Teleporter Guide in Lethal Company

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Teleporter Guide in Lethal Company


Hey there, fellow Lethal Company enthusiast! Are you trying to figure out the ins and outs of that slick gadget, the Teleporter? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve got the lowdown on how to snag one and use it like a pro.

Ready to become a teleporting whiz? Let’s dive in!

So, what’s the deal with getting your hands on a Teleporter in Lethal Company? It’s all about the credits, friends. You need a cool 375 of them to grab this game-changer from the Terminal Store Menu. Here’s a little trick: keep an eye out for items that rake in at least 100 credits daily and gather them up before time runs out.

Here’s a hot tip: partner up! While you’re out and about, have your buddy keep tabs on the Terminal Radar. They’ll spot the good stuff, those green triangles on your map, and also give you a heads-up on any nasty surprises or traps. If things go south and you kick the bucket, no sweat—your pal’s there to snag your loot so all is not lost.

Now, here’s a key piece of advice: patience pays off. Don’t go selling your stash willy-nilly. Wait until that quota deadline hits zero. Why? Because then everything sells for top dollar, a whopping 100 percent of its value. Sell earlier, and you’re just throwing money away. Hold off for the big payday.

Got those 375 credits through savvy scavenging? Great! The Teleporter is all yours. Just hit up the store by pressing E, typing “store,” and bam, you’re in. Scroll down, find the Teleporter, hit enter, type “confirm,” and you’ve officially got teleporting power at your fingertips.

How to Wield Your New Teleporter Like a Boss

Got that Teleporter? Sweet! Head over to the ship controls, look for the button and press E. That glass cover will slide right off. Now, this bad boy teleports whoever’s on the Terminal Radar, so if you need to change your target, just tweak the Radar’s camera settings. Hit up the Terminal, type “View Radar,” then “Switch,” and you’re golden. Just remember: teleport and your gear stays put, and there’s a 10-second cooldown to keep things fair.

So, Is the Teleporter a Game-Changer or What?

When things get heated and those otherworldly baddies are on your tail, the Teleporter is your best bet for a quick getaway. It’s not a moving van though, so don’t count on it for hauling your treasures. Items don’t teleport with you, which is a bummer if you’re trying to shuffle stuff around. But for a hasty retreat? It’s your go-to gadget.

Remember, the Teleporter’s not your ticket for fast travel or moving loot. It’s all about that sweet escape, leaving your items to tell the tale. So, is it worth it? Absolutely, if staying alive is your game. Just make sure you’ve got your escape plan down, because in Lethal Company, things can go from zero to “yikes!” real fast.

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