Tape to Tape – Tips and Tricks – Campaign Guide

Tape to Tape – Tips and Tricks – Campaign Guide 2 - steamlists.com
Tape to Tape – Tips and Tricks – Campaign Guide 2 - steamlists.com

Hey there, welcome to this post, Tape to Tape – Tips and Tricks – Campaign Guide.

Tips, Tricks and Strategies for campaign mode in the PC hockey game Tape to Tape.

Beginning to get started

This is my very first guide, and I will try my best to keep it up-to-date. it.

Take Dash.

Dash is particularly effective against the 1st boss Referees during face-offs. Make sure to activate Dash once the puck is dropped to steal or intercept the puck. Make sure to check frequently after puck drop to determine if Dash is activated, as you will gain speed advantage.

I would recommend against buying new Superstars and Skills from the Blademaster shop too early. The more Superstars or Skills you purchase, the less chance you have to get the Skill/Superstar you’re looking for at the beginning of an adventure. First, you should save your rubbers and then build up Angus McShaggy to make him more adequate. I would prefer to upgrade Angus’ stats to lvl6 across all categories. After that, I’d stop because the conversion rate is 45 Rubbers per stat point.

Take the example of Rory McShaggy.

Rory is an athlete who is balanced, he excels at both defense and offense. If you see Triple Twig on a run, grab it and use it on Rory. Once you’ve unlocked the other Superstars Rory becomes obsolete but Rory is the most effective choice to start off with because he isn’t doing anything bad.

Calvin Dord is a great sniper, but he is slow and unable to play defense or check well. His Yo-Yo is good for dekes and creative shots however, it’s one of his weaker strengths. Kelly Jelly is extremely quick and adept at playingmaking has poor shot accuracy as well as terrible shot power and poor tackling. Her speed enables her to play better defense than Calvin Dord. She is a pro in Spin-O-rama that makes her immune to poke checks and contact. You can also use it to deke and intercept passes as well as defensively to disrupt the puck handlers of opponents.

Rory is the best of the starters, but Kelly Jelly is the most enjoyable. She can fly around the arena and beat everyone with the puck, weaving through the defense and make plays, but she’ll need statistics and offensive traits to be a more effective goal scorer.


The ability to gain randomness is pretty bad especially if you have an existing ability that you’ve constructed around it because a random ability traits will replace it.

Active Abilities are better for Superstars, but I would still use passive talents for benchwarmers.

Headshot Redirect is a bad skill since it can knock your teammate down. It is sometimes effective against an opponent, but it is inconsistent and requires you to shoot the puck regardless. IMO this is a wasteful shot. It is better to use other abilities while taking shots on the net and redirecting it with your allies stick. I would only use Headshot Redirect if you are trying to achieve the feat.

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