Team Fortress 2 – How to play pyro ?

Team Fortress 2 – How to play pyro ? 1 -
Team Fortress 2 – How to play pyro ? 1 -
1. Do not use Phlogistinator, pyro should protect his team.
2. If your aim suck use Scorch Shot.
3. To help engiess i would change my male to Homewrecker
4. Dont use Sharpened Volcano Fragment its terrible
5. Backburner is brocken I dont recomend using it.


how to pick pyro

when round starts press 3 


1. Backburner is brocken i dont recomend always using it 
2. If u cant aim use Scorch Shot 
3. I dont recomend using Phlogistinator 
4. Never use Sharpened Volcano Fragment 
5. While playing vs machine use Gas Passer 

helping ur team

1. Spycheck 
2. Be with engineers 
3. Airblast 
4.Take pyro as a defending class 

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