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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