Terra Invicta – Guide for Mathematical guide to Alien Threat levels

Terra Invicta – Guide for Mathematical guide to Alien Threat levels 1 - steamlists.com
Terra Invicta – Guide for Mathematical guide to Alien Threat levels 1 - steamlists.com

I've heard people suggest that you stay at a certain MMC Capacity or usage. Do or don't kill servants like the scummils they are. To do the minimum amount of the story or kill all aliens on Earth.
I haven't seen concrete proof to back up these tips. It is not something I have, but smart people in the Official Discord do.
(https://discord.gg/XBVqMZU) – []
This proof is available. They directly looked at the code, and then translated it into English for people like me. The Source is in the Discord, specifically in the "Alien Hate Mechanics” thread in the "Strategy Forum".
Lettuce can now begin.

When do the Aliens attack you?

It is crucial to understand that aliens hate you in binary. They have a hidden "Hate Level" (. Remember, what we see on the intel screen may not be accurate!) and at 50 "Hate", they will start blowing your stuff up.
This can be caused by obvious things like bombing ships, killing/detaining other aliens and beating up the Servants and Protectorate.

But what about MC

Using MC raises the "floor" to show how low it can go. This can be modified by difficulty. Cinematic is.05x. Normal is.4x (, or.3x if you use 0.3.21. Veteran is.6x. Brutal is 1x. This means that you can use 1,000 MC for cinematic and only 50 for Brutal to anger the aliens.
Remember that this is a minimum hate game. It is not advisable to go full hog or build to the limit difficulty limit Before after you have completed your story objectives.

What's the best way to piss them off!

The obvious stuff does at least, killing and capturing the Alien Xenoforms bring 10 hate while blowing up their ships brings more hate per ship type (1-for-1 with the "structural Integrity" line in the "Terra Invicta\TerraInvicta_Data\StreamingAssets\Templates\ShipHullTemplate.json" file)
What about the Protectorate and Servants? They "mirror" on the aliens when they start to take actions against them. If they make contact with aliens, this multiplies. They can increase their hatred by 10 directly by assassinating them. Other actions can also increase this hate, but not as much. Actions against the Servants will "Mirror". This is an increase of.25x of the aliens' hate. It can be increased to.5x if the Servants have made contact with the aliens. While the protectorate won't act the same at game start, they will mirror.3x hate towards the aliens once they have made contact.
Terra Invicta - Guide for Mathematical guide to Alien Threat levels - So what Does piss them off? - 2C9E5A3
This is a list containing all councilor actions as well as the hate they generate. Note: "Assault alien assets" does not apply to Xenoflora. "Detaining" Aliens counts towards an assassination

Can it go down?

It can! Every month, all human factions have hate. This is not the most elegant solution, but it allows them to send a Dreadnought instead of a Dreadnought to destroy the Mars base of Project Exodus.
The other way is also quite obvious. When they destroy stations or habs, the aliens say "Take that!" Their hatred for you drops by 5. Although I cannot provide hard facts about targeting priority, I can say that they prefer undefended targets. I'm not sure what they end up doing.

What should I do?

This is where we get into subjective terms. However, one can still use the above information for guidance to help you stay focused and ready to play your own game.
There are two ways to do it, according to what I can see. You can do the minimum until you have Tier 2 Defense Modules for Stations and Habs. After that, go all out. Waiting until you get "construction platform" and making sure that every base/station has one. Then, just play the Amish from the one Family Guy skit while beating the aliens/servants to death.
I prefer the Latter of the two, but it is worth the few habs lost from keeping the Servants down.
What about starting nations? The EU is the best start, I believe. The USA is large and powerful, but you are spending CP on armies that you don't need right now.
China and India are promising, but it takes a decade to get them up and running.
While the US may take longer to get off the ground than EU, you can use the more efficient IP gains of smaller countries into precious, precious MC. "But can't you just make MC in space?" You may be asking, but to make MC in that way you will need to spend MC. Operations centers are costly to maintain, and require Nanofactories which require even more MC. It becomes very difficult to control the situation.
32 hate will be earned by completing the kill and capture Alien objectives plus destroying an Alien Destroyer ((ignore corvettes at the beginning)). You should be fine as long as too didn't kill any of your mars base servants before you got Construction Platforms.
You can now get Railguns, visible Arc lasers, and Tier 2 station defenses. After navigating the early game, you can now consolidate control on the inner planets and exploit the asteroid belt to get ready for the offensive.


Written by Logion567

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Terra Invicta – Guide for Mathematical guide to Alien Threat levels, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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