Terraria – Best Settings/Key Binds

Terraria – Best Settings/Key Binds 4 - steamlists.com
Terraria – Best Settings/Key Binds 4 - steamlists.com
These are the settings I think are best for Terraria. Almost all of them benefit gameplay, while some are just for looks.



Settings can be important in games. If the settings fit you, you’ll play better. This guide will show you my personal favorite settings, in the case that you might want to use them as well. 

Key Binds

When it comes to keybinds, Terraria’s are pretty spread out. You want to move them closer to eachother, to sort of surround the W, A, S, D, because that’s where your hand normally is. 
Terraria - Best Settings/Key Binds 
These are my Key Binds. Quick mana, buff, and heal are all easily accessible, and so is smart cursor. I personally switched inventory key with the toggle map style key, so this way it’s closer to the W, A, S, D. 
Terraria - Best Settings/Key Binds 
These are my Key Binds for the hotbar. These binds makes it so the bigger numbers are closer to your hand, and easier to reach. 


Interface doesn’t have much you need to change, but here’s what I have: 
Terraria - Best Settings/Key Binds 
Tile Grid is useful for building and aiming. It fades out when you start running, and is off in smart cursor, so it shouldn’t bother you. Health and mana is easier to read when it’s set to bars, and in my opinion looks coolest overall. Minimap border is just optional, don’t have to change it to what I have equipped, select the one you like best. 


Cursor does not need any big changes. I just recommend you change cursor color to black, and cursor border to white. This makes it way easier to see your cursor the whole time. 
Also, make sure “smart block placement” is off, as it gets annoying when your in smart cursor. 


The only time video settings need to be changed is if your computer/laptop isn’t of the best quality, and Terraria lags a lot for you. 
If Terraria is laggy for you, here are some settings to change that could help at least a little: 
Quality: Auto-> Medium/Low 
Background: On-> Off 
Blood & Gore: On-> Off 
Miner’s Wobble: Enabled-> Disabled 
Windy Environment: On-> Off 
If your Terraria lags, sometimes just turning off or putting some of these lower will help. You don’t have to do them all. 

Written by MirageLoL

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Terraria – Best Settings/Key Binds, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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