Team Fortress 2 – [TF2] MvM loadouts Guide

Team Fortress 2 – [TF2] MvM loadouts Guide 1 -
Team Fortress 2 – [TF2] MvM loadouts Guide 1 -
This guy will describe the best weapons for each class, their purpose, and how to use them in MvM.



MvM is TF2’s co-op game mode where you and 5 other people all work together to defend manco. from robots. Each wave you survive you get more and more money and are able to buy upgrades to help yourself in the ever increasingly difficult rounds. 
And today I will be telling you the best weapons for each class and how to more effectively use them. 
Now not all weapons are created equally in MvM, some weapons that are good in casual like the Tomislav are useless in MvM whereas a weapon like the Brass Beast that is useless in casual is probably the best minigun in MvM(who needs a silent spin up and faster spin-up time when you can have more base damage). 


Great for knocking robots back. When using the weapon you should really use it to knock robots back that are in the way of you collecting your money. 
Soda Popper 
More offensive than the Force-A-Nature. Great for escaping a horde of robots with the charge-up multi-jump ability. 
Mad Milk 
Good for getting health for you and your team in a pinch. Throw the Mad Milk into a big horde of robots when your Medic is having a hard time keeping everyone healed up. 
Bonk! Atomic Punch 
Good for running into a horde and collecting all the money. When there is a lot of money on the floor and you know you will die if you try to pick it up drink the Bonk! and your good to go. 
When you hit a robot with the Fan-O-War the robot takes mini-crits for every shot after for a few seconds. Not much more to say. 


Black Box 
Every robot you hit you heal 15 damage which can save you in a pinch. I would recommend upgrading the clip size to make up for the lost DPS. 
Buff Banner 
The mini-crits this grants when fully charged are a godsend. I would recommend upgrading the Buff Banner duration time and then playing more of a supporting role around your medic and heavy so you can charge your banner up and give your heavy mini-crits. 
The Escape Plan 
Run fast when on low health, good for a quick getaway. I would upgrade swing speed to the max on tank rounds because it can deal good and consistent damage. 
The Equalizer 
Do more damage when on low health, could save your life against those pesky scouts. I would upgrade swing speed to the max on tank rounds because it can deal good and consistent damage. 


Stock Flamethrower 
Does good consistent DPS and the air blasts are useful against crit soldier and demoman rounds. I would recommend maxing out the ammo capacity. 
Does better DPS than the Stock Flamethrower but it is a bit less consistent (have to charge it up to get maximum DPS). Can’t airblast so I would recommend upgrading your explosive resistance on your Pyro. 
The Gas Passer 
The first upgrade you should buy as pyro is the explosive Gas Passer upgrade. I would throw it at big hordes of robots as it can kill them all or do massive damage. 
The Power Jack 
As Pyro you won’t really use melee as your Flamethrowers are close range. The Power Jack is good as it allows the Pyro to run faster and heal health on kill. 


Grenade Launcher / Iron Bomber 
These two are pretty much the same, just use them in the same way as you would in casual. Not much more to say really. 
Scottish Resistance 
The best weapon for taking out the most robots in a single click. Just before a wave starts either get kritzed by a Medic or use a kritz-canteen then place down all 14 stickies for maximum damage. 
Not much to say tbh. 
A bit riskier than the other options for melee but if you can take out a couple of low health robots you can get a nice health bonus. 
The Scotsman’s Scullcutter 
Deals more damage at the expense of movement speed. Use as a last resort. 


The Brass Beast 
Great for taking out robots just don’t rev down. I recommend upgrading rev speed. 
The Natasha 
Good for slowing down Scout robots going for the bomb and big robots. Just upgrade the damage on it. 
The Stock Shotgun 
Good backup for when your minigun runs out of ammo 
The Gloves Of Running Urgency 
Can run to get ammo faster or run-up to the front lines faster 


The Rescue Ranger 
This is an essential weapon for Engineers in MvM. There is no way you can survive without the Rescue Ranger. When the sentry buster runs over to your sentry and starts to explode press Mouse 2 on the Sentry to pull it away. 
The Wrangler 
The Wrangler is so good against Soldier and Demomen because of the shield that absorbs 66% of damage not to mention that using The Wrangler increases the sentries firing. 
The Stock Wrench 
Better than the Jag for tanking damage. 


The Blutsauger 
The Crusaders Crossbow is kind of useless when you can just upgrade your miniguns healing speed. With The Blutsauger you can shoot into a horde of robots to get some health back. 
The Kritzkreig is so much better than the medigun. Why just become invulnerable when you can get an extremely high DPS. You can also just buy an ubercharge canteen and then pair it with the Kritzkreig and take out anything. 
Uber Saw 
You shouldn’t really be actively pulling out the Uber saw to get ubercharge but if there is a sentry buster walking past you can get a few swings in to get your ubercharge back. 


The Hitman’s Hitmaker 
When you build up the focus you don’t have to scope out of and you can just keep hitting successive headshots again after again and do lots of damage. 
The Jarate is like the baby between the Fan-O-War and the Mad Milk (deals mini-crits when you throw it at people). Use like the Mad Milk and throw it at a big horde of robots. 
The Cleaners Carbine 
Charge up the Crikey Meter to get mini-crits pair with The Bushwacka on the tank. 
The Bushwacka 
Pair with the Jarate for critical damage. Upgrade the max swing speed and combine with The Cleaners Carbine on the tank and you can pretty much solo it. 


Let’s be real, the Spy is useless in MvM. His slow, meticulous, and sneaky play style just doesn’t fit the high DPS required for MvM. Just please don’t use Spy in MvM if you don’t want to get kicked or unless your playing with friends and they are cool with it. (I’m sorry Spy mains 🙁 ). 


That’s about it thanks for your time and I hoped it helped 🙂 

Written by Lerious.

This is all about Team Fortress 2 – [TF2] MvM loadouts Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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