Team Fortress 2 – Weapon and Items Negative Additive Attribute

Team Fortress 2 – Weapon and Items Negative Additive Attribute 1 -
Team Fortress 2 – Weapon and Items Negative Additive Attribute 1 -

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This is a complete list of additive-type traits for TF2 weapons and items.

I reorganized the attribute descriptions based on Weapons/utilities and items that are more combat strategic in character. Seasonal and additive visual effects were removed from this collection.
The official TF2 wiki content deserves credit for this.

The attribute of Negative Additive

Weapons and other items: Negative additive attribute


  • airblast disabled

    There is no air blast

  • can overload

    The chamber can be overloaded and result in a misfire.

  • cannot detect intelligence

    Wearer isn’t allowed to carry the briefcase or the Time JACK that is PASS-TIME

  • crit does no damage

    Critical hits do no damage

  • crit_dmg_falloff

    The range of a weapon can cause significant damage

  • crits_become_minicrits

    Minicrits in the same way as it would be Critiques

  • Dragons fury

    Alt-Fire: Repressurization of -50%

  • energy weapon building is not an unwise idea

    Deals only 20% damage to buildings

  • freeze backstab victim

    Backstab is melted in ice

    (tbh no ice popsicle

  • the grenade does not explode upon the impact

    Cannonballs don’t explode upon the impact

  • health drain medic

    Wearer receives a %s1 health regeneration per second

  • hit self on miss

    Miss: Hit yourself. Poopy head.

  • holster_anim_time

    You will take less time to holster your weapon

  • honorbound

    Honorbound: If you draw it once it inflicts 50 damage to you unless you kill it.

  • The craze is back!

    Air jumps receive a lower boost

  • item_meter_resupply_denied

    Spawning and resupply are not a problem for the gas meter.

  • item_meter_starts_empty_DISPLAY_ONLY

    Start emptying your gas meter

  • lose demo charge due to the damage caused by charging

    Shield charging can reduce the remaining charge time by taking damage

  • causes damage is not as well-known.

    Boost reduced when hit

  • mark for death on building pickup

    Self-mark for death when carrying buildings

  • Max Health Additive Penalty

    %s1 max health on wearer

  • max pipebombs decreased

    %s1 max pipebombs out

  • melts in fire

    Regeneration occurs in %s1 secs and by picking up ammo

  • mod ammo per shot

    Per Shot Per Shot: *%s1 ammo

  • mod use metal ammo type

    Metal is used for ammo.

  • mod wrench builds minisentry

    Replaces the Sentry with the Mini-Sentry. Mini-Sentry

  • mod_cloak_no_regen_from_items

    No Cloak Required

  • mod_disguise_consumes_cloak

    Normal disguises require (and require) an entire cloak-meter

  • mod_maxhealth_drain_rate

    The maximum amount of health is drained when the item is in use

  • Dispensers don’t offer primary ammunition, but is active

    Dispensers are inactive , and there is no ammo in stock

  • NoCloakWhenCloaked

    Ammo boxes that are invisible are not covered by meters that are cloaked.

  • projectile spread angle penalty

    +%s1 degrees random projectile deviation

  • pyrovision only. Display only.

    Only visible only in Pyroland

  • repair health to ratio of metals Display only

    When building repairs are completed When repairing buildings, %s1:1 ratio of health-to-metal

  • self mark for death

    You are Marked-For-Death while active, and for short period after switching weapons

  • SET BONUS: alien isolation merc bonus neg

    Increased Melee damage resulting from Isolationist Pack Set

  • SET BONUS: alien isolation xeno bonus neg

    Increased Nostromo Napalmer damage taken from Isolated Merc Set

  • sniper fires tracer

    Fires tracer rounds

  • Headshot sniper is not available without full charge

    No headshots if the battery is not fully charged

  • sniper no headshots

    No headshots

  • sniper only fire zoomed

    It is impossible to fire unless zoomed.

  • burst mode with sticky-air

    The surface is shattered by bombs that were hurled

  • Sticky Arm Time Penalty

    The time for bomb arm is %s1 slower

  • uses ammo when aiming

    When spinning up, it consumes an additional %s1 of ammo per second

    Bonus: Cosmetic Negative Additive Attribute

    add jingle to footsteps

    All you need to do is make a jingle

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