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Tannenberg – Summary and tips 1 - steamlists.com
Tannenberg – Summary and tips 1 - steamlists.com

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Summary and tips


What is all this about, you ask? And to the fact that if absolutely all points go to the piggy bank of the level, then only “green” points go to the piggy bank of your squad level. The game thus encourages us to act together – and in general, the experience is faster, and the only way to pump squad levels is not at the speed of a snail. It’s another matter how to work together with random or with bots in general, but this is a topic for another conversation…

And yet, how to quickly grind squads? The advice is simple, although it may scare many away: play with bots. There is nothing to do: the more intense the battle, the less chance you have to earn “green” experience, even if you play as a cohesive team, because the officer is also the same fighter, who additionally has responsibility in the form of abilities and command, which means he physically often cannot keep up everywhere, given the chaotic nature of the battle. While playing with bots, you will have plenty of time and opportunity to act the way you need.

So, how I do it: we create a custom match, password-protected, we put our opponent a support squad (so as not to interfere with gas and shelling), a low level of AI, 64 bots and, if the game is for the Entente – the Carpathians, in the case of the Central Powers – Baltic or Poland.

Why? By trial method, personally, these cards seemed to me the most suitable for shooting dummies on the one hand, tightening on the other. It is not profitable to play as a commander, any other class is needed, but the order must remain in the positions we need. If there is at least one enemy point in the neighbors, the order you set, in case of maintaining positions, will not be canceled.

In the case of the Carpathians, this is the “Fortified Buildings” point, we need to capture it and shoot hordes coming from the position of a 305-mm gun, or from a Church, for this a position on the second floor of the house is well suited, with periodic climbing on the roof.

In the case of the Baltic, this is the central point, the AI will advance on a wide front to all three positions in the center, and from here it can be easily shot.

In the case of Poland, these are haystacks and the shooting of hordes of opponents fleeing from headquarters.

And do not forget about the /sethqcaponly true command, which you need to write to the chat so that the match does not end prematurely due to the stupidity of allies / opponents. You can additionally enter /setbotdamage 0 so that bots don’t kill you, if desired.

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