Terraria – How to defeat the block thieves

Terraria – How to defeat the block thieves 1 - steamlists.com
Terraria – How to defeat the block thieves 1 - steamlists.com

This guide will tell you the most important thing about terraria: How to defeat those annoying block thieves!

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If you don’t know what a block thief is, read my how to place a block guide before reading this one.

If you want to survive placing a block, you must know how to survive block thieves. This task isn’t easy, as their stats are as follows:
HP: 20000
Defense: 1000
Damage: 2500
Knockback resistance: Infinite
Speed: Yes

As you can see, the block thieves are very powerful foes.
Because of this, they are very hard to defeat in battle. It also doesn’t help that they can and will spawn if you so much as break a dirt block.

The point is, they are very powerful and very tough to kill.

Step 1 [Obtaining good gear]

If you wish to defeat them, you must know how to defeat them. The next couple steps will tell you how to prepare for the battle.

You will want to have some armor, but this will be difficult to get since you cant break a block…
Or can you?
When you break a block, the block thieves come to try to kill you so they can, well, steal it.
The thing is, they seem to be scared of lava, which means that if you break blocks while near lava, they won’t come to steal it …at least, not until you leave the area around the lava.
This means you can grab ore while near some lava and make something with it, which is a very good idea.
You should use this to your advantage to create some good armor, tools, and weapons.
To create armor, you will need an anvil, and as I have made a guide for that already, I will not be going very in-depth on how to make an anvil in this guide. If you need an anvil, look at the guide for making anvils.
Once you have an anvil, collect as much ore as you can to make as many bars as you can. If you can get around 200 gold or platinum bars, you should be able to make a full set of armor, tools and weapons out of either gold or platinum.

To make armor, all you need is an anvil (which you also need for tools and weapons) and bars of metal. Make a helmet, breastplate, and boots.

To make weapons, you will need some more metal bars. If you make a bow, however, you will also need arrows. To get arrows, you will need wood and stone. Stone can be found all over the place, but wood, however, can not be found everywhere. To get wood, you need to find an underground cabin, or a tree. But since cutting down a tree spawns tree thieves (which are pretty much harder versions of block thieves), that method is not recommended.

To make tools, you will need even more metal bars and… wood.
Make a pickaxe, an axe, and a hammer.

Another thing you should do is put some lava in a bucket and use that to keep them away while building an arena to fight them in.
To make a bucket, you will need an anvil and 3 iron or lead bars.
They stop coming after you if you can defeat about 10 of them, as the rest will become scared of you.
This concludes the first step.

Step 2 [Gathering life crystals]

Now that you know how to get armor, tools and weapons, you need to increase your max life.
You can see how much life you have by looking at the amount of hearts in the top right corner.
Each heart is worth 20 life, and you start with 5 hearts. (100 life)
Every life crystal increases this amount by 20, the maximum being 400. (500 with life fruits, but you can’t get those until hardmode)

While you are still underground, collect as many life crystals as you can. Even if you reach 400 max life, you can still use them to make heart lanterns.
Heart lanterns are important for fighting block thieves because they increase the speed you heal at by… a lot.

Having 400 max life will help a lot during the fight against the block thieves, and during the game in general.

That is the end of this step.

Step 3 [Underground Cabins]

Now that you have 400 max life, armor, tools, and weapons, its time to find some underground cabins.
An underground cabin is a wood box house that looks decrepit and ruined that is underground.
They will always contain a chest, which will always contain one item that can be found there, and other potentially useful items.
The items you should look for are hermes boots, a magic mirror, a lucky horseshoe, a lava charm, and a cloud in a bottle.
These are all very useful items.
There are other items in other biomes, too.

That’s the end of step 3.

Step 4 [The Battle]

You should now be prepared for the battle.
To start the fight, break any block while not near lava (preferably while on the surface).
When they spawn, be ready for the battle.
I will now list the attacks they have, and how to know what attack is going to happen.

1. Spear throw – You can know if this attack is about to happen if the block thief is holding a spear and is holding it behind it’s head as if to throw it.
2. Bow attack – If it has a bow out, its going to use this attack.
3. Arrow rain – If it has a bow out and the bow is pointed at the sky, it will shoot many arrows upwards and they will rain down on you.
4. The copper shortsword – Avoid at all costs, as it is an instant kill. You can tell its going to use this attack if it has a copper shortsword out.

This information should be enough for you to beat the block thieves.
Good luck.

Written by Arceus99

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Terraria – How to defeat the block thieves; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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