Terraria – How to get the Rover Drive in Calamity?

Terraria – How to get the Rover Drive in Calamity? 1 - steamlists.com
Terraria – How to get the Rover Drive in Calamity? 1 - steamlists.com

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The well-known mod known as Calamity adds Terraria an even more difficult experience by adding new bosses, enemies, and even biomes. In order to assist players in overcoming the increasing level of dangers new items and recipes are also added. They will allow you to stay alive in the most treacherous of situations. The Rover Drive is one such product that will result in the user being surrounded by a shield every twenty seconds; the next step is getting it.


Where does the Rover Drive drop?

Wulfrum Rovers have a 10% chance of losing their Rover Drive when they are destroyed. Wulfrum Rovers can be spawned anywhere on the Surface in daylight, even in pre-hardmode. They remain inactive until they spot the presence of a player and at that point, attack the player to inflict damage. Despite their advancement, these foes are not a significant threat to most players. These enemies, however, are provided with an energy shield when a Wulfrum Pylon takes them on. This increases their defense and makes them more difficult to take on.


What is the Rover Drive do in Calamity exactly?

The Rover Drive isn’t a vehicle. It’s a piece of personal equipment that is a temporary shield for 15 seconds. Once the energy stored in the shield has been exhausted and the Rover Drive will need twenty seconds to recharge before the shield automatically starts working again fully. Although temporary, the shield’s active time can make a big difference. It is important to have 15 defenses immediately. The shield can circumvent many boss damage windows and make it easy for new players to gain control.

It’s a component of The Absorber, a piece of Hardmode equipment that can combine various effects within the Ancient Manipulator. The Rover Drive’s benefit is a hidden treasure. However, you won’t be able get access to The Absorber before the Moon Lord. Once you reach a point in the game that you no longer need this particular piece of equipment make sure you place it in a safe place to be later used.


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