Team Fortress 2 – Medic tips n’ tricks!

Team Fortress 2 – Medic tips n’ tricks! 1 -
Team Fortress 2 – Medic tips n’ tricks! 1 -
This is guide will show you new Medic player how to play as the German Medicine Man. (also this guide is ispirated by Array Seven videos also I’m not a medic main, I’m a engineer main so anything that you want to add show me on the comments!)



This section will show you wich loadouts to use on games.

First loadout:
Crusader’s Crossbow
Medi Gun

Second Loadout:
Overdose/Crusader’s Crossbow

Third Loadout:
Crusader’s Crossbow

Fourth Loadout:
Crusader’s Crossbow/Blutsauger


This section will show you some scripts or binds to use when playing Medic.

alias +saw “slot3; +attack; bind mouse1 “+weapontoggle2”
//stops attacking
alias -saw “-attack;”

//Ubercharges, change if you want
bind “SHIFT” “+attack2”

bind “MOUSE2” “+saw”
alias defsaw “bind MOUSE2 +saw”

//Scroll Wheel binds
alias “meleetoggle” “slot1; -attack; bind mouse1 “+attack””
alias “weapontoggle” “slot2; bind mouse1 “+attack””
bind mwheelup meleetoggle
bind mwheeldown weapontoggle

alias “+weapontoggle2” “slot2; +attack”
alias “-weapontoggle2” “-attack; bind mouse1 “+attack””

//Medigun Multiuber Script v1 by AegisXOR
alias “+uber” “alias healc +heall;+attack2;wait 2;-attack2;wait 15;healc”
alias “+heall” “+attack;wait 2;-heall”
alias “-heall” “-attack;wait 2;healc”
alias “healc” “+heall”
alias -uber “alias healc”
bind mouse2 +uber

Text Binds:

bind MOUSE2 “+attack;say_team **Übercharger used KILL THEM ALL**”
bind MOUSE4 “say_team **Übercharger 50%**”
bind MOUSE5 “say_team **Changing to Kritzkrieg/Quick-Fix or Vaccinator**”

Who to heal:

The first thing you need to look is:

Who is low and who is full health or who is overhealed
Lets take a look:

Here we have a Heavy with 50 hp
Here we have a Soldier with 199 hp
And here we have a Medic with 10 hp

Who you gonna heal?
its simple the Medic cuz he can help you healing the others
next is the Heavy with 50 hp
and then the Soldier with 199 hp

Dont you never heal the Soldier first cuz he can just rocket jump away from you and spam “e”

Other examples
Here we have a Engineer with 100 hp
Here we have a Scout next to a dispenser and a medkit
and a Sniper with 125 health

Who you gonna heal?
Simple the engineer cuz he is with 100 hp and if you overheal he a sniper not gonna be able to kill he with a headshot
next is the Sniper with 125 same thing as the Enigneer
The scout dont need heal cuz he is next to a dispenser and a medikit

Heal priorities:
Theres 3 Factors you need to understand

Preasure relates to who is being attacked at any time this take a huge priority over all other instances when healing whoever’s on the a*s end of an a*s-kicking needs the health more than anybody else once the player is being attacked either wins or pushes out thats when you can shift your attencion.

Damage is straightforward if the preasure condition isn’t an element then you can resort to healing by health lowest to highest this factor has some fluctuation to it, however depending on the situation of how hurt is your teammates are and how much creek eels have built up over time you can vary the distribution up accordingly but when in doubt.

Availability is a bit different basiclly if neither of the two contributors are in play you resort to who you have the least amount of time to heal, under most other circutations Scouts Soldiers and possibly Snipers are most often the ones that are going to be gone faster than silly bandz, keeping people from grouping around you is key and being abble to get people to help they need and then spark to kick them out the doors essential focus on whoever needs a buff or heal for a few seconds before they pinch off n’ lay down some more sweet sweet and mercy.

Also give your Snipers some heal to they not get headshoted on the start of the round, and dont forget to overheal the Engineer too

Better Positioning

The factors are:

Hing ground
Health + Ammo
Easy Escape

A good place is where you have all of these 3 things
A bad place is where you have one of these 3 things
And the worst place have none of these 3 things

Lets take a look:
You are on defense and you have:
A dispenser a ammo pack and a medkit
A area denial gun
and a place to run away

The blu team starts to push and you required to run away
Now you are on the the bad place only a place to run away
The engineer shows up and build a dispenser to help you
Now you have 2 of these things
The engineer runs away to get some metal and places a sentry on the point
Now you are some safe, the blu team pushes again and take the point destroying the engineer builds and making you run away now you are on the worst place you have nothing of these, the blu team kills you and make you rage what you do now, you heal some people at the point you have 70/80/90/100 Über you start to push the blu team and take back the good place.

Written by engineer gaming

This is all about Team Fortress 2 – Medic tips n’ tricks!; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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