Team Fortress 2 – Way To Fight Bots

Team Fortress 2 – Way To Fight Bots 3 -
Team Fortress 2 – Way To Fight Bots 3 -
All Team Fortress 2 Community Should Read All Of This


Bot Crisis

First What is Bots? 
I dont know why people call them “bots” 
but they cheaters. 
most of them are sniper and they using aimbot 
i am going say to Types of the bots 
and how to deal with them 

Racist Bots

Team Fortress 2 - Way To Fight Bots - Racist Bots 
they all sniper some of they name is “valve β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯killer” 
some of them using voice chat 
some of them using normal chat 
or both, 
using aimbot and wallhacks 
or spinbots 

Normal Bots

Again they all snipers using aimbot 
Does Nothing Just To Kill Players 

Copy Bots

Team Fortress 2 - Way To Fight Bots - Copy Bots 
This bots Copys Your Name And Profile Picture 
And Does Nothing Just To Kill You 
I Dont Know How They Doing It πŸ˜€ 
but if you share that will be good for all of us 
Write on the comments 

Music Bots

Opens Music 
Cannot Be Muted 
Uses Aimbot And Wallhacks 
Just To Annoy You 

Sound Bots

This Bots Dont Opens Music Just Sounds 
Always Plays Sound To Annoy You 
and again they spinbots and aimbots, wallhacks 

Deal With Them

First All Bots Copys Someones Name And PP 
Press Tab 
Find the Victim 
Who Got Copyed Name And PP 
If its Sniper That Must Be The Bot 
if Victim is sniper to look for cosmetics 
Victim Haves cosmetic? 
if he has that must be the victim 
if he dont and wearing cosmetic 
and he using the Miskin Camper 
that must be the bot 
oh you dont sure? 
look the profile if the steam account dont created that must be the bot 
if he has look for the hours of playing tf2 
oh bot copyed your name? 
you should kick them that would be 
it will be easier 
Tell in the chat someone copyed your name and you going to kick him 
dont forget to report 
and look for the rank 
You Dont Sure All Of this? 
type status in Command 
The user id of a player haves high numbers that is the bot 
type in command callvote kick (userid) you going type bots user id 

Why They Doing It?

They Doing For reactions 
they enjoy the reactions of you 
its funny right? 
you just say yo red can you kick your bot 
and they say ok. 

Dont Say This Words

You Know reactions 
they enjoy if you say some of this 
for example say yo red can you kik the robot 

What Should Valve Do?

they are trying to find a solution 
but there is something called ip ban 
what is ip ban? 
ban your ip in the game and you cant play if you open a new account 
you cant get in to game 
They do that in csgo and that worked 
with that bot crisis will be over 

if you enjoy pls donate steam points



Written by Shadow OF Dada

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Team Fortress 2 – Way To Fight Bots; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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