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Tattletail – Gameplay Basics & Controls 1 - steamlists.com

This guide will help teach you on how to survive Mama and make it through the night until christmas! (Yes I realize I’m about 4 years late, but it’s fine)

Simple Gameplay Basics/Controls

WASD is your basic movement controls.
W is forward
A is Left
S is backwards
D is right
Shift is to run, Running creates noise.
E is to interact, most actions you have to hold E to use.
Space is to jump, although there is rarely reason TO jump.
Right click to shake your flashlight, Your flashlight is given to you on the second night, shaking it creates noise.
Noise appears on the top right of your screen and shows you if you’re making too much sound, noise will be touched up more on Mama’s Section.
Tattletail’s needs appear at the top left of the screen, this will be touched more on in tattletail’s section.
Little eggs appear around the map every so often, grabbing them is not essential to beating the game as you can still win without them but are better to get than not, don’t worry if you think you missed one and want to collect them, you are capable of replaying chapters at later points.

Baby Talking Tattletail!

Baby Talking Tattletail!
Now comes with so many new features, and is your new friend!
Tattletail’s needs appear at the top left.
Battery – Battery is recharged at his station inside the Basement, this takes the longest to go away but longest to use/recharge. When low it causes Tattletail to make an annoying humming sound that he won’t stop, while repeating “Uh oooohhh…”
Hunger – Hunger is refilled by feeding tattletail at the fridge, this goes down moderately fast but is doesn’t take too long to feed tattletail.
Groom – Grooming is refilled by brushing tattletail at the brush in the living room, this goes down moderately fast but doesn’t take too long to brush tattletail.
Light – While not seen on the board, Light is still a need tattletail has, when in too dark of an area tattletail will become scared and start crying out.
Tattletail can also randomly make noise, unless when in Mama’s Hunting Mode then Tattletail will stay quiet. Otherwise, when any of his needs are low he will start making noise, causing things to be attracted to where you are.
Although looking quite simple, Tattletail is going to be the most annoying friend on your journey, good luck!

Mama Tattletail!

Mama Tattletail!
Now with more DVDs released, containing training tapes on how to… [MAMA IS NOT FOR SALE]
Mama Tattletail, The monster you are up against.
Mama you can first see on Night 2 after getting the flashlight, but only after you on Night 4 and beyond.
When the lights go out, Mama is in her hunting phase, she will appear in a random spot on the map and look around, you can see her red eyes in the dark hunting you down.
1: You are standing really close to her.
2: Knock on Mom’s door when Mama is hunting you.
3: Make noise close enough to her that she would be able to hear you, or she sees you and you’re close enough and you make noise.
Mama will kill your flashlight really fast if you look at her, but here is some tips on how to avoid her and that:
1: Listen for the grinding noise, it can point to her location (Obviously)
2: Mama doesn’t kill your flashlight instantly, you can look at her and look away quickly without your flashlight instantly dying, do note that your flashlight will still lose some battery.
2.5: Regarding tip 2, you can use peaking around corners, or looked at the ground in order to prevent your light from going out. And never look around, looking around too much can in turn you see mama, hurting your light.


Night 1/December 20th
This level has little to no danger, it teaches you simple basics and then you move on.
Night 2/December 21st
This level has little danger too, it teaches you how to recharge the battery, and how to use the flashlight, and it teaches you how mama kills your light. You cannot die in this level despite there being mama, but you can try, tell me if you manage to get yourself killed
Night 3/December 22nd
This level has some danger, Tattletail will make a mess that you have to clean up and mama will be lurking, although you will not have tattletail annoying you, making avoiding mama a lot easier as long as you don’t make any noise that would make her kill you.
Night 4/December 23rd
During this night, Tattletail and his friend wants to play hide and seek, when tattletail’s friend is hiding, mama starts lurking, each time he hides it takes longer for him to hide, and such is when mama enters her hunting phase trying to kill you. Starting from 30 seconds, to 1 minute, to 1 minute and a half. After his friend is done hiding 3 times the night ends and you can continue.
Night 5/December 24th/Christmas Eve
Tattletail will appear in your room, with your flashlight, you must have to go out and open the cellar door to reach the basement this time, your goal is to collect parts for a party for Mama. It doesn’t really matter to feed or groom or give battery to the tattletails, as they reset when picking it up again or getting a new one, though ones in the garage or in the living room both have one stat missing, the garage one missing it’s food, and the living room needing grooming.
Upon getting everything you must grab your tattletail and get cupcakes, festive lights, and candles. At which you realize the party is to banish mama, you must put tattletail down and then light the candles, once you do you then rewind the tape, and finally the Seance begins.
You must survive mama as you run around the basement finding the candles she hid from you, they are all hidden within vases you must destroy, they are randomly spread around and all cause noise, meaning you have to be careful, as you are limited to the basement, and so is mama. As long as you can get far enough from mama and break the vases you need it’ll be easy as you don’t need tattletail.
Once this is done rewind the tape again and you will be done.

Christmas Day

Once you reach here, the game is done! You finally beat the game and survived, you can now open your gift and enjoy!
Though, you may have realized there’s more, the eggs are what you need for a more favorable ending, there are only 22, and if you’re at the ending, might as well grab the hidden egg within the stocking, once you get them all (Mostly using chapter select, or replaying through it and looking around) you should be able to get the good ending, giving you a brand new flashlight and a better ending.
The flashlight is a golden one, which lasts twice as long, has a better light, and causes slightly less noise.
Once you do this you basically did it, or did you?
The kaleidoscope is an update that you should have fun through too, but good luck, oh and I suggest bringing the golden flashlight with you down that path!

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Tattletail – Gameplay Basics & Controls; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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