Terra Nil – How to Unlock all 17 Achievements

Terra Nil – How to Unlock  all 17 Achievements 7 - steamlists.com
Terra Nil – How to Unlock all 17 Achievements 7 - steamlists.com

Welcome to this post We’ll discuss the Terra Nil – How to Unlock all 17 Achievements in this post, and we sincerely hope you find it helpful.

The full guide has been set up to be completed quickly. Most awards are obtained by reaching a game goal. More challenging accomplishments and labor-intensive maps are found after the list. Some accomplishments call for you to locate every animal. An underscore (“*”) is used to denote this. Here’s my road map.
A list of all regions’ scans – [steamcommunity.com]

Depending on the map generator, some accomplishments will be more straightforward. This implies that getting a clear map may require several restarts of the entire area. Alternatively, you might make a mistake that you can’t reverse. You might need to restart the process in such situations. Though annoying, it’s preferable to having to restart the entire area.

Restoration Achievements

Valley of the WindRestore the River Valley

– Complete and submit the first map. This is the first map you can do with a different profile.

Open-cast ReclamationRestore the abandoned Quarry

– This is second map in Temperate Region. Complete and restore the map.

Flooded IslesRestore the Archipelago

– This is second map in the Tropical Region. Complete and repair the map.

Northern GlaciationRestore the polluted Fjord

– This is a second map in the Polar Region. Complete and repair the map.

Urban RenewalRestore the Irradiated Sprawl

– This is a second map in the Continental Region. Complete it and restore it.

Global RejuvenationCompletely restore planet

– Complete 8 maps from each of the four regions. This will make the world view at 100% complete and earn you this achievement.

*Complete Biome Achievements

*Abundant LifeDiscover all animal species. Restore biomes and climate conditions in tropical regions.

*Beneath the SnowDiscover all animal types and fully restore climate conditions and biomes in polar regions

*Oryx and CrakeExplore all animal species and completely restore climate conditions and biomes to the Continental region

These three achievement descriptions will explain them well. This achievement may require that you restart the region more than once, but it is mostly trial & error to discover the needs of each animal. Completing a map will automatically determine the biomes. When you build your research station, you will see the climate conditions.

Aerial view

To take a full map screenshot, use screenshot mode

This can also be done at any point during the game. You can either click the “options”) button in top left corner or hit the escape key on the keyboard to open the “Options” (pause menu). Screenshot mode is third in the menu. It’s similar to camera mode for major games. Here you can choose which screen you want a shot of or the entire screenshot. This achievement will be available by clicking on either the camera icon or “Screenshot Whole Map”.

Note: The screenshots will be saved to a file on the desktop. This is not your shortcut folder. It lives on the desktop unless it is moved or deleted.


For at least 60 seconds, take in the beauty of Nature.

When you finish the map and the recycle ship picks the little boat up, it will show “wasteland recovered” in top left corner. From there you can choose to “Continue”, and “Appreciate”. The achievement will be given automatically when you click “Appreciate”. You can click anywhere you like to bring up the options and click “Continue” to go on.

Antarctic Oasis

Restore Volcanic Glacier while still maintaining at least 15 Lava Tiles

Although I could have earned it on my first Volcanic Glacier map run, I didn’t realize how important it was until I went back to earn this achievement. The trick is not to let the map drop below 0degC. Any lower than freezing will cause lava tiles to become stone. This means you have to earn the achievement first, then earn Beneath Snow the second time, or vice versa, since you can’t complete all the climate conditions and earn the achievement.

Minecraft Rocks!

In order to create rock, cause lava and river flow to meet

My third map in this progression was the Volcanic glacier map in The Polar Region. There are steaming cracks all over this map. The achievement should be automatically earned if you use a Seismic Detonator at one of the coasts. You can also earn it using the Abandoned Granite map. This unlocks after completing the Continental map Flooded City. You will need the Water Pump to create a river, and then the Seismic Detonator can be used on a nearby fissure.


25 buildings could be torched in a single incident

I was not intending to earn this so I’ll be using River Valley for this guide. But, you can do this with any map with the Solar Amplifier. You will want the area to be of a good size, at least medium to large, on the same levels, and all connected. Use the Toxin Scrabers to create fertile soil.

You should now be able to unlock the second stage and the Solar Amplifier. If you have an old Dead Forest tile that has been resurrected as a Forest, you can use your Beehive’s Beehive to create Fynbos on the land area you wish to burn. Count the buildings you have in your area and build the rest. ( Do not build on rocks, any building will go up in flames. )

You can use the Solar Amplifier with a Fynbos or River tile to light it on fire. You will earn the achievement as long there are enough buildings.

Marine Haven

Restore the tropical region where at least 40% is underwater

This award was earned using the Archipelago map. The Undersea Dredger can be used to control the amount of land included on the map vs. water. Once the map is at least 50% covered with land, stop using it and go through each phase.


Three bears are allowed to live on other hills in the River Valley.

The achievement description states that you will need three bears per hill, each with 10 tiles between them. I found that putting a hill in each corner and making sure the hills had Forest tiles nearby was sufficient for this achievement. It didn’t matter how the Beehives created Fynbos fields.

Perfect Location

Construct an Animal Observatory near the intersections of 4 different Tier 2 biomes.

This was the hardest achievement to achieve. I ended-up referencing
This guide – [steamcommunity.com]

You can find out how this works. Users say that the Tropical Region maps can be more difficult. However, I was able to earn mine with the Volcanic glacier map. The Volcanicglacier map will show a small hill at bottom of the map. This map will also have at least one Fissure. This achievement is easier to obtain if you own the hill and have easy access to the ocean. If you do it correctly, you will be able to get the achievement as soon as you place the Animal Observatory. If it doesn’t work, hover your mouse over the tiles to check which type of tiles you have nearby. I don’t think the tiles in corners near the Animal Observatory count. However, I did count the ones sharing a side.

Terra Nil - How to Unlock all 17 Achievements - Perfect Location - FF3B448


Continue with phase 1 as normal. I made the Seismic Detonator create the lava lake around the hill. After that, I left this corner as is. I then placed the Geothermal Plant on top of the hill. I left the area well alone so that I could work in phase 2 to earn the achievement.

Terra Nil - How to Unlock all 17 Achievements - Perfect Location - FE665AC


Once you finish phase 2, it’s time to work hard to earn the achievement. To start, I used Radial Excavator. This allowed me to create a volcanic lake and also collect dirt from the map. Once the Radial Excavator had been used, the Radial Excavator became full of dirt. With the Monorail Nodes, you can move the dirt to other places. Click on a Monorail Node to place the Radial Excavator near the ocean. This will cause your land to become a sheer rock that is connected to the Kelp forests tiles. This is the first step in phase 2.

Terra Nil - How to Unlock all 17 Achievements - Perfect Location - E7B97F7


Next, place the Greenery tiles onto the hilltop and in the new land. Depending on the position of your buildings on the hill, you must adjust the amount of Building Husk piles required for the Arboretum to make the Boreal Forest. It doesn’t matter as long as there’s one nearby that can spread the forest onto level where the Animal Observatory will reside.

Terra Nil - How to Unlock all 17 Achievements - Perfect Location - 3677DF5


The Irrigator is used to create Greenery Tiles before you begin creating the Boreal Forrest tiles. This is to plan how the Tundra tiles, which are floral-colored, will be placed near the Animal Observatory. If the Boreal Forrest Tiles are unavailable, they will occupy most of your tiles and make it difficult to complete the achievement. You can now create both floral-colored Tundra as well as the Boreal Tree tiles right next to Animal Observatory. These is the 2nd and 3rd phases of biomes 2. Phase 2 is the final step to obtain phase 3 tools.

Terra Nil - How to Unlock all 17 Achievements - Perfect Location - 3F67240

Phase 3 will complete the final biome. To help you locate the rocks required for the Lichen, see the boundary between the Tundra- and Boreal Forest tiles. You can use your favorite tool, Rock Hopper (aka Rock Yeeter), to throw a stone over the spot where you want the Animal Observatory. Place another Irrigator nearby so you can use an Algae Greenhouse on your Irrigator to create the Lichen. All four biomes will be available when you place the Animal Observatory.


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