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Tales of the Mirror – Achievements and Walkthrough Guide 1 - steamlists.com

This is an uncompleted guide for what I figure out so far. It would be very nice if anyone can help me finish this guide. And plese point out if you notice I’m wrong, thank you!


  • Remember to try talk all available topic to all of the character you meet and explore the place as much as you can. I only mark the improtant part.
  • There are also combine clue that lead you to the wrong reasoning. But if you aim for the achievemnt then you still have to go for them anyw. I only mark the improtant clue which can use to question and combine to the right clue.
  • If you find it annoying to check which line to mark, just mark them all, then in combine mode, use button next to combine button to find out which line is clue and which is not. But there also necessary lines that NOT clue.
  • When you go back to the tavern, if the mirror have a speech balloon “…” it mean you should talk to it about the “words”.
  • Money trick: You can buy Hong’s (Hangchau, Black Market) or Kiuh’s (Nanking, Teashop) stuff and sell with higher price at Pawn shop (Hangchau) or Maoba at General Store (Nanking). You need to got 20 taels before go to Nanking for Filthy Rich achievement. You’ll unlock Workaholic achievemnt when you get 30 taels.
  • Take note in your calendar 15 times FROM OR AFTER Aug 15 to get Contemporary literatus achievement. If you take note before that day it won’t count.


Hangchau – Part I

[Shin’s Residence]
I picked a purple robe for him…🖌
→I will think of something
Prefect Hu:
→List pros and cons
Coroner Song:
The victim was killed…🖌
→He was beaten?
There was a struggle before he…🖌
Anyw, look, after…🖌
The cuts on the neck match, but the face…🖌
[Spring Tavern]
The words game remove from the game English version so you automatic got the Big brain achievement here.
Give her Frost Lagon
Waiter Quian:
Buy 2 more Frost Lagon
Note: If you wanna get You get one evryone gets one! achievement, buy 3 more Frost Lagoon and give it to anyone at Spring Tavern.
Ugh, fine! I found an…🖌
→Haggle over the price
Hwang Pwan:
Give him Frost Lagon
But I can vaguely…🖌
→Was he carrying anything?
A birdcage…🖌
Chief Kiau:
→What is distressing you?
Open package > 👁 Dirty Recipe, Read Sliced Pork Belly with Mashed Garlic, then click […] to talk to the mirror.
It reads two grams…🖌
Click on Chief Kiau, go to Mirror Notes and click the line you just marked.
Pick ingredients like the picture below and you get Master chef achievement.
Tales of the Mirror - Achievements and Walkthrough Guide - Hangchau - Part I - C9343D2
When you go back to the tavern, click the closet and change to new outfit to get Newbie ahievement.
[Shin’s Residence]
Five hundred taels…🖌
Talk to Hieuh Wu
[General Store]
Chau Hei-hing:
Purchase: Oil Soot Ink, Weifang Paper Kite or Dove Toy Cart, Powder Puff, Agrimony Juice, Florat Sachet.
Tso Tsing:
It must’ve been between…🖌
It was a man…🖌
Then he disappeared…🖌
What as he wearing?…🖌
Not a problem…🖌
[Black Market]
Lady He:
→The case
Big Ear Ting:
Herbs Master:
→What you buy here will decided different version of the character side story later and which achievement you will get. And you can only buy once for the first time you talking to him, so you need to replay 2 times if you wanna get those achievement.
When you buy his stuff, keep 1 copy of:
Magnate Mirror Fell for Me
Unyielding Grip
Yongzi Stone Pieces
[Shin’s Residence] – Morning of Day 3
Go into the house where San-niang sit and then talk to Hieuh Wu.
Give him Wooden Mushroom Carving
[Yang Residence]
Talk to Yang Tsing-chi
[Ko Residence]
Ko Yuen
→A strange rare bird
Ko Yuen-li:
Note: If you read the letter before give it to San-niang, you unlock Enemy made achievement.
Ko Yuh-hung:
Gift her Powder Puff
Every second day of the week…🖌
[Shin Residence]
Gift her Letter for San-niang and Wooden Mushroom Carving
You unlock Well used achievemnet here
Use Ko Yuh-hung “Every second day of the week…” character note on San-niang
After this, go to Shin Residence at the morning of Day 8 or any second day of the week.
[Wang Residence]
Wang Si:
And my son. My father…🖌
Wang Tan-tan:
→A new toy?
Give him Weifang Paper Kite or Dove Toy Cart
Right now, just the three…🖌
You can max trust with him by give him the second toy, but it won’t give you achievement nor more clue so I don’t recommend do it.
Talk to Chun Hwa, in interact with the chicken for 50 times for get Cluck cluck achievement.
Talk to Wang Si again, then use Wang Tan-tan’s note just now on him.
[Wang’s old reseidence]
Old Dog Wu:
→Give fifty copper
→Give the money
Does a sprained ankle…🖌
I saw him sprain his…🖌
Hmm. Well it was his…🖌
Use the mirror and mark the Bamboo basket.
Check you letter box to find Old Dog Wu’s letter
Coroner Song:
He had a sprained right…🖌
[Spring Tavern]
I kind of remember…🖌
Especially that damn Wang Si!…🖌
Talk to Chief Kiau.



  • Coroner Song: “There was a struggle before he…” and “Anyw, look, after…”
  • Old Dog Wu: “Hmm. Well it was his…” and Coroner Song: “He had a sprained right…”
  • Peh Jun: “Both the deceased…” and Tso Tsing: “It was a man…”

Now you can prove the victim is Shin Hiu.


Prefect Hu:
→Peh Jun: The killer foot…
→Jin San-niang: I picked a purple…
→Peh Jun: First the killer…
You unlock Perspicacious achievement
After successfully prove the victim is Shin Hiu, that night, you will receive letter from Big Ting Ear. After talking to him, you can go to Nanking.
Nan Chau:
After talk to him, gift him Oil Shoot Ink and wait for his letter to come.
When you got his reply, go talk to him.
His hometown was…🖌
Then go meet Wang Si and use Nan Chau’s “His hometown was…” or Pearl’s “I kind of remember…” note on him.
[Shin Residence] – Morning Day 8
or any 2nd day of the week
→Beat around the bush
→Make the prescription
The mini game remove from the game English version so you automatic got the Hippocrates incarnate achievement here.
[Ko Residence]
Talk to Ko Yuh-hung
After this, when you go to General Store, you will meet a “new” character there.
[General Store]
Talk to the “new” character near general store
→Old friend
You unlock Friend of the year and Male model achievement
Tso Tsing:
Give him Frost Lagoon
You unlock Matching achievement
If you like, go to talk to San-niang before go to Hangchau Dock.
[Hangchau Dock]
You unlock Map of Hangchau achievement when you go there. Congrats! You’ve done with the game first part.
Tales of the Mirror - Achievements and Walkthrough Guide - Hangchau - Part I - 5BCDCF7

Nanking – Part I

[Tea Shop]
We have Kiuh here who similiar to Hong!
Note: Keep buying until you only have 5 taels or below left to get Hoarder achievemnt.
Bug Eye Lo:
He’s recently made a fortune…🖌
[Magistrate Residence] – Day time
Talk to Chai Wu
→Flatter him
[Temple of Crowing]
Buy the Love Talisman for 1 tael for the In the NAME of love achievement.
Get fortune telling here for 10 days for Devout believer achievement.
[Tsu Residence]
Use the mirror to check the woman picture and the second jade (behind Kiang Ki-hien).🖌
Use earrings in a painting object note on Kiang Ki-hien.
Humph, I see. But it’s a pity…🖌
Aha, Eh? That makes a perfect pair…🖌
→Seven hundred copper
[Liang Residence]
Liang Wu-kiueh:
Use the mirror to check the antique shelf at the far right, which have signature of Tsu Ying-shu🖌
[Liang Residence’s backdoor]
→A pa*serby
[Tsin-hwai River bank]
→Please give me three skewers, buy 2 of them.
Pick slightly-spicy and give Chang Pu to get Two broke girls achievement.
Give her the super-spicy one to get My generation example achievement.
After gain Chang Pu full trust, that night, she’ll sent you a letter. Go to Liang Residence’s backdoor after that, then go to Liang Residence.
Yuen Tsing-tsing:
Give her Unyielding Grip
After talking to Yuen Tsing-tsing and Deputy Nie, the next time you go to Tsin-hwai River bank you will meet Master Chang.
[Nanking dock]
Old Man Kiang:
That guy was quite young…🖌
[General Store]
We have Maoba here, who similiar to the Pawnshop in Hangchau.
Kwan Chin-hin:
Chau Joh-yeh:
→Growning old and lonely
If you have Magnate Mirror Fell for Me, give her
You unlock Sisterly love achievement.
If you buy Truth Serum, then this is the chance to take it out and use it on her.
You unlock Don’t lie to me achievement.
[Jade House] at night
→Take a look
Buy both of the outfit to get Twotwo achievement
Madam Jade:
→Liang Wu-kiueh’s money
Go in and talk to all 4 ladies.
[Xu Residence]
Xu Lingling:
After read his letter, go meet him again
It was the scent of…🖌
Madam Xu:
Grandma Xu:
I only paid her…🖌
Bug Eye Lo:
→Ask the price
If you already meet Master Chang, then talk about him as well →Inquire
After talk to Bug Eye Lo, go to Jade House next night and talk to 4 ladies there again
→Not the lady I’m looking for x4
Then when you go back to the tavern, Bug Eye Lo sent you a letter. Go to Jade House and talk to Zhongli. Before pick all the 2nd option for hair, outfit and makeup, you should mix up the wrong style to get Gentleman Behavior achievement, the pick all the 2nd option and you unlock Dress fashion achievement.
[Rosy Pavillion]
Madam Jade:
→Analyze and explain
Note: If you pick Rouse her feeling here you will get bad ending.
What of it? He appeared…🖌
Dark blue.🖌
How could I forget?…🖌
Not a chance. He came…🖌
Use the mirror and mark the Frost Lagoon to get Love Lagoon achievement.



  • Madam Jade: “Dark blue.” and Old Man Kiang: “That guy was quite young…”
  • Peh Jun: “Liang Wu-kiueh seemed to…” and Madam Jade: “Not a chance. He came…”
  • Peh Jun: “Liang Wu-kieuh arrived in…” and Coroner Song: “The victim was killed in…”



[Nanking Goverment Office]
→Liang Wu-kieuh was not at the scene…
→Liang Wu-kieuh seemed to have…
→Liang Wu-kieuh arrived in…
You unlock Truth uncovered achievement
After this, you got letter from Xu Chao-chao and Madam Jade, go meet them. You will also get the invitation of Liang Wu-kiueh to the banquet.
[Hwa Residence]
Use the mirror and mark Incense Burner (The exquisitely…), then the white tree outside to get Beauty in the paradise achievement.
Talk to Hwa Pu-mien, then go to Tsin-hwai River bank.
[Tower of Melody]
→Buy one
→Picking Osmund
If you make a bet with Yuen Tsing-tsing, go back to the Tower later and she’ll give you money.
You also meet Tso Tsing here, just give him the blessing.
Yuqin the Enlightened:
→Tell the truth story
Give her Hand-written Divinatory Charm
Lemon Qiqi:
→Pay a compliment
Give it Agrimony Juice
Go back to the Tsin-hwai River bank again and break the spell as the image below.
Tales of the Mirror - Achievements and Walkthrough Guide - Nanking - Part I - B89C950
You got Master of Yin and Yang achievement.
After saving Ni Kau-rh, go meet her at Hwa residence, give her the pill and gain Vet achievement. Then go back to the Tower of Melody to talk about the bet with Yuen Tsing-tsing. If you use Truth Serum then you also meet Tso Tsing and Chau Joh-yeh there and get Matchmaker achievement.
When the Houseboat unlock, go there.
Tales of the Mirror - Achievements and Walkthrough Guide - Nanking - Part I - 5CF7F0A
Congrats! You finish the second part of the game. You should have unlock Map of Nanking achievement now.

Nanking – Part II

If you get the Resurrection Powder from the Herbs Master, you can use it to save Liang Wu-kiueh here and get Reinvigorate achievement. I didn’t try, but if my guest is right, you can only max Madam Jade trust and gain Friend of the century achievement only if you could save Liang Wu-kiueh. If you not save Liang Wu-kiueh and give Resurrection Powder to Yuen Tsing-tsing, you unlock Justice served achievement. If my guess is right, this also help you max trust with Yuen Tsing-tsing and gain Inseparable achievement.
This part extremely tricky, as everyone except Peh Jun all have motive to kill Liang Wu-kiueh. But the game also give you enough hint to find out the real murder. It was the table that need TWO people to spin, and someone go in halfway.
From this point, I recommend you to use the mirror every place you go to see the whole picture of the situation. Again, I only note down the necessary parts.
After the incident, go talk to Xu Chao-chao, Liang family and Chang Pu. Chang Pu will leave the door for you to eavesdropping at night, 5th of every week day. When eavesdropping, if you make it to 20 steps, you unlock Master of stealth achievement.
When Chang Pu send you a letter, go meet her and give her Yongzi Stone Pieces.
[Tsu Residence]
After talk to Tsu Ying-shu, use The Right Cabinet note on him.
Oh! I remember. Of course…🖌
Kiang Ki-hien:
Rumor has it…🖌
Then use the mirror to mark:
Lanmei (wintersweet)…🖌
Nux vomica…🖌
Then go to meet Madam Jade, talk to her and use “Rumor has it…” note.
[Magistrate Residence] – Night time
Magistrate Kau:
→Exchange presents
Give him Picking Osmund.
Click on the picture behind Magistrate Kau point out the diffrent between them.
Tales of the Mirror - Achievements and Walkthrough Guide - Nanking - Part II - 0A01322
After that, go to Magistrate Residence at day time again and talk to Chai Wu:
→Both are fake.
Go to Tower of Melody, give Baofu Self-admiring Lady, you gain No business no damage achievement.
Go back and give Chai Wu, give him Rivers and Mountains After a Rainy Autumn. Now you can go to see the golden bird and unlock Unforgettable achievement. Use the mirror to mark the cage.
You go here after talking to Xu Chao-chao, Liang and Tsu family.
Bug Eye Lo:
The sins of the father…🖌
Try to buy the Golden Dagger then talk to him.
This dagger is pure gold…🖌
Then go meet Xu Chao-chao and use this note on him.
Both the hilt…🖌
Then after that, wait for Xu Chao-chao letter and go meet him again.
It’s no surprise that he’s…🖌
[Hwa residence]
Hwa Pu-mien:
→I don’t think it was suicide
Use the Incense Burner note on him.
→You are looking for a human guinea pig for your medicine.
Use Bug Eye Lo’s “The sins of the father…” note.
→Memebers of Liang family.
→Why did you accept the banquet invitation?
Ni Kau-rh:
One is nux vomica…🖌
Go to Liang Residence again to find Ning Shin-li in her room. Use the mirror to mark “Eh? What’s this…” and use Slip of Paper object note on Brother Miaoshan. Then go back to meet Shin-li again. If you buy the Pill of Forgetfulness, use it on her, you unlock Have a Malteser achievement. If you don’t have it, just talk to her then talk to Liang Wu-yuh.



  • Magic Mirror: Plant 7 and Ni Kau-rh: One is nux vomica…
  • Magic Mirror: The right cabinet and Tsu Ying-shu: Oh! I remember. Of course…



→Prime suspect: Tsu Ying-shu
→Pen Jun: Tsu Ying-shu owned Liang…
→Move the cup to Tsu Ying-shu, click done. Then move the cup to Liang Wu-kiueh.
→Partner in crime: Kiang Ki-hien
→Someone from the Tsu family laced…
Sherlock Holmes achievement unlock
[Temple of Crowing] – Morning
Because you can only meet Jasmine there that the morning.
Give her Floral Sachet
It smells a bit familiar…🖌



  • Jasmine: It smells a bit familiar… and Magic Mirror: Plant 1
  • Grandma Xu: I only paid her… and Bug Eye Lo: He’s recently made a…
  • Magic Mirror: Jade Carving 2 and Xu Chao-chao: It’s no surprise that he’s…
  • Magic Mirror: Birdcage and Tso Tsing: Then he disappeared…
  • Peh Jun: There’s something peculiar about the… and Shin Hui’s head was…

Congrats, you finish the 3rd part and now we can go back to Hangchau.
Tales of the Mirror - Achievements and Walkthrough Guide - Nanking - Part II - 80A56AC

Hangchau – Part II (Final)

Note: This is the part that I only finish half way and still not figure out the right clue for the final trial, though I already guess the result and will have spoiler talk about it.
Now, if you go to the Hospital, you will meet Chang Pu there. You can also go meet other like San-niang, Ko Yuh-hung, Chau Hei-hing, etc.
Coroner Song:
Give him the Golden Dagger
This dagger was Shin Hiu’s?…🖌


→Killer: Tsu Ying-shu
→Peh Jun: Tsu Ying-shu committed…
→Peh Jun: Kiang Ki-hien sold…
→Xu Chao-chao: Both the hilt and…
→Peh Jun: Shin Hiu’s head was transported…
→Peh Jun: Shin Hiu’s head is most probaly buried…
Sole explanation achievement unlock
[Wang’s Old Residence]
Use the mirror and mark “the bamboo basket…”🖌
Old Dog Wu:
→Give the money
but I could just about see him…🖌
Use both note just mark on Wang Si later.
Ni Kau-rh:
Well, the excavated soil kind of…🖌



  • Ni Kau-rh: Well, the excavated soil kind of… and Old Dog Wu: but I could just about see…
  • San-niang: “Five hundred taels…” and “Especially that damn Wang Si!…”

Now that pretty clear that the head belong to Wang Mao – Wang Si’s younger brother. But all my clue lead to conclusion that it’s Wang Si’s father and I’m got stuck now. You have to get 3 clue:
→The head was Wang Mao’s
→The one buried under the tree could be Wang Mao
→Wang Si long coveted Shin’s family hefty bounty (which the only useful combine clue I have.
After got all, go to the Yamen for the final trial. You unlock Logical deduction achievement.


Other Achievement

Chess grandmaster
Talk to Tsiu Ching-tsz after unlock Hospital location (Hangchau) AND not the 2nd day of the week. You will get it when you solve the chess match.
Make 8 people have lower their trust to you. You automatic lost trust of Ko Yuh-hung, Yuen Tsing-tsing and Jasmine for the first time you talk to them. That make 3.
You lost trust of Lady He if you rejet her offer for the fist encounter.
You lost trust of Big Ear Ting when you don’t pay him for the first encounter.
You lost trust of Ko Yuen if you pick An ominous creature for the first encounter.
You lost trust of Chau Joh-yeh if you talk about Tso Tsing and pick Getting married (request Tso Tsing max trust).
You lost trust of Chang Pu if you don’t said you’re friend of Liang Wu-kiueh for the first encounter.
Negotiator & Silver tongue
Successfully use note to question for the 10 & 20 times.
Breadcrumbs & Piecing it together
Successfully combine 15 & 25 clues, whenever they are the right clue or not.

Written by Bánh

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Tales of the Mirror – Achievements and Walkthrough Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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