Team Fortress 2 – Positive Additive Attributes (Weapon and Items)

Team Fortress 2 – Positive Additive Attributes (Weapon and Items) 1 -
Team Fortress 2 – Positive Additive Attributes (Weapon and Items) 1 -

Welcome to this post We hope you find the following page, in which we detail the Team Fortress 2 – Positive Additive Attributes (Weapon and Items) Guide, informative.

The following is a list of the TF2 items’ additive type characteristics.

I reorganized the attribute descriptions based on weapons, utilities, and other items that are more focused on battle strategy. This list was updated to eliminate seasonal and additive visual impacts.

Positive Additive Attributes

Weapons, items, and positive additive attributes


  • add cloak on kill

    +%s1% cloak on kill

  • add onhit addammo

    Hit: Damage is returned as ammo

  • afterburn immunity

    Afterburn effects are not something you should be afraid of.

  • aiming no flinch

    No flinching at all when you aim and fully charged

  • air dash count

    Grants Triple Jump while deployed

  • Alt Fire Teleport to spawn

    To choose to teleport, either to spawn your exit teleporter, or to teleport to it, press your reset key

  • ammo gives charge

    Ammo containers collected also give Charge

  • arrow heals buildings

    Fires are a special bolt for repairing friendly buildings

  • attack_minicrits_and_consumes_burning

    Mini-crits lighten targets and extinguish them. Damage increases based off the amount of afterburn.

  • auto fires fullclip

    Hold Fire to load up 3 rockets

  • backstab shield

    Blocks a single back attempt

  • will become fireproof when it is hit with fire

    Hit by Fire – Fireproof for 1 second; Afterburn immunity for%s1second

  • bleeding duration

    On Hit – Bleed for %s1 Seconds

  • boost on damage

    On Hit – Builds Boost

  • boots falling stomp

    Deals 3x falling property to the player you land onto

  • fire damage earns hatred

    Dealing damage can help you build ‘Mmmph.

  • cannonball push back

    Cannonballs are a way for players to rebound from impact

  • charge time increased

    %s1 sec increase on charge duration

  • clipsize increases on kill

    Clip size increases with kill

  • closerange backattack minicrits

    Mini-crits targets if fired at their backs from close range

  • crit causes victim to laugh

    Critical hit forces fall prey to laughter

  • crit from behind

    Always important to hit from the behind

  • crit Kill will gib

    A critical hit can dismember an enemy. Painfully.

  • critboost on kill

    On Kill: 1 second of 100% critical opportunity

  • damage all connected

    All players connected by Medigun beams can be hit

  • Damage applies to sappers

    Sappers are removed from the scene by damage

  •  disguise on backstab

    After a successful backstab, you quickly disguise as your victim

  • dmg pierces resists absorbs

    Attacks penetrate damage resistance effects and bonuses

  • dragons fury positive properties

    Burning players are subject to 300% damage

  • Health pack for Death

    Kill: A small pack of health supplements is dropped

  • enables aoe heal

    Alt-Fire is a healing effect that applies to all nearby teammates

  • Energy weapon charged shot

    Alt-Fire – A charged shot

  • energy weapon no ammo

    Does not require ammo

  • energy weapon no deflect

    Projectile cannot easily be deflected

  • energy weapon penetration

    Projectile penetrates enemy objectives

  • engineer building the teleporting pickup

    Alt-Fire, Use %s1 Metal to Pick Up Your Target Building From Long Range

  • extinguish gets revenge crits

    Alt-Fire, Extinguish coworkers to ensure critical hits

  •  extinguish restores health

    It restores %s1 Health by extinguishing colleagues

  • falling_impact_radius_pushback

    Push enemies away when you land (force based on velocity, radius based ot radius).

  • fixed_shot_pattern

    Fires are a wide, fixed shot fire pattern

  • flame_spread_degree

    Likely to have different fire particle hitbox

  • full-charge turn control

    Full control of the charging process

  • grenade no bounce

    Grenades have very limited bounce and roll

  • gunslinger punch combo

    Always crits your third punch in a row.

  • Fastfire Heal on Hit

    On Hit: Increase your health up to +%s1

  • heal on kill

    +%s1 health after killing

  • health on radius damage

    On Hit – Gain up to +%s1 of your health per attack

  • health regen

    +%s1 Health regenerated per second for wearer

  • hype on damage

    On Hit: Builds a Hype

  • increase player capture

    +%s1 capture on wearer

  • item_meter_charge_type_3_DISPLAY_ONLY

    Gas meter increases with time and/or damage

  • jarate duration

    Scoped Hit – Apply Jarate for 2 to 1 seconds depending on your charge level.

  • Lunchbox with maxhealth Bonus

    +50 max heat for 30 seconds

  • mark for death

    On Hit – One target at a moment is Marked for Death, making all damage taken mini-crits

  • max health add-on bonus

    +%s1 Maximum Health on Wearer

  • max pipebombs increased

    +%s1 Maximum Pipebombs

  • Medigun charge is resists

    To cycle through resist type, press the reload key.

  • minicrit vs burning player

    Minicrits 100% vs. Burning players

  • minicrit_boost_charge_rate

    Dealing damage fills charge meter.

  • minicrit_boost_when_charged

    Secondary fire when charged grants minicrits for 1 second.

  • minicrits become crits

    Crits whenever it would normally be minicrit

  • minigun no spin sounds

    Silent Killer – No barrel spin sound

  • mod bat launches balls

    Alt-Fire is a ball that slows down opponents

  • Mod bat launches ornaments

    Alt-Fire launches a festive ornament that shatters, causing blood to flow

  • Modification Crit While Airborne

    Deals for crits while the wielder jumps rockets

  • mod Flamethrower back Crit

    100% Critical hits from Behind

  • Mod Flaregun fires pellets with knockback

    Flare knocks back the target on hit

  • mod mini-crit airborne

    Mini-crits targets launchable by explosions or grapple hooks.

  • mod no reload DISPLAY ONLY

    No reload necessary

  • See enemy health

    Allows you see enemy health

  • vengeance

    For each sentry kill, you will get 2 revenge crits and 1 for each sentry assistance when your sentry gets destroyed.

  • mod shovel damage boost

    When the user is hurt, the damage increases.

  • Mod Stove Speed Boost

    When an injury occurs, the user’s movement speed increases.

  • no self blast dmg

    No self-inflicted explosion damage was taken

  • boom headshot

    Criticisms about headshot

  • Ring Of Fire, while aiming

    When spun up, creates an arc of flames

  • sanguisuge

    On Backstab, Absorbs the victim’s health.

  • sapper degenerates buildings

    Reverses enemy building construction

  • sapper kills collect crits

    Each recipient will receive one guaranteed critical hit

  • scattergun has knockback

    Knockback to the target and shooter

  • SET BONUS: alien isolation merc bonus pos

    Increased Nostromo Napalmer harm against Isolationist Kit Set

  • SET BONUS: alien isolation xeno bonus pos

    Increased Melee Damage to Isolated Merc Set

  • Set DamageType Ignite

    Hit: Target is engulfed with flames

  • silent killer

    Silent Killer: Backstabs are not an attack sound

  • sniper crit no scope

    Shooting shots is independent of zoom: Charge and fire shots

  • sniper penetrates players when is charged

    On Full Charge: Projectiles penetrate players

  • sniper rage DISPLAY ONLY

    To activate focus press ‘Reload.

  • speed buff ally

    Hit Teammate – Boosts speed of both players for several second

  • speed_boost_on_hit

    On Hit: Gain a speed bump

  • speed_boost_on_hit_enemy

    Hit an enemy player and get a speed boost

  • speed_boost_on_kill

    Speed boost for kill

  • stickies detonate stickies

    Able to destroy enemy stickybombs

  • sticky arm bonus

    %s1 Second faster bomb arm time

  • sticky detonate mode

    Detonates stickybombs close to the crosshair, and directly under your foot

  • cloak victim on hit

    Hit: Victim can lose up to %s1% of their cloak

  • subtract victim medigun charge on hit

    Hit: Victim loses up %s1% Medigun offense

For Team Fortress 2 – Positive Additive Attributes (Weapon and Items), see this guide. Please let us know in the comments below if you find anything incorrect or outdated, and we will attend to it as quickly as possible. I hope that today turns out well for you. Thanks to creator and writer Derply [Commission Closed] for motivating this post’s creation. If you liked this post, you should check back regularly because we publish new information every day.

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