Valheim – Full basic guide 9 -

Valheim – Full basic guide

February 5, 2021Steam0

A full compilation guide about Valheim. This guide is still work in progress Introduction Welcome warrior! In this guide you will find usefull information about […]

Valheim – The StagBreaker 3 -

Valheim – The StagBreaker

February 5, 2021Steam0

Help with the stagbreaker hammer and abusing it. How to Get StagBreaker After beating the first boss, head towards the Black Forest. Once there, set […]

Valheim – Basics & Info 1 -

Valheim – Basics & Info

February 4, 2021Steam0

A guide in development for Valheim. All suggestions, feedback and others are welcomed! The bigger the guide the better the support.Here i will place the […]