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I might’ve procrastinated a little bit, but here we are.

Boss Ideas 11’s other half was completed long ago, though due to things like Uni work this has taken a lot longer to get ready than I’d hoped

As usual, this isn’t a guide and is just a place to store ideas neatly, and the ideas are based more on mod content than something for the vanilla game

Anyways, I hope you enjoy and onto the bosses 🙂


[Prior Notes]

Sorry that this page took so long to get out, a lot of stuff has happened since I started Boss Ideas 11 which means it has had to be placed on the back-burner for the time being. Sadly, most of the news would be negative, so I’ll only talk about Terraria-related stuff to keep things revelant: 
1. Technological Terror’s final update 
Ugh-Bot has decided that Technological Terror is no longer being updated anymore due to reasons I won’t disclose. I might bring over some of the unused ideas like I did with the Slime Dragon, Chlorophage and Zazabaan previously, though this isn’t for definite. 
I might make a page in the future talking about TT’s unused content, but I’ll be getting the other devs’ thoughts on this beforehand in case anything shouldn’t be made public for any reason. 
2. University 
Lots of work, so progress on projects such as this have slowed down. Also means that, as before, the sprites here aren’t animated due to the time it’d take to animate them and, considering how long ago part 1 was, keeping people waiting for longer didn’t seem a good idea. This also means that it is unlikely any of the not-yet-animated sprites from Part 1 also aren’t receiving any animations for the time being, either. 
3. Other projects 
Aside from the TF2 and TBoI pages I worked on previously, there are some other “Not-guides” I was thinking of making for Terraria. As mentioned above one of them was a look back on the unused stuff for TT, but there have been some other ideas including a guide on how to design bosses (to the best of my abilities) and even some… goofier projects that may come to fruition someday. 
Not sure if or when any of these will be made, but I’ll try to mention any if I start working on them. 
Also, please bear in mind this is currently still linked with Boss Ideas 10 in terms of progression, so some of the later bosses especially may seem to have huge jumps in stats. Sorry about that 
Anyways, onto the actual bosses 🙂 


As with the other part, there are still some unique debuffs, so they will be listed below alongside Part 1’s debuff list 
Suppressing Slime 
Effect: Wing flight time and acceleration reduced by around 25% 
Tootip: Your wings are all slimy and gross 
Sources: Slimera (Summon) 
Golden Flames 
Effect: Deals 25 damage per second and reduces damage by 10% 
Tooltip: Magical golden flames scorch you 
Sources: Skye, Reverence 
Greed’s Curse 
Effect: Reduces movement speed by 10% and wing flight time by 20%. Additionally deals 20 damage per second. If the player is hit by another attack that would inflict this debuff while still under its effects, the player will be inflicted with Greed’s Curse II for 2 seconds 
Tooltip: Greed’s curse haunts you 
Sources: Greed King 
Greed’s Curse II 
Effect: Player is turned into a gold statue and left immobile until the effect expires 
Tooltip: You have been turned to gold by Greed’s curse! 
Sources: Greed King* 
Chaos Ember 
Effect: Deals 30 damage per second to the player, and increases their damage vulnerability by 10% 
Tooltip: Unnatural flames scorch you… 
Sources: Levialous – Half-Complete, Oblivion 
Unstable Magic 
Effect: Deals 20 damage per second 
Tooltip: You are surrounded by pure magic 
Sources: Amazon (Rematch), Eudeus, Stardust Magus, Geresso 
Purifying Flame 
Effect: Deals DPS based on the player’s current health compared to their max health 
Tooltip: Purified by the flames… 
Sources: Reverence 

21 – Slimurai

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A red humanoid slime wearing reddish-brown samurai armour, with a sheathed sword at her side. There is also a gold coin attached to her hat. 
Summon: Use the Slime Scroll; an item that can be made using gel and Shinobi Fabric; another item that was to be dropped by King Slime. 
Fought: Pre-Hardmode 
Specification: Post-King Slime 
Special: No 
Progression: No 
Health: 2,500 (3,850) (4,909) 
-24 (40) (Melee, Sword) 
-18 (33) (Arrows, Slimeball) 
Defence: 12 
The Slimurai’s pattern is quite straightforward. She will charge at the player with her sword and, at the end of the charge, jump away from the player a short distance and use 1 of 3 other attacks. 
-She may swing the sword in the direction of the player. This will launch 2 slimeballs that bounce like Flower of Fire projectiles. The sword’s swing can also destroy any projectiles that would deal less than 20 (30) damage if it hits one during the swing. 
-She may pull out a bow and fire 3 (5) arrows at the player 
-She may point her sword skyward, causing several balls of slime to fall from the sky, landing near the player. After they land they will leave residue that deals no damage but instead slows the player down on contact. The residue fades after a short time. 
Defeat: Gets knocked flying, leaving her sword stuck in the ground. Then disappears with a similar animation to how King Slime teleports. 
Can drop pieces of ‘Samurai armour’; a melee-focused armour set that provides additional movement and melee speed. Will also drop her sword as an item roughly a third of the time. 
In Expert Mode she additionally drops the Coin of Good Fortune, that sometimes makes enemies drop an extra gold coin on death. 
A slime that found a set of old rusted samurai armour. After dissolving away the rust, it squeezed inside and adapted to its shape, trying to mimic a human 
-Despite her melee-focused drops and attacks, melee is overall the hardest class to fight her with due to her being mobile between her main attacks, and her main attacks themselves often being projectiles she herself launches 
-She has no actual means of passing through blocks, meaning simply containing yourself in a solid box and using summons to wear her down is a viable strategy, similar to pre-1.3 King Slime. 
Extra Info: 
-The Slimurai was essentially a ‘reverse’ of King Slime’s concept. As opposed to a human trapped within slime, the slime itself is the human (well, ‘humanoid’ more accurately) using the armour 
-Certain aspects, including her colouration and gender, were decided by the former Technological Terror Discord server 
[Added: 20/2/21] 

22 – Amazon

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A dryad with a flowering vine tied around her head and a green sword. 
Hercules, her summon, is a large green beetle with partially-transparent orange wings, pink eyes, and an orange pouch beneath its face. 
Summon: Use the Starlit Flower; made using Jungle Spores, Moonglow, and either Shadow Scales or Tissue Samples. While the item must be used in the jungle, the boss can be taken anywhere once summoned. 
Fought: Pre-Hardmode 
Specification: Post-EoW/BoC 
Special: No 
Progression: No 
-2,650 (4,000) (5,100) (Amazon) 
-700 (1,100) (1,403) (Hercules) 
-28 (50) (Amazon Melee) 
-30 (53) (Amazon Nettles, Leaves) 
-40 (60) (Hercules Melee) 
-25 (40) (Hercules Acid) (Inflicts Poisoned – 50 (100)%) 
-10 (Amazon) 
-20 (Hercules) 
Phase 1: 
Only Amazon is present in this phase. Amazon will usually try to stay near to the player, either by running along the ground or levitating if there aren’t any viable platforms nearby. 
-She may summon large, ‘Nettle Burst’-like vines from the ground that rise up and linger for a short time. The positions they are summoned vary, and their lengths are usually at a max of 20 blocks tall. 
-She may swing her sword, launching an inaccurate cluster of damaging leaves at the player 
-She may summon 8 leaves in a ring that orbit her, all moving either clockwise or anti-clockwise. After a short time the ring begins expanding outwards, though the leaves do not orbit faster to compensate (except in Expert Mode). 
Once down to 50% health Amazon will summon a large, green cacoon and seal herself in it. At this point Hercules will appear and begin attacking the player 
Phase 2: 
Amazon’s cacoon disappears, leaving the player to only fight Hercules 
-It may align with the player and perform a horizontal charge 
-It may spit out several acidic spit projectiles that are affected by gravity. 
-It may perform a chain dash of several short-ranged dashes strung together 
Once Hercules is defeated, Amazon’s cacoon re-emerges and she will break out of it. 
Phase 3: 
Amazon returns to fighting the player, but will now be levitating the entire time and no longer ground herself. 
Her attacks remain the same, but now as she loses health she will begin to attack faster. She also attacks a little faster than in Phase 1 as soon as Phase 3 begins. 
-Hercules explodes into gibs upon death 
-Amazon will simply put her sword away, before summoning a storm of leaves around herself. She disappears during this storm, leaving nothing behind ones the leaves clear. 
She can drop materials such as Jungle Spores and many of the potion flowers and seeds. She has a set of her own unique drops including a spear that creates a small cluster of thorns on hitting an enemy, a magic staff that launches leaves, or a bow that launches leaves in place of wooden arrows. 
In Expert Mode she may also drop her sword, which acts like a weaker variant of the Seedler 
A warrior Dryad who made her home deep within the jungle. It is unknown whether she fought alongside the other Dryads during the invasion of the monster from beyond the stars 
-An arena with verticality is highly recommended for this fight, as it allows for an easier time dodging the nettle burst attack, more room to dodge the leaf ring, and making it easier to maneuver around Hercules’ charges. 
-Hercules has fairly high defence, but low health. Higher-damage weapons are recommended, even if only used exclusively for Phase 2. 
Extra Info: 
-Despite the name, Hercules isn’t entirely derived from a Hercules beetle and instead takes influence from various different bugs 
-Amazon’s ‘leaf ring’ attack is similar to the Dryad’s Nature’s Blessing ability in terms of visual appearance. 
[Added: 20/2/21] 

23 – Gadget

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A blonde-haired lady in a white and blue dress and boots. She pilots several jet-shaped drones, mostly white in colouration, with a blue window and a blue ball on the end of its antenna 
Summon: Use the Drone Beacon. Most of the materials are easy to get, such as Silver or Tungsten, however the Beacon requires Wire and thus Skeletron must be defeated and the Mechanic freed from the Dungeon. The Drone Beacon can be used anywhere and at any time. 
Fought: Pre-Hardmode 
Specification: Post-Skeletron 
Special: No 
Progression: No 
Health: 4,350 (7,400) (9,435) 
-30 (50) (Melee) 
-40 (70) (Drone Melee) 
-28 (44) (Drone Electric Orb, Drone Sparks) 
-40 (80) (Drone Ray) 
Defence: 10 
Gadget herself is mostly stationary, moving by summoning 2 portals and jumping between them every time she wants to move, desummoning them once she teleports. After every teleport she will call in one of her drones, which can do one of several things 
-She may call 2-3 Drones that simply fly towards the player, exploding upon contact with the player or a solid object 
-She may call 1-2 Drones that stop mid-flight and launch small deathray-like lasers downward. After a few seconds they stop firing and fly away 
-She may call a Drone that shoots an orb of electricity that chases the player for a few seconds rapidly before fading 
-She may call a Drone that shoots an orb of electricity that slowly chases the player, raining down sparks until it fades 
Defeat: Gadget tries to call a Drone in, but it collides with her. She summons a portal beneath her and falls through it. Any active Drones flee immediately. 
Able to drop Silver Scraps; used to craft a few weapons and upgrade a few accessories and early-game weapons. She also has the capacity to drop one of the weapons that may be crafted, including a summoner weapon that summons laser-firing drones, a staff that shoots electricity, and a sword that can inflict an Electrified-like debuff on hitting an enemy. 
In Expert Mode she drops an accessory that sometimes makes projectiles transform into electric orbs that deal slightly higher damage and inflict an Electrified-like debuff. This accessory also summons a mini drone minion that sometimes shoots lasers towards enemies. 
A tech nerd with a love of drones and all things mechanical. She is believed to have modelled her hairstyle after a supposed encounter with an electric elemental some years ago 
-Due to Gadget herself being stationary much of the fight, and having summons do most of her attacking, melee’s high damage output makes melee quite viable during this fight even without projectiles. 
-Gadget being stationary means that sentries also do very well against her, as she is unable to dodge their attacks. 
Extra Info: 
-If the player is somehow able to find a scenario where there is no ground for Gadget to spawn on, she will spawn and immediately despawn, wasting the summon. However, this scenario is hard to activate without flight 
–However, simply standing on a lone block in the sky is a way that, while finnicky, is very much doable in pre-hardmode 
-Gadget’s design, while based off of a few things, looks closest to Pokemon’s Lusamine. 
–Gadget’s drones, on the other hand, were almost entirely based on the Martian Drone enemies from the Martian Madness event 
[Added: 20/2/21] 

24 – Lorekeeper Scribe

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A red-haired woman in a brown cloak, secured with belts. Her face is entirely obscured by shadows. 
Summon: Use the Unfinished Lore Chapter anywhere and at any time. It is a rare drop from Dungeon enemies, or directly from Skeletron himself. 
Fought: Pre-Hardmode 
Specification: Post-Skeletron 
Special: Lorekeeper 
Progression: Later Bosses 
Health: 5,650 (8,800) (11,220) 
-30 (50) (Melee, Water Sword) 
-38 (64) (Water Bolt, Droplets, Water Crystals) 
-50 (83) (Water Ball) 
Defence: 12 
The Scribe moves in a similar manner to how Amazon did; running after the player when close to the ground, or levitating if needed. Most of her attacks are water-themed and are based on Dungeon items 
-She may summon 3 (4) Water Bolt projectiles in an arc. As with the Water Bolt, they will ricochet off of blocks 
-She may summon and throw a large ball of water at the player that is affected by gravity. As it flies it drops damaging droplets, and upon contact with a block explodes into a small shower of droplets. 
-She may summon a large water ball and throw it directly at the player. After travelling a short while it will ‘boomerang’ back to the Scribe, bouncing off of any blocks it hits 
-She may summon several water crystals aimed at the player. They accelerate as they travel and have a mild homing effect. 
-If the player is nearby she may quickly summon a sword made of water and swing it towards the player. This attack is only used if the player is within its range, and is only attempted a maximum of 1 time every 5 seconds. 
Defeat: Knocked backwards, essentially doing a backflip while launching several pieces of paper and splashes of water around herself until she hits the ground. Afterwards she disappears into a pool of water. 
Always drops the Alpha Chapter, the summoning item for Lorekeeper Ryuuk. Additionally has a chance to drop her outfit or an item from the Dungeon’s chest pool or a Water Bolt. 
In Expert Mode she will also drop the Inspection Glass; an item that does nothing by itself, but when equipped alongside a Lorekeeper’s Scroll will enhance its effects. 
A Lorekeeper in-training, working under Ryuuk primarily. She has a fascination with the magic that emanates from the dungeon 
-Getting close to her can cause her to sometimes trigger the Water Sword attack as opposed to one of her ranged attacks. Strategic use of positioning can make it so the Scribe forfeits an attack every 5 seconds, limiting her effectiveness. 
-Arenas with minimal solid blocks, such as having rows of semi-solid platforms, limit the effects of her Water Bolt and Water Ball attacks considerably 
Extra Info: 
-While the Scribe’s design was essentially ripped directly from Ryuuk in terms of appearance, TT said she looked a bit like a Shy-Gal. Now I cannot un-see this, and neither can you. 
-All of the Scribe’s attacks are water-themed, despite her physical appearance not displaying this and her profession of ‘Lorekeeper’ contrasting with it due to ink and water often not working well together 
-All of the Scribe’s attacks are based off of Dungeon items: 
–The Water Bolt attack is self-explanatory 
–The regular Water Ball attack is based on the Aqua Sceptre 
–The boomerang Water Ball attack was based on the Blue Moon 
–The Water Crystal attack was based on the Magic Missile 
–The Water Sword attack was based on the Muramasa 
[Added: 21/2/21] 

25 – Lorekeeper Ryuuk

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A scrawny but tall humanoid in a ragged brown cloak and baggy brown trousers held in place by a rope tied around his waist. His face is obscured by his hood entirely. There is a gold chain with a red gemstone around his neck mostly obscured by his cloak. A tube containing a scroll is present on his back. 
Summon: Use the Alpha Chapter. Like with the Scribe, there are no particular spawn requirements needed to face him. 
Fought: Pre-Hardmode 
Specification: Post-Scribe 
Special: Returning Boss, Lorekeeper 
Progression: Later Bosses 
Health: 8,000 (12,450) (15,874) 
-50 (83) (Melee) 
-48 (80) (Energy Spheres) 
Defence: 10 
Phase 1: 
Ryuuk teleports around in a similar manner to the Lunatic Cultist; teleporting into a position near the player and attacking before teleporting elsewhere. 
-Ryuuk may create a ‘spiral’ of energy sphere attacks that decelerate as they disperse away from him. Once they slow down enough they disappear 
-Ryuuk may launch 2 volleys of energy spheres at the player, each containing 3 spheres. However, as opposed to flying directly at the player, the first volley moves in a slight clockwise arc, and the 2nd in a slight anti-clockwise arc. Both are still aimed in a way that they would converge with the player 
-Ryuuk may launch a rapid stream of energy spheres at the player for a couple of seconds 
-Ryuuk may summon a ring of 5 energy spheres that he throws at the player. Once it reaches where the player was it will stop, before launching itself towards the player’s new location before eventually disappearing 
Once Ryuuk reaches half health, he will enter Phase 2 
Phase 2: 
Ryuuk will now sometimes appear above the player after teleporting and drop downward before using an attack, possibly dealing contact damage if the player does not move fast enough. 
He gains no new attacks, but enhances his old ones. 
-Ryuuk may summon a portal during the ‘spiral’ attack that creates a spiral of its own projectiles. The portal’s projectiles do not last as long as Ryuuk’s before disappearing, however. The portal doesn’t deal contact damage. 
-Ryuuk’s ‘volley’ attack now has a 3rd volley of 3 more shots. These 3 shots are fired after the other 2 volleys and are instead aimed directly at the player instead of an arc 
-Ryuuk’s ‘stream’ attack lasts longer, and more projectiles are launched in faster succession 
-Ryuuk’s ‘ring’ attack readjusts its aim 1 more time before disappearing 
Falls to the ground, left kneeling when he lands. He will talk to the player before disappearing about the Lorekeepers’ roles. 
-Fudon, when reached in progression, can now be fought. 
In Normal Mode it will drop a scroll that boosts magic damage, as well as the Beta Chapter. It will also drop one of 4 weapons, all dealing magic damage, including a staff that summons concentrated explosive magic balls, a tome that launches various types of magic that can cause varying debuffs, a staff that rains down swords near the cursor, and a tome that launches shadowy vines that linger in-place but break upon hitting an enemy. 
In Expert Mode it also drops the Tome of Light 
One of the 4 main Lorekeepers tasked with chronicling the events that unfold in this land. He is an adept magic user 
-Ryuuk, when attacking, cannot move. This means a long vertical arena that provides lots of room to distance yourself from the boss can be effective 
-Ryuuk is one of the strongest Pre-Hardmode bosses the player can face, and is stronger than any other vanilla bosses at this point in progression. If the player doesn’t want the magic items specifically for the Wall of Flesh fight, the player can choose to skip him until early Hardmode if desired. 
-A dash-granting accessory like the Shield of Cthulhu can make dodging the sudden drop-down attacks in Phase 2 easier, as well as helping to out-maneuver the energy sphere ring attack 
-Noticeably, Ryuuk’s fight is identical aside from the stat buffs in Expert Mode. Anything that works in Normal Mode should work against his Expert counterpart as well. 
Extra Info: 
-Many of Ryuuk’s attacks are either pulled from or based on his original attacks from his first appearance in Boss Ideas 5 
-Ryuuk being the magic user is a reverse of the trope of having the mysterious mage be one of the strongest warriors. Ryuuk, while not weak at the time you face him, is still the weakest of the 4 official Lorekeepers. 
–It is also based on the concept that many modded final bosses are themed around magic attacks, so having the magic-themed boss of a group being the first one faced instead of the last seemed more interesting 
-The Lorekeeper’s drops are based on themselves and the other Lorekeepers. The scrolls always boost the class type they specialise in, and the 4 main weapons each drops are based on the 4 Lorekeepers’ attack types; Ryuuk’s pure magic, Fudon’s wild elemental variety, Eudeus’ metal and swords, and Geresso’s shadows. 
–The light weapons dropped in Expert reference a later boss. 
[Added: 21/2/21] 

26 – Cloud Harpy

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A large harpy covered in clouds. Its wings seem to be made of clouds, her hair cloud-like aside from a streak of blue at the front, and her coverings also appear to be clouds. 
Summon: Use the Cloud Talon at the surface during the day. The item is mainly made of Feathers and Souls of Flight. The Cloud Harpy can be taken underground after being spawned, but will flee once night arrives. 
Fought: Hardmode 
Specification: Pre-Mechanicals 
Special: No 
Progression: No 
Health: 14,750 (21,000) (26,775) 
-35 (60) (Melee) (Inflicts Slowness – 33 (50)%) 
-40 (70) (Rain) 
-55 (87) (Stormcloud) 
-0 (0) (Slowing Clouds) (Inflicts Slowness – 100%) 
Defence: 5 
Phase 1: 
The Cloud Harpy will mostly try to fly around above the player when possible. She will stop briefly before using any of her attacks. 
-She may summon large clouds randomly near the player that don’t deal damage, but instead inflict Slowness when the player makes contact with them 
-She may summon 2-3 (4-5) rainclouds that act similar to the Nimbus Rod; sitting in-place for a while whilst releasing damaging raindrops 
-She may summon several stationary stormclouds around herself and the player that linger for a while, dealing contact damage 
-She may move to a random position near the player, stop briefly, and then charge at the player 
Once taken down to half health she will become angry and enter Phase 2. 
Phase 2: 
Rain will be summoned that lingers throughout the rest of the fight 
-All of her cloud-summoning attacks will now summon more clouds 
-Her charge attack also now leaves slowing clouds as she charges 
-Her only new attack in this phase has her calling forth an Angry Nimbus. This has no special properties and is identical to the regular enemy. 
Defeat: Falls down off-screen, passing through any blocks she would have come into contact with. The rain she summoned will disappear unless it was raining before the fight. 
She also leaves a trail of slowing clouds in her path as she falls, but as the fight is over these clouds aren’t really a problem. 
May drop a staff that summons stormclouds, a bow that launches small lightning bolts, a sword that releases damaging clouds, and a summoner staff that summons mini Cloud Harpies to assist the player. Will also drop Souls of Flight, Clouds and Rain Clouds. She also has a chance of dropping Cloud Wings; a low-tier set of wings that seem to be made entirely of clouds. 
In Expert Mode she may also drop the Cloud Barrier, an accessory that gives the player a barrier of clouds that allows them to take 25% less damage from an attack with a 30-second cooldown. The Barrier also grants a passive 10% damage resistance that stacks with the 25%. 
A large harpy with control over weather. She can create small, concentrated storms and clouds which she uses to defend and clothe herself. 
-Having the Fast Clock or some other form of Slowness immunity makes her Slowing Clouds entirely harmless, making the fight significantly easier 
-Having a lengthy arena can make the fight easier, as most of her attacks are stationary summons as opposed to moving projectiles 
-It is recommended to fight her before the Mechanical Bosses, as most of her drops are a little stronger than the regular Early-Hardmode weapons you would otherwise find or craft. 
Extra Info: 
-The Cloud Harpy wasn’t originally designed as a boss, and was just a random character. However, it gained some popularity, and after some persuasion was added in as an early-Hardmode boss 
-The Cloud Harpy is one of the only non-finite means of gathering Cloud and Rain Cloud blocks. She also drops more Souls of Flight than are used to craft her summon, making farming the Cloud Harpy a decent means of getting Souls of Flight if the player doesn’t want to waste resources waiting for Wyverns 
[Added: 21/2/21] 

27 – Flamaw

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A large bulky red dragon. Its entire body is covered in reddish brown scales, and orange spines crown its head, run down its back, and protrude where its wings begin. its wings are a reddish colour and seem somewhat glossy compared to the Flamaw’s otherwise rugged body. 
Summon: Use the Dragon Stone underground. The Dragon Stone itself is made using the Souls dropped by the Mechanical Bosses. If taken to the surface the Flamaw will enrage; immediately increasing its attack speed and granting it all of its Phase 2 abilities permanently. 
Fought: Hardmode 
Specification: Post-Mechanicals 
Special: No 
Progression: No 
Health: 34,700 (50,000) (63,750) 
-56 (96) (Melee) 
-50 (88) (Fireball) (Inflicts On Fire! – 50 (100)%) 
-80 (120) (Mega Fireball, Energy Explosion) (Inflicts On Fire! – 100%) 
Defence: 24 
Phase 1: 
The Flamaw will spend much of this time chasing after the player directly by flying towards them. 
-It may roar at the player before charging at them, attempting to deal contact damage 
-It may launch an inaccurate cluster of explosive fireballs 
-It may align with the player vertically and launch explosive fireballs horizontally for a few seconds 
-It may charge up and release a ‘Mega Fireball’; a large fireball that creates a large explosion upon impact or expiring that also releases more regular fireballs when exploding 
Once taken 45 (60)% health it transitions into its 2nd phase 
The Flamaw will gain additional movement speed in this phase. Furthermore, it will gain a reddish aura that, if the player enters it, they will be inflicted with On Fire! until they escape the aura again. 
-The Flamaw retains all of its previous attacks 
-The Flamaw gains one new attack where it slows down and charges energy. After a few seconds it creates a massive fiery explosion around itself that deals substantial damage if the player is close-by 
Defeat: Explodes into gibs 
-The player will be able to enter the Temple and fight the Golem after this boss, much like Plantera. 
Always drops a Temple Key alongside an array of other items. It may drop a spear, a magic tome, a bow, a rocket launcher-esque ranged weapon, and a summoner staff that summons mini fire dragons to help the player. 
If 100% of damage was dealt to it in Phase 2, only possible by immediately bringing it to the surface to enrage it, it will additionally drop a magic staff that can create large explosions at the cost of a lot of mana and a long cooldown. 
In Expert Mode it will additionally drop the Dragon Hide; granting additional damage to any weapons that use fire (specifically, any that inflict debuffs such as On Fire!, Cursed Inferno, Frostburn, Betsy’s Curse, Shadowflame, etc.) 
A large, red, bulky dragon with clumsy wings and a big appetite. Believed to be a very distant relative of the Mawdragon. 
-If not playing as a mage, there is little point bringing it to the surface at any point. Thus, making an underground arena to fight it in with lots of room is recommended. 
–An arena primarily designed for Plantera can double as an arena for the Flamaw 
-Having a water or honey source nearby can help, as the Flamaw is very likely to inflict On Fire! often throughout the fight 
–In fact, having a mostly-underwater arena and using merfolk accessories can make the Phase 2 aura completely ineffective, as the On Fire! debuff will not be able to be inflicted. 
Extra Info: 
-The Flamaw’s granted access to the Temple was mainly to allow players to make progress even when Plantera bulbs are scarce. However, as many mods still grant other means of fighting Plantera, it becomes more of an option of which the player would prefer to face. 
–Note, however, that the Flamaw does not trigger the Hardmode Dungeon; meaning the player will still need to face Plantera if they want to obtain any items from it 
-The Flamaw shares a few similarities with Plantera. Both of them are Post-Mechanical bosses that both drop the Temple Key, granting access to the Temple. Furthermore, both have Enraged variants most commonly triggered at the surface that make their fights more difficult. 
[Added: 22/2/21] 

28 – Shade Wyrm

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A serpentine purple dragon. It has grey hair and 4 eyes, as well as many grey and purple spines running down its back. It also appears to be partially transparent in-game. 
Summon: Use the Phantom Fang in the Dungeon. Trying to take the boss out of the Dungeon will cause it to speed up drastically and begin disappearing. It it becomes entirely transparent it will despawn, though it will return to normal gradually if taken back to the Dungeon before it despawns. 
Fought: Hardmode 
Specification: Post-Plantera 
Special: No 
Progression: No 
Health: 30,000 x6 (41,350 x7) (52,722 x7) 
-80 (135) (Head Melee) 
-56 (96) (Body Melee) 
-62 (105) (Shadowflame Breath) (Inflicts Shadowflame – 33 (50)%) 
-60 (100) (Shadowflame Fireball) (Inflicts Shadowflame – 33 (50)%) 
-15 (Head) 
-30 +15% Damage Resistance (Body) 
This boss fight consists of 3 waves of bosses. In the first wave you face only 1 Shade Wyrm, the 2nd wave has the player face 2 at once, and the third wave has the player face 3 (4). Each has the same attacks and all move by burrowing of flying if the player is out of reach for long enough. 
-It may spew a trail of purple flames from its mouth in the direction it is travelling 
-It may launch 2-5 shadowflame fireballs from its mouth at the player 
-It may disappear. After a few seconds it will re-emerge elsewhere, aimed at the player, and charge at them briefly before returning to normal speed. 
Defeat: Each one explodes into clouds of purple particles on-death, not dropping gibs due to their spectral nature. 
In Normal mode they can drop a flail, a bow, a magic staff, or a summoner staff that summons purple wisps. They will also drop Shade Scales and Enraged Wisps; the former a material used to make melee armour, and the latter an item that increases rare enemy spawn rates when placed. 
Undead serpentine dragons that haunt the dungeon, feasting upon any ectoplasm left behind by the dungeon’s other denizens 
-This boss is incomprehensibly weak to piercing weapons, both because it is a worm boss and because it is a fight consisting of more than one enemy. 
–For instance, a piece of Dynamite can deal around 200 damage to a body segment and has a large enough explosion radius to hit not only multiple segments of the same Wyrm, but also hit any nearby Wyrms in the process, possibly dealing thousands of damage in a single explosion with minimal effort on the Player’s end. 
—In fact, due to Dungeon Bricks being immune, Dynamite is a very effective way of shredding through the boss’ health with relative ease. 
-Piercing weapons do very well against this boss, especially those with a high amount of maximum pierce of that have infinitely-piercing properties like the Magic Harp. 
-Most summons, due to effectively having infinite pierce, do very well against this boss also. 
Extra Info: 
-While the Shade Wyrm would seem like some sort of counterpart to the Flamaw, the two are currently unrelated in the lore despite both being fire-themed dragons fought at similar points in progression and both using colouration similar to the world evils. 
-The Shade Wyrm is the only boss on this page that can actively be despawned by taking it out of its preferred biome. Even though other bosses also have biome-specific spawn requirements, they will either ignore the new biome or become enraged when taken there. 
–Furthermore, much to some peoples’ joy, the Shade Wyrm is the only worm boss on this page also 
[Added: 22/2/21] 

29 – Dynamo

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A blonde-haired mage in a yellow and gold dress, and wearing a gold visor over her eyes. She looks drastically different when compared to her previous appearances. 
Summon: Use the Dynamo Cell at the surface. There are no other requirements to face Dynamo, nor will she despawn or enrage if taken underground. Dynamo additionally has a small amount of dialogue before the fight. 
Fought: Hardmode 
Specification: Post-Plantera 
Special: Returning Boss 
Progression: No 
Health: 43,500 (60,000) (76,500) 
-60 (100) (Melee) (Inflicts Electrified – 33 (50)%) 
-55 (95) (Vortex Lightning) 
-54 (107) (Lightning Orb, Electro-Sphere) (Inflicts Electrified – 10 (33)%) 
-90 (175) (Dynamo Cannon) (Inflicts Electrified – 100%) 
Defence: 10 
Dynamo moves much like the Lunatic Cultist most of the time, teleporting between each attack with minimal movement. However, there are some attacks of hers that do have her move, though not many. 
-She may summon 8 electro-spheres in the cardinal and ordinal directions that disperse outwards. After a few seconds they stop and begin accelerating back towards Dynamo, while also gaining homing properties. After a short while they fade away 
-She may summon a Lightning Orb, similar to LC’s. While it acts much the same way, it will slowly chase the player instead of remaining stationary 
-She may release 8 vortex lightning-like projectiles in the cardinal and ordinal directions 
-She may summon a cluster of vortex lightning-like projectiles to rain down on the player 
At any point during this phase, if Dynamo is hit by a Magnet Sphere, or makes contact with a player with the Celestial Magnet, she may be stunned for 3 (2) seconds. After she regains composure she will briefly become enraged, increasing her attack speed for 4 (6) seconds. Every successful stun reduces the chance of another stun occurring. 
Once down to 33 (45)% health, Dynamo will enter her 2nd phase 
Phase 2: 
The sky will darken in this phase. 
Dynamo retains her old attacks and patterns, but may now sometimes fire off 2 attacks in rapid succession before teleporting. She can also no longer be stunned in this phase. 
-She may teleport around rapidly, summoning stationary lightning orbs that each launch a single lightning bolt at the player before disappearing 
-She may summon 4 lightning orbs in either the cardinal or ordinal directions that gradually disperse away from her. Each fires 3 lightning bolts at the player before disappearing 
-She may align herself with the player vertically, charging up an attack. After a few seconds she launches a colossal beam of energy horizontally towards the player. 
Noticeably, in this phase, a status message displaying ‘A mana-warping electric wind crackles past’ is displayed at the start. This makes it so that any sources of Mana Sickness add an extra 2 seconds to the debuff timer. 
Defeat: Dynamo will teleport around frantically, let out an angered shout, and dash away skyward, leaving a ‘pulse’ of electricity. The sky will return to normal afterwards. 
Plasma Mesh; a material used to upgrade some weapons and to make a mage armour set, as well as having the chance to drop electric-themed weapons such as a sword, a magic staff, a gun, a bow, and a sentry staff that summons a lightning orb. 
If at least 90% of damage is dealt to her using magic weapons, she will additionally drop a magic tome that allows the player to also use her Dynamo Cannon attack 
In Expert Mode she drops a Kinetic Belt that charges up as the player moves. At full charge the player receives a mild damage increase, and if hit by an attack causes the charge to disperse immediately but creates a damaging shockwave. She may also drop a summoner staff that summons a mini Dynamo, though this drop is fairly uncommon. 
A powerful electric elemental whose body is said to be made of some sort of plasma. She has a general distrust of magnets. 
-If magic weapons are permitted in a playthrough, consider bringing a Magnet Sphere with you. While her increased attack speed after the stun wears off sounds scary, it only lets her use 1 or 2 more attacks at most in the allotted time. However, the 3 (2) seconds of stun time gives the player a lot of free time in which to deal a lot of damage without the need to focus on dodging. 
-If playing as a Mage specifically, the Mana Flower and mana potions in-general are handicapped significantly in Phase 2. Consider using other means of gaining back mana, such as the Celestial Cuffs. 
-Note that most of Dynamo’s attacks can inflict Electrified. Electrified does not deal increased damage when moving vertically, so the player can still fly to try and maneuver around some of Dynamo’s attacks if they want to avoid taking 4x damage from Electrified. 
–However, due to many of her attacks either having long, lingering projectiles or homing properties, this is somewhat unreliable most of the time 
Extra Info: 
-All of Dynamo’s attacks that utilise ‘lightning’ use the standard Vortex-style lightning seen in vanilla Terraria. 
-Dynamo had appeared previously in Boss Ideas 5 in 2 different boss fights. Across all 3 fights so far she has incorporated almost entirely different tactics and had different appearances, however. 
[Added: 22/2/21] 

30 – Valkyrie

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A partially-mechanised harpy with tied-back blue hair. Its wings are mostly made of a light blue energy as opposed to being physical wings. Her talons also seem to be robotic, due to their unnaturally grey colouration. 
Summon: Use the Plasma Talon at the surface or in space. Valkyrie will not despawn or enrage if taken underground after being summoned, however. 
Fought: Hardmode 
Specification: Post-Golem 
Special: Technological Terror Boss* 
Progression: No 
Health: 50,000 (74,750) (95,307) 
-70 (122) (Melee, Energy Spheres) 
-60 (106) (Feathers) 
-75 (130) (Detonators) 
Defence: 45 
Phase 1: 
Valkyrie will fly close to the player, usually trying to stay above or to the side of them. 
-She may dash at the player 3 times in rapid succession. These dashes have lots of horizontal distance but little vertical distance. 
-She may launch an arc of 7 holographic feather projectiles at the player that accelerate rapidly as they travel 
-She may release several ‘detonators’ that decelerate as they travel, eventually stopping in the air. They then gain a mild homing effect, wandering gradually towards nearby players, before exploding a few seconds later. The explosions also release 4 energy spheres in the cardinal directions 
-She may launch 5 energy spheres upwards in an arc. After a few seconds they slow down and stop before suddenly and very rapidly plunging straight down to the ground. 
-She may perform a horizontal dash, summoning a line of holographic feathers that accelerate towards the player as she does so. The dash may be directly aligned with the player, or sometimes a little above or below them 
Once down to 50 (65)% health Valkyrie will enter her 2nd phase 
Phase 2: 
Valkyrie becomes more aggressive and moves significantly faster. Furthermore, she has a teleportation-like ability that she will sometimes use to reposition herself 
-She retains all Phase 1 attacks 
-She may teleport near to the player and dash at them once. She also creates a ‘v’ shape of 5 feathers that accelerate in the same direction she charges in 
-She may teleport near to the player and release a ‘burst’ of 12 feathers in all directions around herself 
-She may teleport very close to the player and launch an arc of 5 feathers at them 
-She play fly in a large circle around the player, summoning 3-4 energy spheres as she does so all aimed towards the player 
Defeat: Creates a large pulse of blue energy, causing her wings to spark. After giving a look of surprise she swiftly flies away, dropping her loot as she does so. 
A sword that can launch arcs of feathers, a staff that can launch energy spheres, a bow that rapidly launches electrified arrows, a gun that launches electrified rounds, and a sentry staff that launches plasma rounds at nearby enemies. She may also drop a vanity outfit based on her appearance, as well as a set of Energised Wings; high-tier wings comparable to other Post-Golem wings. 
In Expert Mode she may also drop the Overloaded Power Cell. This accessory grants mild buffs at 100-51% health, then amplifies those buffs between 50-21%, but will provide debuffs when below 20% health. 
A partially-mechanised harpy. She was said to have been found by Zazabaan in critical condition and saved by her enhancements, and thus is indebted to him 
-Valkyrie, as to be expected from an electric-themed boss (or a harpy boss, for that matter), is fast and highly aggressive. Mobility builds, dashes and teleports are all recommended to best avoid her attacks. 
-Keep an eye on the direction of her feather projectiles. Due to their nature of accelerating, simply trying to run away from Valkyrie to dodge her attacks may not work, as the feathers will likely be able to catch up with you. 
-Valkyrie’s damage is actually a little lower than many other bosses fought around the same time such as Duke Fishron’s, so tankier builds may simply be able to out-live her with enough defensive buffs. 
Extra Info: 
-Valkyrie technically has a lot of history in Technological Terror, despite not actually being a confirmed boss 
–She was one of the earliest bosses designed, with the basic plan being for her to be a Post-Golem boss to flesh out the Hardmode portion of the mod. However, for a few months, she was dropped almost entirely in favour of more clearly-mechanical bosses. Eventually, she was redesigned, but by this point TT had reached the end of its development time. 
—Valkyrie may have been the last boss designed or redesigned exclusively for TT (that I know of, at least) 
[Added: 22/2/21] 

31 – Lorekeeper Fudon

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A shadowy creature seemingly made out of tendrils beneath a green cloak. It has a gold necklace and breastplace with a single blue gem adorned on it, and a scroll tied to his back. He has 5 visible eyes seen from within the hood of his cloak. 
Summon: Use the Beta Chapter. This item is exclusively dropped by Ryuuk, so he must be faced prior to Fudon. There are no other spawning requirements. 
Fought: Hardmode 
Specification: Post-Golem, Post-Ryuuk 
Special: Returning Boss, Lorekeeper 
Progression: Later Bosses 
Health: 78,000 (115,000) (146,625) 
-68 (115) (Fudon Melee, Bow Melee) 
-70 (122) (Arrows) (Inflict ‘Debuffs’ – 25 (40)%) 
-82 (142) (High-Damage Arrows, Explosive Arrow Explosion) 
Defence: 30 
Phase 1: 
Fudon will begin the fight by summoning a phantom bow that fires arrows directly at the player. The bow cannot be killed and acts as Fudon’s main source of damage in the first phase. 
-The Phantom Bow has various different ammo types that it can use, usually using 5 (3) of one type before cycling to another: 
–Flaming: Standard damage, standard speed. Inflicts On Fire! 
–Frostburn: Standard damage, slow speed. Inflicts Frostburn 
–Cursed: High damage, standard speed. Inflicts Cursed Inferno 
–Ichor: High damage, standard speed. Inflicts Ichor 
–Explosive: High damage, slow speed, and explodes on impact with a solid object or player. Both the arrow and explosion can inflict Dazed 
–Electrified: Standard damage, high speed. Inflicts Electrified 
–Poisoned: Standard damage, slow speed. Inflicts Obscured and Venom 
Furthermore, Fudon has the ability to sometimes forfeit an attack cycle from his bow to use one of his own attacks. After using it, the bow will commence its usual pattern again 
-He may summon down an inaccurate flurry of arrows from the sky, similar to the Daedulus Stormbow, though over a greater area 
-He may align with the player vertically before launching a barrage of arrows horizontally. They are unaffected by gravity 
-He may summon a line of arrows from the sky. They fall in rapid succession, starting from either the left or right and working their way to the other side 
Once down to 30 (45)% health Fudon will enter Phase 2 
Fudon gains the ability to teleport in this phase, taking his bow with him. 
Furthermore, Fudon will summon a 2nd phantom bow to attack the player. The two bows take it in turns to fire, effectively doubling his attack speed. 
Falls to the ground, slumped over. He will talk to the player about the Lorekeeper’s history before disappearing. 
-Eudeus, when reached in progression, can now be fought 
In Normal Mode it will drop a scroll that boosts ranged damage and crit chance, the Delta Chapter, and the Scroll of Accuracy, which can be used to upgrade Ryuuk’s scroll to provide a crit boost. It will also drop one of 4 weapons, all dealing ranged damage, those being a rocket launcher-type weapon that launches balls of energy at enemies, a bow that can convert wooden arrows into various other arrow types, a gun that ‘melts’ bullets into a molten ball that does more damage while retaining the bullet’s effects in exchange for a slight loss in projectile velocity, and a flamethrower that releases shadowy flames. 
In Expert Mode it also drops the Bow of Light 
One of the 4 main Lorekeepers tasked with chronicling the events that unfold in this land. Fudon was a professional archer long ago, and has retained his skills despite his age 
-The Phantom Bow actually changes colour based on the arrow type it plans on firing next, which can allow you to prepare for specific arrow types; most notably the Electrified, Poisoned, and Explosive types. 
-You should focus most of all on avoiding Fudon’s bow/bows. His own attacks still deal similar damage, but they lack the debuffs that Fudon can otherwise easily stack upon an unprepared player. 
-Also, remember that Fudon’s arrows can pass through blocks, unlike regular arrow types. Building a wall between you and Fudon will not stop him or his projectiles. 
Extra Info: 
-Note that, like Ryuuk, you cannot use the Delta Chapter as soon as Fudon is defeated. You must defeat a few other bosses beforehand, most notably the Moon Lord, as to reach the correct point in progression. 
-Fudon’s name is the only one that translates to an actual word, being ‘Greed’. 
–While admittedly originally an accident Fudon now seems to have more gold on his person than any of the other Lorekeepers, due to the addition of a golden breastplate 
[Added: 22/2/21] 

32 – Amazon (Rematch)

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A stronger version of Amazon. Her basic design remains mostly the same, except that she has a large flower tied to her back. Her sword, as well as Hercules, have also become a transparent green colour. 
Summon: Use the Lunar Bloom, made using the Starlit Flower, normally used to summon regular Amazon, and Luminite Bars. Like with her original summon, she must be summoned in the jungle but henceforth can be taken anywhere once summoned. 
Fought: Post-Moon Lord 
Specification: Post-Moon Lord 
Special: No 
Progression: No 
Health: 145,000 (245,000) (312,375) 
-95 (158) (Melee) (Inflicts Unstable Magic – 20 (33)%) 
-90 (150) (Seed Bomb, Leaves, Spore Clouds, Flowers) 
-120 (190) (Nettle Burst) (Inflicts Venom – 33 (50)%, Bleeding – 50 (100)%) 
-110 (174) (Guardian Melee) (Inflicts Unstable Magic – 33 (67)%) 
Defence: 30 
Phase 1: 
Amazon, as in her original fight, starts this fight alone. She will perform a mixture of dashes and teleports to keep up with the player. Teleports will also create a large flower around her that may deal contact damage if the player makes contact with it before it dissipates. 
-She may swing her sword, launching an arc of 3 explosive seeds towards the player. After a short delay they explode, releasing 4 seeds in the cardinal directions each 
-She may summon Nettle Bursts from the ground, like in her original fight. However, these ones are significantly taller, and also sprout up much faster as well 
-She may summon several small flowers near herself. These flowers remain in-place for a while, releasing spore clouds in random directions that gradually slow down before disappearing 
-She may summon a ring of leaves around herself that circle her clockwise. The ring gradually expands and, once far enough away, she will summon a 2nd that rotates anticlockwise while it, too, expands outward. 
-She may summon several leaves to fly across the screen. They are always at 30-60 degree angles, and can come from above or below, though always come from the direction that Amazon is compared to the player. 
Once taken down to 50 (60)% health Amazon will enter her 2nd phase 
Phase 2: 
Amazon retains her previous attacks, though her attack speed will gradually increase as she loses health. 
Furthermore, she will summon a Jungle Guardian; a green version of the Hercules beetle she summoned in her original fight. The Guardian is invulnerable and will chase the player down, sometimes performing one of its own attacks: 
-It may align with the player and perform a horizontal charge attack 
-It may stop briefly and release 3 spore clouds out from itself before beginning to chase the player again 
When Amazon reaches 25% health she will summon a 2nd one (Or, in Expert, a 2nd at 40% and a 3rd at 20% health). 
Amazon will wrap herself in a large, pink flower that begins to shake. After a few seconds a large green beam erupts skyward from the flower, and after a few more seconds the flower explodes into petals. The beam is purely visual and does no damage. 
Both (or all 3) of the Guardians explode into gibs upon Amazon’s defeat 
She will drop Primordial Sap; used to upgrade various plant-themed items such as regular Amazon and Plantera’s drops, as well as being used to make a few unique weapons and armours as well. She may also directly drop some of the weapons that the Sap can upgrade in their already-upgraded states. She may also rarely drop a vanity outfit based on her appearance. 
In Expert Mode she also drops the Floral Shield, an accessory that makes it so standing still will create a flower around the player, giving them knockback resistance, lowering enemy aggression, and increasing defence. This can also be combined with other items like the Shiny Stone and Spore Sac into an even more powerful accessory. 
Amazon’s supposed true power, with energy drawn directly from the jungle himself. There is a strange, otherworldly remnant left over on her sword. 
-The player is likely going to spend a lot of time on the move, especially in the 2nd phase, due to her increasing attack speed and the relentless pursuit of her Guardians. This means that things like Vortex Armour’s stealth are likely unusable much of the time outside of multiplayer. 
-Homing weapons are highly valuable in this fight, as Amazon herself has a small hitbox and the player will have to spend much time trying to actively maneuver around her attacks and Guardians 
-Sadly, the Guardians will re-spawn next to Amazon if they are despawned, meaning you cannot simply try to despawn them to remove them from the fight 
Extra Info: 
-Amazon is one of few ‘rematch’ bosses that do not require the player to face the original boss before fighting its rematch variant 
–However, as Amazon’s summon is used in the rematch summon, it is assumed you would have already fought her original battle when you were supposed to 
-The ‘otherworldly remnant’ on her sword may be tied to the Moon Lord, as Dryads seem to generally have ties to him in the lore 
–This also likely answers the question posed by Amazon’s original lore with a simple ‘yes’ 
[Added: 22/2/21] 

33 – Lorekeeper Eudeus

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A vaguely spider-like shadowy figure wrapped in a red cloak. It has 3 visible eyes and 2 fangs that can be seen beneath its hood, and a gold chain with a silver crystal around its neck. 4 legs, all ending on sharp points, can be seen beneath the cloak. As with the other Lorekeepers, it has a scroll on its back. 
Summon: Use the Delta Chapter. However, before it can be used, certain criteria have to be met. Along with defeating Fudon, the Moon Lord and Levialous must be defeated in the current world, or the summon won’t work. 
Fought: Post-Moon Lord 
Specification: Post-Moon Lord, Post-Levialous, Post-Fudon 
Special: Returning Boss, Lorekeeper 
Progression: Later Bosses 
Health: 162,400 (267,000) (340,425) 
-200 (332) (Melee) (Inflicts Unstable Magic – 50%) 
-180 (291) (Enchanted Sword) (Inflicts Unstable Magic – 10 (33)%) 
-160 (270) (Enchanted Dagger, Caltrop) 
Defence: 60 
Phase 1: 
Eudeus spends most of his time floating towards the player, though will sometimes either teleport or perform a short-ranged charge as he does so. 
-Eudeus may launch an arc of 8 caltrop-like spikes at the player. They will get stuck in any solid blocks they hit, dealing contact damage if the player lands on them before they despawn 
-Eudeus may appear directly above the player and suddenly throw a volley of daggers down towards the player 
-Eudeus may appear diagonally to the player and rapidly throw daggers at them. These daggers have a special property that allows them to ricochet off of solid blocks, and also remain active for longer. 
-Eudeus may summon a row of daggers beneath the player. After a short while they will all begin rising up rapidly, starting from either side of the middle and working their ways across. The starting point seems to be random 
At 75 (80)% health, Eudeus will enter its 2nd phase. 
Phase 2: 
Eudeus gains no new attacks this phase, though moves a little faster 
Eudeus’ main new ability is that, at certain health percentages, it may summon Enchanted Sword-like minions. They act very similarly to Enchanted Swords, but are invulnerable, charge more frequently and can do so over greater distances, cannot be stunned, and also have the ability to control their charge distance somewhat. 
They are summoned at 75%, 60%, 45%, 30% and 15% (80%, 68%, 56%, 44%, 32%, 20% and 8%) health and will remain summoned throughout the rest of the fight. 
Falls to the ground, with its 4 legs sprawled out. It will talk to the player more about Lorekeeper history and of certain powerful entities before disappearing. 
-Geresso, when reached in progression, can now be fought 
In Normal Mode it will drop a scroll that boosts melee damage, crit chance and speed, the Omega Chapter, and the Scroll of Mastery, which can be used to upgrade Ryuuk and Fudon’s scrolls to provide mana and ammo conservation respectively, as well as additional damage buffs. It will also drop one of 4 weapons, each dealing melee damage, those being throwable daggers seemingly made of a magical energy, a sword that launches various types of projectile, a silvery throwing spear that has a high amount of pierce and releases silver fragments as it hits enemies for additional damage, and a whip-like flail that leaves a damaging shadowy trail. 
In Expert Mode it also drops the Sword of Light 
One of the 4 main Lorekeepers tasked with chronicling the events that unfold in this land. Skilled in swordplay, he uses much of his free time honing his skills and training to command a small army of Enchanted Swords 
-Having a wide open arena and being mobile is the easiest way to beat this fight. Moving in 1 direction for too long will allow his swords to easily catch up with you, as may some of his dagger attacks 
-Like with Amazon, despawning the swords is risky and most of the time pointless. If one is despawned it immediately respawns next to Eudeus, and attempting to despawn them like this may risk you accidentally despawning Eudeus as well 
Extra Info: 
-Eudeus is the only Lorekeeper to not be given a gender 
–Eudeus may also thus be the only ‘main’ Lorekeeper to not be male, excluding the Scribe 
-Eudeus, originally, was to be the only ‘main’ Lorekeeper to not have 2 phases. However, during some re-writes, was updated to have a 2nd phase that simply triggers very early in the fight 
–This also makes Eudeus the Lorekeeper to have the most changes made to it during the development process, effectively gaining a new phase to the fight, as well as some altered attributes to said phase 
[Added: 22/2/21] 

34 – Stardust Magus

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: The return of the Stardust Magus, seen in Boss Ideas 5 and 7. Her dress is now a paler blue, and loses the moving star pattern from her previous encounter. Her hair is longer and more voluminous than before, though her general design remains mostly the same. 
Summon: Use the Star Cookie at night. She will have a little bit of dialogue before the fight which changes based on certain criteria. The Magus will despawn if it reaches daytime. 
Fought: Post-Moon Lord 
Specification: Post-Blacklight 
Special: Returning Boss 
Progression: No 
-250,000 (355,000) (452,625) (Magus) 
-400,000 (612,000) (780,300) (Cell Barrier) 
-1,000 (2,000) (3,000) (Star Cells) 
-20 (21) Magus Melee 
-300 (430) (Cell Barrier Melee, Star Cell Melee, Small Cell Explosion) 
-295 (422) (Stardust Projectile, Dragon Head Laser) 
-340 (495) (Dragon Head, Giant Stardust Ball) 
-280 (400) (Cell Projectile) 
-0 (200) (Teleport Shockwave) (Inflicts Dazed – 100%) 
-50 (Magus) 
-100 (Cell Barrier, Star Cells) 
[All attacks may inflict Unstable Magic – 33 (50)%] 
Phase 1: 
The Magus starts off inside a large stardust cell, known as the Cell Barrier. She will float after the player, or occasionally teleport if they get far enough away. The Magus is invulnerable inside of the barrier. 
-She may launch an arc of 8 stardust projectiles at the player that create small explosions on contact with solid objects 
-She may summon a large Stardust Dragon Head near the player that lunges forward, trying to bite the player. Afterwards it backs away a little before firing a small deathray-type laser in the direction it was facing 
-She may release several ‘bursts’ of cell-like projectiles that accelerate and decelerate in a pattern as they travel. The projectiles are all evenly-spaced, but each ‘burst’ has a slightly random angle 
-She may summon a few enhanced Star Cells to attack the player. After they are destroyed the small Star Cells do not attempt to regenerate, instead accelerating rapidly towards the player with a mild homing effect, exploding on impact or after a few seconds pass 
-She may summon several stardust projectiles that home-in on the player, but after a short time decelerate and explode 
Once her Cell Barrier is destroyed, the Magus will enter Phase 2. 
Phase 2: 
The Magus’ dress now gains a moving space-y look and her eyes turn a bright blue. She becomes significantly faster, teleporting frequently and moving much faster than before. She also attacks much more frequently. 
Furthermore, all of her teleports will create short-ranged ‘shockwaves’ that deal no damage (a little damage) and briefly inflict Dazed upon the player if they are too close 
-She retains all of her Phase 1 attacks 
-She may teleport around rapidly, doing 1 of 2 things: 
–She may summon a cell projectile aimed at the player each teleport 
–She may just rapidly teleport around, possibly catching the player in a shockwave 
-She may summon a large ball of stardust that does one of two things: 
–The giant stardust ball may release the explosive stardust projectiles randomly in all directions. After a few seconds she will throw it at the player, causing it to explode and release a random ‘burst’ of stardust projectiles 
–The giant stardust ball may release ‘bursts’ of the explosive stardust projectiles. Each ‘burst’ has 2 gaps opposite to each other. After the 3rd or 4th (5th) burst it will explode. 
Once the Magus is taken down to ‘0’ health, she will prepare a final last-ditch attack 
‘Phase 3’: 
The Magus teleports near the player and summons a giant stardust ball, making it even larger than normal. 
First it will release stardust projectiles randomly in all directions for a few seconds 
Then it will release several ‘bursts’ of projectiles 
After that it will release more stardust projectiles randomly, though even more than before 
After this she will try to throw it at the player, causing the a flash of light blue light. If the player survives the fight ends. 
Defeat: Surrenders, admitting defeat. After some more dialogue and a cookie, she will teleport away. 
Sparkly Stardust and Star Cloth, used to make armour, weapons, and a vanity set based on her outfit. She will also drop a ‘Box of Star Cookies’ that acts as an infinite-use Super Healing Potion. She may also drop a magic weapon that launches explosive stardust projectiles, a melee weapon that lets the player ‘throw’ star cells at enemies, and a summoner staff that summons enhanced Star Cells. Rarely she may also drop the Star Bubble, which summons a rideable Star Cell mount. 
In Expert Mode she also drops the Star Cell Cloak; an accessory that allows all attacks to inflict a weaker version of the Celled debuff, drops stars and restores mana when you take damage, and grants additional damage resistance. 
A star-born mage who travelled to Terraria long ago. While more masterful of her powers than before, she is still somewhat immature and has much more to learn. 
-As many of the Magus’ projectiles explode, having an arena made mostly of semi-solid platforms is recommended. This means that the projectiles are less likely to explode near to the player in-general. 
-The best way to deal with the Star Cell spawns may be to destroy them while directly above or below them, and then dash out of the way just as the small cells begin accelerating. This keeps them fairly close together, but also means they can be evaded with a dash 
Extra Info: 
-The Stardust Magus uses some elements of her previous boss fights in this one. Most obviously are the Cell Barrier from her appearance in Boss Ideas 5, as well as use of Stardust Dragon Heads reminiscent of the giant Stardust Dragon from her fight in Boss Ideas 7 
–Furthermore, her dress in Phase 2 is similar to the animated star-like pattern on her dress in Boss Ideas 7 as well. 
-This is so far the only case where the Stardust Magus doesn’t directly use the Stardust Fragment palette for her design, instead using palettes taken from it and altered beforehand for a cleaner look 
[Added: 22/2/21] 

35 – Crawling Eye

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A spherical entity made mostly of tendrils interlaced with one another. A single, vaguely eye-like core protrudes from the front. 
Summon: Use the Weeping Crystal at night. While the Crawling Eye is alive the daytime will enter a Solar Eclipse-like state, remaining dark. 
Fought: Post-Moon Lord 
Specification: Post-Blacklight 
Special: Returning Boss 
Progression: No 
-495,000 (700,000) (892,500) (Eye) 
-400,000 (598,000) (762,450) (Husk) 
-50 (100) (128) (Core Barrier) 
-1 (1) (1) (Core) 
-330 (465) (Eye Melee, Husk Melee, Crystal) (Can inflict Shadowflame – 20 (30)%) 
-312 (445) (Tendrils, Lightning, Sludge) (Can inflict Shadowflame – 40 (60)%) 
-300 (431) (Energy Blasts, Crystal Shards) 
-280 (400) (Mirror Melee, Barrier Melee, Core Melee) (Can inflict Shadowflame – 50 (80)%) 
-100 (Eye, Husk, Core) 
-99,999 +99.99% Damage Resistance (Core Barrier) 
Phase 1: 
The Crawling Eye will try to keep itself vertically aligned with the player when possible, but will sometimes break this pattern and begin moving around frantically at random intervals before returning to its usual positioning. 
-It may release purple tendrils similar in colour to its body towards the player. However, they curve and bend while travelling, making them a little unpredictable 
-It may dart wildly around the player, maintaining a distance of 18 (15) blocks at all times, while firing singular energy blasts at the player 
-It may summon several stationary mirror-like obstacles near itself and the player, followed-up by either an arc of 5 energy blasts or a rapid stream of 7 energy blasts. Any energy blasts that hit these mirrors split into their own arc of 3. After the attack ends the mirrors break. 
-It may teleport somewhere randomly, sit still briefly, and then launch a rapid trail of a black lightning-like attack towards the player 
-It may shoot a large crystal-like projectiles towards the player that decelerates after a few seconds. Once it stops it shatters into shards that are launched in all directions randomly 
Once it runs out of health, it will shoot its ‘Core’ at the player that flies away, while the body sags a little and begins sinking. However, after a few seconds, the body springs back into life. 
Phase 2: 
The player now must face the body, referred to simply as ‘Husk’. Husk will keep itself aligned with the player, though lacks the occasional frantic movements of its Phase 1 form. 
-It retains only the lightning and crystal attacks from Phase 1 
-Most of the time it will fly overhead or to the side of the player, launching black globules of ooze at the player 
-It may summon a crystal, similar to Phase 1’s crystal attack, but then ram into it; causing it to explode prematurely. 
Once the Husk runs out of health it breaks apart and explodes into a final ‘burst’ of black ooze globules. A few seconds later, the Core returns and begins the final phase of the fight 
Phase 3: 
The Core will surround itself with a barrier that takes a set amount of hits to break; having immense defence and debuff immunity. 
-The main attack the Core does is dart around, firing singular energy blasts at the player 
-Sometimes, it may attempt to ram into the player 
Once the Barrier is destroyed, the Core will remain motionless in-place. The player is free to attack it at this point, but after 10 seconds dies automatically. 
Defeat: The Core cracks, with beams of light streaking from it. After a few seconds it explodes into a bright pinkish white light. Both the Husk and Core leave gibs 
Drops several shadowflame-themed weapons, including a spear, a magic staff, a tome, a bow and a sentry staff. It can also drop an accessory that allows the player to dash, temporarily transforming them into a small Crawling Eye. The charge has a longer than average cooldown, but grants damage immunity and contact damage for the duration. 
In Expert Mode it can drop the Shade Wings; wings that look similar to the tendrils making up the Crawling Eye’s main body 
A phantasmal monster taking an eye-like form in frail mimicry of other beings it has observed. In truth, only its core makes up its actual body; with the casing of vine-like tendrils being nothing more than a protective barrier 
-As it spends much of its time horizontal to the player, running away while firing is a reasonably good strategy for much of the fight 
-Homing projectiles aren’t too necessary for this fight, as most of the Crawling Eye’s movements are axis-locked to the player 
-This boss has 2 fake-out attacks. Don’t drop your guard even if the boss looks like it has died. 
-It still deals contact damage even when the Barrier is broken. Please don’t be ‘that guy’ and die to contact damage at the end of the fight, as dying even at the end counts as a loss and it won’t drop items. 
Extra Info: 
-The Crawling Eye is a boss that has only otherwise appeared in Boss Ideas 2, and has since had a drastic redesign and a change in theming. 
-The Crawling Eye here has some aspects borrowed from other bosses, including Kirby’s Zero with the player having to fight the eye as it breaks away from the body 
–Though, funnily enough, the Crawling Eye was not the boss from Boss Ideas 2 inspired by Kirby originally. 
[Added: 22/2/21] 

36 – Lorekeeper Geresso

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A ghostly figure wrapped in a grey cloak. It has a golden chain around its body with a green gemstone adorned within it. A single, green eye appears to peer through the drooped hood of the cloak. 
Summon: Use the Omega Chapter. Noticeably, the Chapter only works if Eudeus has been defeated on the current world, as has Skye. There are no other spawn requirements. 
Fought: Post-Moon Lord 
Specification: Post-Skye, Post-Eudeus 
Special: Returning Boss, Lorekeeper 
Progression: Later Boss 
-250,000 (360,000) (459,000) (Ryuuk Shade) 
-300,000 (420,000) (535,500) (Fudon Shade) 
-350,000 (480,000) (612,000) (Eudeus Shade) 
-500,000 (785,000) (1,000,875) (Geresso) 
-400 (567) (Geresso Melee) 
-375 (505) (Shade Melee) 
-330 (488) (Geresso Projectile) 
-290 (440) (Shade Projectile) 
-110 (Ryuuk Shade) 
-100 (Fudon Shade) 
-90 (Eudeus Shade) 
-120 (Geresso) 
[All attacks inflict Unstable Magic – 33 (50)%] 
Phase 1: 
Geresso is invulnerable, and will summon a total of 3 ‘Shades’ for the player to face based on the other 3 Lorekeepers. All 3 have the same attacks as their original counterparts, though have significantly buffed health, damage and defence. 
-First is Ryuuk’s Shade. Once it dies (reaches 20% health in Expert) or 3 minutes pass without it being killed, Fudon’s Shade is summoned. 
-Second is Fudon’s Shade. As with Ryuuk’s, once it dies (reaches 20% health) or 3 minutes pass Eudeus’ Shade is summoned. 
-Lastly is Eudeus’ Shade. 
Once all 3 Shades have been defeated, Geresso will enter Phase 2. 
Phase 2: 
Geresso teleports around frequently, but keeps moving around when not teleporting as opposed to staying stationary. Most notably it will dash backwards away from players that get too close to him when he isn’t using any sort of charge or dash attack. 
-Geresso has access to most of the other attacks the other Lorekeepers were capable of using 
-Geresso may leave stationary ‘mines’ that, when the player get close, will launch a fast-moving projectile at the player and then disappear. They are capable of lingering inactive for minutes at a time before despawning. He leaves more of these as he loses health. 
-He may summon several wisps around himself that perform one of three actions based on their colours: 
–Red Wisps will rapidly accelerate towards the player with a weak homing effect 
–Green Wisps move slowly towards the player, launching smaller wisps at them 
–Brown Wisps charge up and release an arc of 3 smaller wisps, then disappear 
Lowers to the ground, arched over. He will talk to the player about the person who instructed them on their duties and gave them their titles, and then he will disappear. 
In Normal Mode it drops a scroll that greatly boosts summon damage and grants extra max minions and sentries, as well as the Binding Seal used to craft another boss summoner later. He also drops the Scroll of the Teacher, which can be used to upgrade all 3 of the previous scrolls to further boost their crit chance and ‘class-specific buffs’. He will also drop one of 4 weapons, all doing summon damage, those being a whip made of pure magic that allows minions to crit and increases their tag damage, a summoner staff that grants a single minion who, the more minion slots he is given, the more abilities it can perform, a sentry staff that summons a small iron fortress-like sentry that barrages enemies with missiles and bullets, and a different summoner staff that summons a Shadowflame elemental to assist the player. 
In Expert Mode it also summons the Staff of Light, which summons a mini white-robed Lorekeeper 
One of the 4 main Lorekeepers tasked with chronicling the events that unfold in this land. The oldest of the Lorekeepers, Geresso has used his mastery of the art of summoning to create copies of his fellow allies, and has also learned to copy their own abilities to an extent himself. 
-Due to the fact Geresso can utilise all 3 of the other Lorekeepers’ attacks, as well as some of his own, practicing the patterns of the previous Lorekeepers before this fight may be recommended 
-When dealing with the Phase 1 Shades, it is best to deal with them in the order that they are summoned. This makes it most likely that the player will never have to deal with any more than 2 at a time; one of whom is already on low health. 
-If the player is careful they can leave only 1 Lorekeeper Shade alive in the first Phase in order to heal up and prepare for Geresso. This is best done with whichever Lorekeeper you consider yourself best at dealing with, though would likely be Fudon due to Eudeus’ vast amount of summons and projectiles 
Extra Info: 
-Of all the original Lorekeepers, Geresso is the only one to actually have their base cloak colour changed. Originally, it was a greyish purple, but has since been made a silvery grey instead. 
-Geresso’s Phase 2 wisps are based off of the 3 other Lorekeepers again. The Red Wisp is the melee Wisp, and thus is Eudeus, the Green Wisp fires several single shots in succession like Fudon’s bows, and the Brown Wisp performs a basic arc of 3 shots, which is closest to Ryuuk 
[Added: 22/2/21] 

37 – Oblivion

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A sludgy white mass coats Oblivion’s body. Several pseudo eye holes line the front of its body, revealing a greyish black inside with several eyes peering out from within. The eyes all look the same; being the same greyish black as the body with a red ring for the iris. 
Summon: Use the Void’s Eye. The sky will turn black and remain as such throughout the rest of the fight while Oblivion is active. 
Fought: Post-Behemoth 
Specification: Post-Behemoth 
Special: Returning Boss 
Progression: Later Bosses 
-1,675,000 (2,500,000) (3,187,500) (Oblivion) 
-400,000 (600,000) (765,000) (Carriers of Oblivion) 
-50,000 (65,000) (80,000) (Servants of Oblivion) 
-525 (750) (Oblivion Melee) (Inflicts Chaos Ember – 67 (100)%) 
-500 (718) (Servant Melee, Carrier Melee, Maw) (Inflicts Chaos Ember – 25 (33)%) 
-460 (675) (Servant Shadow Orb, Carrier Shadow Orb, Spikes) (Inflicts Chaos Ember – 25 (33)%) 
-520 (742) (Deathray) (Inflicts Chaos Ember – 67 (100)%) 
-685 (999) (Black Hole) (Inflicts Chaos Ember – 100%) 
-85 +15% Damage Resistance (Oblivion) 
–85 +80% Damage Resistance (Oblivion, Phase 4) 
-30 (Servants of Oblivion, Carriers of Oblivion) 
Phase 1: 
Oblivion itself is invulnerable and is mostly immobile. 2 Carriers of Oblivion, both tethered to it by chains, pull it along as they attack the player. The Carriers have a few means each of attacking the player: 
-They may charge at the player 
-They may release a burst of 4 shadow orbs. These orbs are either launched in the cardinal or ordinal directions 
-They may release an arc of 3 shadow orbs at the player 
-They may launch a stream of 4 shadow orbs at the player in rapid succession 
Once the combined health of the 2 existing Carriers of Oblivion reach below 50 (67)% health, 3 more Carriers are summoned from Oblivion’s body. Oblivion also sometimes twitches on its own. 
Once the 5 Carriers of Oblivion are destroyed, Oblivion will awaken 
Phase 2: 
Oblivion awakens. Oblivion mostly moves with dashes that leave after-images, though it can teleport if needed; either directly or by turning into Servants of Oblivion, dispersing, and reforming elsewhere. 
-Oblivion may summon several mouth-like projectiles, called Maws, around itself in a ring. After a brief moment they all move inwards, effectively dispersing outwards once they pass Oblivion’s centre 
-Oblivion may split in 2 (3), with all of them taking random positions and launching inaccurate barrages of maws at the player for a few seconds 
-Oblivion may release a constant, inaccurate stream of maws towards the player 
–There is also another variant of this that slightly reduces the amount of maws, but they all have mild homing properties 
-Eyes disappear into its body and re-emerge elsewhere; firing off deathrays in the directions they are facing: 
–One variant has them re-emerge in the cardinal and ordinal directions 
–Another variant has them re-emerge in random positions, and anywhere from 6-8 (7-9) eyes. 
-It may spit out 2-3 Servants of Oblivion. They have the same attacks as the Carriers did, though have less health and attack significantly slower. 
-Oblivion may fire a deathray at the player, and from it maws emerge that travel off in random directions 
-Oblivion may charge at the player, then disappear, re-emerge elsewhere, and charge again. It can do this up to 5 times in succession 
-Oblivion may open its body up, creating a black hole-like vortex to suck the player in. While performing this attack maws erupt from its body 
-Oblivion may release several gooey spikes from its body. They chase the player in one of 2 ways: 
–They may simply fly after the player with regular homing capabilities 
–They may chase the player with a string of short-range charges, readjusting their aim after every charge. 
Once Oblivion reaches 50 (65)% health, it enters its 3rd phase 
Phase 3: 
Oblivion gains the ability to transform into other bosses. He will use 2-4 of his own attacks, transform, and after a short while transform back to normal and repeat the cycle again. 
-Notably, he cannot transform into any superboss-tier bosses 
-He cannot transform into boss minions 
-He can decide which phase of a boss to turn into 
-When transformed into a worm boss, only the head is vulnerable. Similarly, only 1 hitbox will be counted as the ‘real’ Oblivion and be vulnerable for other enemies with multiple segments or hitboxes, as made apparent by which segment has Oblivion’s eyes. 
Oblivion’s general attack speed will slowly increase in this phase as he loses health. This also applies to his transformations. 
Once Oblivion is down to 10% health, it enters its 4th and final phase 
Phase 4: 
Oblivion becomes stationary again and gains immense damage resistance. 
The only attack Oblivion uses in this phase is one where he releases projectiles with a similar look to his Servants of Oblivion in random directions 
As his health wanes, more and more of these projectiles are released 
Defeat: Roars to the sky and crumbles away slowly. More Servants of Oblivion can be seen fleeing from him as he dies, though they are purely aesthetic and cannot be interacted with at all 
The darkness in the sky is lifted again if it is daytime 
Can drop a summoner staff that summons Servants of Oblivion, a flail and a spear that utilise maw-like projectiles, a bow that transforms most arrow types into stronger variants of themselves, and rarely a flying mount that simply consists of 2 Servants of Oblivion tied together with some sort of rope that is also tied to the player below. 
In Expert Mode it can drop the Seed of Purity, which grants an on-demand means of stopping the corruption/crimson/hallow spreading, and can be ‘planted’ to provide a defensive barrier for NPCs. Note, however, that the defensive barrier is listed from NPCs the player speaks to for a while to prevent cheesing bosses with the Nurse. 
A shapeshifting entity once believed to be a powerful bringer of destruction and signal of the apocalypse. Oblivion is said to slumber until violently disturbed, and once awakened will attempt to bring ruin to those in its wake. 
-The player can, before killing the last Carrier of Oblivion, take a moment to heal and buff up for Phase 2. One Carrier isn’t too much of a threat alone, and Oblivion remains dormant until all of them are defeated, so the player has a good opportunity to prepare for the rest of the fight 
-Sadly much of Phase 3 has anti-cheese in-place, though some bosses are still better than others 
–For example, grounded bosses such as King Slime, Golem, and the Eater of Worlds allow the player to simply fly to keep out of their reach, letting them get in a few relatively free hits before he transforms again 
-Phase 4 has Oblivion remain motionless, so putting a Sentry near him will let the player deal extra damage relatively freely. 
–Furthermore, sacrificing DPS for homing properties due to weapon choice is also no longer an issue since Oblivion can no longer dodge or teleport from this point on. 
-Note that, despite Oblivion being stationary in Phase 4, the player can’t simply fly out of the range of his attacks. The Servant-like projectiles cross most of the map, and getting too far away from risks despawning Oblivion in this state 
Extra Info: 
-While Oblivion is almost as strong as the Superbosses seen in Boss Ideas 10 and 11, he is not classified as one. Therefore, he is technically the final boss of Boss Ideas 10/11 
–This is fitting since, all the way back in Boss Ideas 1, he was the final boss; with no later bosses ahead of him 
-Oblivion still retains aspects of both his prior appearances. His ability to transform into other bosses is taken from Boss Ideas 1, while 4th Phase was taken from a few sources, though includes an idea for his Boss Ideas 5 appearance 
–He’d also been planned to appear in Boss Ideas 7, though due to animation issues never did 
[Added: 22/2/21] 

38 – Havoc

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A large, shadowy dragon. Its entire body is jagged and constantly shifting due to its non-physical form. It lacks any legs; instead just having a twisting tail where its legs should be. 
Summon: Use the Mirror Key. This item only works if Blacklight has been defeated on the current world. The sky turns grey and stormy throughout the fight. 
Fought: Post-Behemoth 
Specification: Post-Behemoth, Post-Blacklight 
Special: ‘Tier 1’ Superboss 
Progression: No 
-4,200,000 (6,650,000) (8,478,750) (Havoc) 
-200,000 (335,000) (427,125) (Phantasm) 
-620 (874) (Melee) 
-580 (822) (Shadowflame Fireball, Flame breath, Phantasm Melee) (Inflicts Shadowflame – 33 (50)%) 
-560 (795) (Shadowflame Sphere*, Ice Ball**, Gas Ball***) 
-610 (861) (Shadowflame Pillar, Large Shadowflame Fireball) (Inflicts Shadowflame – 40 (60)%) 
-400 (600) (Sparks, Ice Mist**, Toxic Gas***) 
-75 (Havoc) 
-200 +30% Damage Resistance (Phantasm) 
[All attacks can inflict Chaos Ember – 25 (33)%] 
[*Inflicts Shadowflame – 50 (67)%] 
[**Inflicts Chilled – 50 (67)%] 
[***Inflicts Venom – 50 (67)%] 
Phase 1: 
Forces the player to fight Blacklight. Blacklight is unchanged and acts purely as a segway into the main boss. 
Once Blacklight is defeated, Havoc is freed and erupts from Blacklight as it shatters. 
Phase 2: 
Havoc frequently charges at the player, often teleporting in-between charges. It will stop for a short while when using one of its main attacks, though returns to charging at the player a few seconds after using the attacks. 
-It may summon shadowflame fireballs from the sky that rain down from left to right, and then from right to left. This will always be his opening attack. 
-Faces may emerge from Havoc’s body and each launches arcs of 3 or 5 shadowflame spheres at the player before disappearing. The outer spheres actually curve inwards slightly so that all the spheres in an arc converge where the player was standing 
-It may summon a pillar of shadowflame beneath the player that must be quickly avoided before it rises up. Havoc disappears once it rises and, after a few seconds, flies up from the ground through the pillar of fire, launching fireballs everywhere inaccurately 
-It may summon a large ball aimed at the player that explodes after a short while, leaving a damaging cloud of icy mist that lingers in-place for a while 
-It may release a large ball of poisonous gas that chases the player for a few seconds before exploding. After exploding 4 smaller gas balls are released in the cardinal directions that leave clouds of toxic gas as they travel that linger briefly 
-It may launch a fast-moving larger shadowflame fireball at the player. After a few seconds or upon hitting a solid object it explodes, sending a shower of sparks below and releasing several regular shadowflame fireballs outwards in random directions 
Upon reaching 40 (60)% health Havoc will enter its 3rd phase 
Phase 3: 
Retains the same attacks, but may now sometimes ‘double-up’ on using attacks; using 2 before repeating its usual cycle. 
-It has all of its Phase 2 attacks 
-It may summon a Phantasm; a serpentine shadowflame dragon that chases the player and tries to launch shadowflame fireballs at them roughly every 2 seconds 
-It may summon a shield that blocks all incoming damage by 80% for an attack cycle. Cannot be used in successive attack cycles 
-It may summon a shield, but then immediately attack itself. This breaks the shield, but causes the attacks to perform special abilities 
–The ‘Ice Ball’ attack creates a massive cloud of icy mist where Havoc was that linger for a while 
–The ‘Gas Ball’ attack creates a cloud of toxic gas around Havoc that follows him during his charges next cycle 
–The ‘Larger Fireball’ attack releases 20 shadowflame fireballs and sparks out when it hits him, all launched in random directions 
-Havoc may fly horizontally above the player, spewing out a shadowflame breath. Shadowflame fireballs will also be dropped randomly as Havoc does this 
-Havoc may release a barrage of shadow flame fireballs that chase the player until they hit something solid or expire 
Defeat: Lets out a roar as its body begins to break down. Many of the faces seen to emerge during its attacks begin appearing over its body and, after a few more seconds, there is a flash of white. Havoc will be gone and the sky will return to normal. 
A sword, a gun, a magic tome, a magic staff, and a summoner staff that summons a mini Blacklight-like minion to attack enemies. Furthermore, it may also drop Chaos Wings; modelled after Havoc’s own wings, though smaller. 
In Expert Mode, it also drops the Dragon’s Cloak, an item that grants the ability to inflict Shadowflame on enemies, as well as Chaos Ember on critical hits, as well as granting an additional buff to movement speed and damage. It also sometimes drops the Broken Ring; a vanity item. 
The entity sealed within Blacklight to contain its violence. When released its physical form never truly manifested, leaving a powerful, shadowy revenant in its place 
-Dashes and teleports are strongly recommended for this fight as Havoc is a surprisingly mobile boss for its size and is constantly trying to rush down the player with its constant charges 
-Note that since neither Shadowflame nor Chaos Ember can be extinguished in water, despite Havoc having access to 2 fire-like debuffs that water isn’t helpful in this fight for utility purposes 
-Havoc’s damage may look lower than the other Tier 1 Superbosses, but bear in mind it has access to a powerful debuff that can be inflicted by all its attacks, and a total of 3 different damaging debuffs in total 
Extra Info: 
-While not directly very obvious, Havoc is a remake of the Chaos Dragon from Boss Ideas 1 and 5. The only returning aspects of these fights, however, seem to be the use of Shadowflame and the many faces present on its 2nd incarnation. 
–However, the background lore has a similar concept, of the Chaos Dragon/Havoc being imprisoned by Garagon due to its wild and destructive nature. While this wasn’t very obvious in Boss Ideas 1, it was moreso in Boss Ideas 5 
-The ‘Broken Ring’ it sometimes drops in Expert Mode is a reference to the ring that needs to be crafted in Boss Ideas 1 in order to not only fight the Chaos Dragon, but also to stand a realistic chance against it due to the buffs it provided 
[Added: 23/2/21] 

39 – Levialous – Complete

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: Levialous’ supposedly-complete form. The armour coating its body is golden and has become slimmer again, unlike its half-complete form. Small parts of Levialous’ true form are seen from gaps in the armour. 
Summon: Use the Dream Caller. The sky will take on a dark reddish hue throughout the fight and will remain dark even during the day. Levialous will be formed of a swirling mist in front of the player, give some dialogue, and begin the fight. 
“So… this is what my true form would have been like.” 
“Unfortunate, then, that it is little more than a dream, an illusion, a pure figment of imagination” 
“My physical form was destroyed during our last battle…” 
“Time for me to repay the favour” 
Fought: Post-Behemoth 
Specification: Post-Hyperion Slime 
Special: Tier 2 Superboss 
Progression: Later Boss 
Health: 8,755,000 (13,000,000) (16,575,000) 
-935 (1170) (Melee) (Inflicts Chaos Ember – 50 (67)%) 
-915 (1142) (Laser, Spear of Light) (Inflicts Chaos Ember – 50 (67)%) 
-950 (1200) (Deathray) (Inflicts Chaos Ember – 67 (100)%) 
-900 (1115) (Energy Spheres) (Inflicts Chaos Ember – 25 (30)%) 
-1000 (1500) (Black Hole) (Inflicts Chaos Ember – 100%) 
Defence: 175 +25% Damage Resistance 
Phase 1: 
Levialous will have access to and use most of the attacks that both his Incomplete and Half-Complete forms used. While the attacks are mostly the same, Levialous’ complete form is faster and the attacks deal more damage. 
Once down to only around 70 (80)% health Levialous will switch to his 2nd phase 
“I suppose my old tricks won’t work on you again” 
Phase 2: 
Levialous moves and attacks in much the same way, but gains access to an array of new attacks 
-He retains the ability to use all of his Phase 1 attacks 
-He may summon small clusters of shadows that, after a short delay, fire thin deathray-type lasers horizontally. 
-He may open a rift in his chest and release a large, sweeping deathray that he moves towards the player as he fires it 
-He may release several long jagged ‘spear of light’ projectiles skyward. After a short delay they will be raining down around Levialous and the player for a few seconds randomly 
-He may teleport very close to the player and suddenly fire a deathray at them briefly 
-He may open a rift in his chest and release several energy spheres that float upward briefly before beginning to chase the player. They explode on their own after a few seconds 
-He may summon several energy spheres that move away from the player, decelerate to a halt, and then begin rapidly accelerating towards the player 
-He may create a cluster of energy spheres that hang in-place until Levialous uses his next attack, where they will do 1 of 2 things: 
–They may all disperse outwards with no special abilities. This is more common when there are more of them 
–They may all accelerate towards the player with a mild homing effect. This is more common when there are less of them 
-He may open a rift in his chest that creates a black hole-like vortex that drags the player in. There are 3 variations of this attack: 
–He may teleport very close to the player before summoning it, and may teleport again while it is still active to catch unaware players 
–He may remain in-place, releasing spears of light that accelerate away from him. They are launched in random directions. 
–He may remain in place, but every few seconds charge up a deathray-type laser and fire it at the player 
Once down to 30 (40)% health Levialous will enter his 3rd and final phase 
“What point is there of trying to conserve my energy? This form is temporary!” 
Phase 3: 
Levialous becomes more aggressive, faster, and increases the amount of projectiles each of his attacks summon. Furthermore, the deathray attacks all take less time to charge. 
He mostly uses his attacks from previous phases, but gains a couple of news ones he sometimes splices into his regular pattern 
-He may release several energy orbs into the sky that slowly rain down from above for a while. They will curve towards the player slightly if they get close enough to them 
-He may launch a giant deathray skyward. For a while after, small deathray-type lasers will be blasted down from the sky. While the lasers are random, the places they fall are shown briefly before the lasers strike by a thin golden line 
Defeat: Levialous’ body begins to crack and crumble away as he gives one last monologue before fading away completely. Once Levialous is gone, as with Oblivion and Havoc, the sky will return to normal. 
In Normal Mode he can drop the Lucky Badge which sometimes allows the player to survive an attack that would have killed them on 1 HP and grants them temporary damage immunity, however the effect triggers less frequently the more it is successfully triggered. He can also drop a spear, sword, bow, magic staff or summoner staff. 
In Expert Mode he can drop the Gilded Crown which can be ‘used’ to transform the player into an entity with a similar appearance to incomplete Levialous, allowing them to fire deathray 
What would have been Levialous’ final form if not interrupted. The form he takes here is little more than an illusion granted to him by the Dream Caller, and is purely temporary 
-Dodges, dashes and teleports are, as ever, very helpful for this fight 
-As Phase 1 simply borrows attacks from his previous fights, rematching Levialous’ half-complete form can make for good practice 
Extra Info: 
-Levialous noticeably uses the 3 primary colours across all of its fights. It starts off Blue in its incomplete form, red in the half-complete form, and a yellowy gold in the complete form 
-Levialous’ ‘complete’ form is the only form to have his head shape actually change, as opposed to just a simple colour change that it had in its half-completed form. 
–This is also the only form of Levialous to not have some sort of shadowy cloak or tendrils down its back 
[Added: 23/2/21] 

40 – Reverence

Terraria - Boss Ideas 11 [21-40] 
Appearance: A silvery-white humanoid entity with a wispy flame-like head and legs that end in points. While it does have hands, it usually keeps its arms behind its back. It wears a silvery grey cloak with a golden collar and golden pauldrons, and beneath the cloak is wearing a gold and grey robe. 
Summon: Use the Silver Seal. The sky will turn a silvery-white, and both the moon and sun will take a golden sheen throughout the fight. Reverence will have a bit of dialogue before the fight, then strikes a combat stance before beginning the fight. 
Certain other attributes apply to this fight: 
-The Nurse will not be able to heal the player while Reverence is alive 
-All damage dealt to the player deals a minimum of 200 damage. Any damage below this is rounded up to 200 
-Most contraptions powered with wire do not work 
Furthermore, if the player gets too far away from Reverence, they are inflicted with a special variant of Purifying Flame that gets more intense the longer the player is away from Reverence, and also more intense the further away the player is 
Fought: Post-Behemoth 
Specification: Post-Garagon 
Special: Special Superboss 
Progression: Finale 
Health: 20,000,000 (30,000,000) (38,250,000) 
-1,250 (1,600) (Melee) (Can inflict Golden Flames – 25 (50)%) 
-1,165 (1,400) (Swords of Light) (Can inflict Golden Flames – 0 (20)%) 
-1,200 (1,485) (Parry, Pillars of Light) (Can inflict Golden Flames – 0 (33)%) 
-1,050 (1,200) (Misc. Magic) (Can inflict Golden Flames – 0 (20)%) 
-2,000 (9,999) (Final Strike) (Can inflict Golden Flames – 100%) 
Defence: 100 +20% Damage Resistance 
[All of Reverence’s attacks inflict Purifying Flame – 100%] 
Phase 1: 
Reverence usually teleports in-between attacks, though doesn’t often stay still for long. His attack pattern is usually highly aggressive, bombarding the player with attacks with little to no downtime. 
-He may appear a little distance away from the player, aligned vertically, and perform an immensely fast horizontal dash. The dash also summons several evenly-spaced Sword of Light projectiles both above and below the dash that all disperse rapidly 
-He may take a fencing stance with a sword drawn. The next attack thrown at him is deflected. True melee hits or minions are parried and deal no damage, and projectiles are parried back at the player, though deal a set damage 
-He may disappear. Dozens of white lines appear around the player at various distances and angles. After a short time Reverence will perform rapid slash attacks along all these lines, dealing damage if the player is in the way 
-He may summon several large pillars of light that are evenly spaced out over a great distance 
–He may also sometimes follow this up with the 2nd group of pillars of light that erupted from where the gaps were during the first set 
-He may release constant bursts of 4 spheres of light each, alternating between the cardinal and ordinal directions. After a short time they will gain a homing ability and accelerate towards the player, losing their homing ability roughly 1.5 seconds later 
-He may release bursts of 49 swords of light in all directions. Most of them are evenly-spaced, though there is a gap where a 50th would be for the player to pass through. There are 2 variants of this attack that affect subsequent volleys 
–The ‘faster’ variant has the gap always to either the left or right of the previous gap for subsequent bursts 
–The ‘slower’ variant has the gap be in a random position, though the swords gap’s position is shown briefly by the swords not immediately accelerating away from Reverence; giving the player a brief moment to reach safety 
-He may launch several slow but homing large fireballs that follow the player for a short time before exploding. When they explode they release smaller fireballs out randomly that accelerate outwards 
-He may launch small spears of electricity at the player that, when they reach the player’s position, become large ‘pulses’ of electricity. 
-He may create icy clouds that deal no damage but obscure some of the player’s screen. Afterwards, he will summon swords of light that fly in random directions near the clouds, being obscured by the clouds 
Once Reverence is taken down to 70% health he will enter his 2nd phase 
Phase 2: 
Reverence summons a large, roughly 200 block-wide circular arena that the player has to remain inside. Leaving the arena will cause the player to be inflicted with Purifying Flame until they re-enter 
Reverence does not gain any new attacks in this phase, and actually slows down a little to compensate for the reduced arena size 
Once Reverence is down to around 50% health he will enter Phase 3, de-summoning the arena as he does so 
Phase 3: 
Reverence becomes as aggressive as he was in Phase 1. He retains all of his previous attacks, and also gains access to a variety of new ones also 
-He may summon walls of swords of light. These are usually close enough together so the player cannot pass through them, though there is a gap for the player to pass through that usually spawns within a 20 block range of the player. There are horizontal and vertical versions of this attack, it can be used in succession, and horizontal and vertical versions can be spliced together when used in succession also 
-He may create several silvery ‘explosions’ in random positions in the general vicinity. The places they will appear are marked by pale white rings. There are 2 variants of this attack: 
–One has less explosions, but each explosion releases 8 small arrow-like projectiles in the cardinal and ordinal directions 
–The other has more explosions that trigger more quickly, but do not release any additional projectiles 
-He may create a large white deathray-like beam from his sword, similar to a pillar of light. The beam then rotates anywhere from 360-1080 degrees before stopping and fading 
-He may summon several rings of swords in random locations within his vicinity that rotate slowly. After a few seconds, they will all stop spinning and the swords will disperse outwards 
-He may summon several pillars of light from both vertical and horizontal positions 
–One variant has them all evenly-spaced, creating a grid-like pattern 
–Another variant has them randomly spaced, making the gaps random 
-He may dash at the player a few times in rapid succession with his sword, then appear above the player and go for a downward strike. Upon getting low enough or hitting a block several spheres of light are released from the sword that rises up randomly around him 
-He may summon countless spheres of light that simply rise up from below, accelerating very slowly 
-He may create a ‘bullet-hell’ of his swords of light, launching them in large inaccurate groups from one side of the player to the other 
–There is a horizontal variant of this attack, coming from either the left or right 
–There is a vertical variant of this attack, though all the shots always move downwards 
–There is a variant that uses both horizontal and vertical swords 
-He may create a large ‘burst’ of spheres of light from himself that create a large, complex, almost flower-like pattern. The spheres gradually accelerate away from him 
–He may also rarely follow this up with a 2nd burst that creates a different, but still complex, shape. 
-He may summon pillars of light rapidly beneath the player over the course of a few seconds 
–There is also a horizontal variant of this attack where they are summoned rapidly from the player’s sides 
-He may summon horizontal pillars of light far above and below the player. Several swords of light move between them randomly 
–There is also a vertical version of this attack that acts much the same 
Once Reverence is reduced to 0 health he enters the final phase of the fight 

40 – Reverence (Continued)

Phase 4: 
Reverence is invulnerable and ditches all of his previous attacks. 
-He will perform a Final Strike; a devastating slash whose path is revealed by a silvery ‘line’ briefly before the strike occurs 
He will use 5 Final Strikes on the player in total, slowing down gradually with each successive attempt. After the 5th he will stop and simply move to and stand still on the nearest bit of solid ground. 
Reverence will speak to the player once they approach him, saying something along the lines of 
“Ah, so Garagon was right to have an interest in you.” 
“I wouldn’t have discredited his judgement, mind you, but I had to see for myself.” 
“You hold potential beyond your years as a combatant, you know, and I must say I am impressed.” 
“Take this as a token of my gratitude and I shall bid you a farewell.” 
At this point, Reverence disappears into a pillar of light, and the sky returns gradually to normal 
An NPC version of the Lorekeeper Scribe can also move in and will sell a great variety of accessories and boss loot. She can also be spoken to and, much like the other Lorekeepers, will give some additional lore and history to certain characters 
Gives the Seal of the Shadow in Normal Mode, which transforms the player into an entity similar in appearance to Reverence. It is purely cosmetic, however 
In Expert Mode, he will also give the player the Seal of the Champion. This item is purely cosmetic, giving the player a cloak and outfit similar to Reverence’s 
In Master Mode, unlike other bosses, Reverence will also give the Seal of the Devoted instead of a pet or a mount. This item is purely cosmetic but can be placed for decoration 
In For the Worthy on any difficulty Reverence will additionally drop the Seal of the Worthy. As with the Champion and Devoted seals, this is purely cosmetic 
‘I know you’re very interested in knowing more about me and of my secrets, but I can’t just give away some of this information too freely.’ 
-Reverence is significantly harder than even Garagon due to having higher stats, a fast-paced and generally more intense fight, and even having stronger debuffs. 
-Dashes, teleports, and basically, any other means to increase survival are recommended 
–This includes items that can provide stationary flight or other means of sudden ‘burst’ mobility, as they can help maneuver around attacks and escape more punishing ones 
-Do not stray too far from Reverence, as you can be debuffed for moving too far away from his attacks 
-When he’s preparing to switch to Phase 2 it is recommended to approach some sort of ground, though not quite land. This provides a fair amount of dodging space with as little of the arena getting stuck in the ground as possible, but also still allows the player to land. Rows of semi-solid platforms are also a very good idea for this 
-The final phase of the fight is very simple and quite easy, though the tension may cause you to slip up. Just remember that keeping calm at the end and paying attention will likely secure you the fight 
Extra Info: 
-Of all the bosses in Boss Ideas 10 & 11 Reverence is the overall statistically strongest boss. His health is only beaten by the collective health of Reflux and its minions, and only loses in terms of damage to a select few ‘powerful’ attacks 
-Canonically speaking, Reverence is technically on-par with the Chaos Doppelganger. However, due to the rapid stat inflation of Boss Ideas 5, the stats do not reflect this 
-Reverence allowing the Scribe to move in as an NPC means that, in terms of summons, there is a full loop for the Lorekeepers and Reverence 
-Despite giving info about almost every other boss, the Scribe has little to say about Reverence 
–Furthermore, his Lore entry just seems to be a quote from him as opposed to actual lore 
-Reverence has ties to both Garagon and his allies and the Lorekeepers, linking him to a cast of recurring characters. However, despite this, Reverence has never been hinted at previously. 
[Added: 23/2/21] 

[Final Notes]

The 2nd part of Boss Ideas 11, released exactly 3 months after the original 
I’m aware that there’s a fair amount of humanoid bosses here, though I don’t think this is going to be another ‘Boss Ideas 8’ incident this time since they’ve all been fleshed out and have their own quirks and designs and whatnot. 
If you want more monstrous designs I may have something planned for the 3rd part of Boss Ideas 11 if I can get around to it soon, but I can’t really confirm anything yet at this part is still being made. 
There is still a link between 10 and 11 here, hence why I had ‘tiered’ superbosses and such, so I am creating a document in the future to help me balance things out. 
Unlike 10 and opposed to what I said before, I don’t think I’m going to end this at 40 as I was expecting to. I’m currently planning on ending Boss Ideas 11 when I either want to start some sort of new narrative or if the quantity of bosses becomes too crowded. I’ll say probably 60, as I think 80 would be too many. 
There isn’t an ‘Extended Lore’ page for this yet, though I’ll link it here when it is done: 
[Link’ll go here or something] 
Also, here is the first part of Boss Ideas 11 for anyone who ended up here without seeing the first part yet: 
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to leave suggestions and ideas and such in the comments. Comments are appreciated, even if it’s just ‘cool page’ or something 😛 
Anyways, see you next time 🙂 

Written by [Teleport Bread]

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Terraria – Boss Ideas 11 [21-40]; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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