Tactics Ogre: Reborn – Required Skills + Loyalty and Recruit units

Tactics Ogre: Reborn – Required Skills + Loyalty and Recruit units 1 - steamlists.com
Tactics Ogre: Reborn – Required Skills + Loyalty and Recruit units 1 - steamlists.com

This guide, Tactics Ogre: Reborn – Required Skills + Loyalty and Recruit units, explains how to recruit units in battle and the basic skills required in-game. This guide is intended to provide a basic overview. I’m sure someone (who has more time and patience could create a much more detailed guide. This is just for reference.

Here are some key points.

  • First, training missions are not a place to recruit.
  • Second, some units cannot be recruited (such as the two Griffons who appear with the Beast Tamer in chapters 2 –
  • Third, you can use Chariot Tarot to rewind the process and try again. However, before you do this again, you need to change the RNG. Doing the same thing again will result in the exact same outcome). If you have failed to recruit, you can rewind and then move to the opposite side of the unit to recruit.
  • Fourth, you want your unit to be as healthy as possible. You want to be there for them if they have any problems.

Skills required

It would be best if you had the skills related to your race to recruit units.

  1. Recruit: Human & Winged
  2. Coax: Lizardman & Lamia
  3. Subdue: Beast (Griffon, Octopus, etc)
  4. Tame the Dragon
  5. Control Golems: Golem & Pumpkin
  6. Master Undead – Skeleton & Ghost
  7. Demon’s Pact – Orc, Imp, & Zombie (although Zombies are technically Undead, they are not counted as them) recruitment
  8. Fey Pact: Fairy
  9. Seraph’s Pact – Divine


These are the classes that have access to each skill.

  1. Clerics, Knights, Paladins, Princesses, Rangers, Songstresses, Princesses – Recruit
  2. Coax: Buccaneer, Patriarch/Matriarch, Wizard
  3. Subdue the Beast Tamer
  4. Tame: Beast Tamer
  5. Control Golems, Warlock/Witches
  6. Master Undead: Necromancer
  7. Demon’s Pact – Lich
  8. Fey Pact: Rogue, Shaman, Vartan
  9. Seraph’s Pact – Clerics, Divine Knights, Priests, and Princess


Each unit has a loyalty (that changes depending on). You can check the available loyalty of a unit by clicking on the help option and underlining its name. It will display a line indicating their loyalty range based on alignment. It is easier to recruit units whose loyalty is lower than theirs.

(This information is taken from a reference posting on the GameFAQs board)


  • Lawful: This unit is your ally in all things.
  • Neutral: This unit supports your every decision.
  • Chaotic: You are a worthy leader and can do no wrong in the eyes of this unit.
  • Creature: When you draw near, this beast purrs like a kitten.


  • Lawful: This unit often speaks for you to win over others.
  • Neutral: This unit is supportive of your decisions and shares an understanding.
  • Chaotic: This unit is willing to sacrifice its own interests for its cause.
  • Creature: A loyal companion has been taken to you by the beast.


  • Lawful: This unit supports your decisions more often than not.
  • Neutral: Although not openly discontented, this unit will not speak for those who are.
  • Chaotic: Although not openly discontented, this unit does not try to keep counsel with its members.
  • Creature: Although it is still wary of you and your food, this beast is happy as long as it gets its food.


  • Lawful: Although not openly discontented, this unit is often at odds to your decisions.
  • Neutral: This unit is averted when spoken to and often refuses simple questions to be answered.
  • Chaotic: This unit often expresses its disapproval of your decisions.
  • Creature: This creature feigns fear in your approach.



  • Lawful: This unit has become more vocal in criticizing your decisions.
  • Neutral: This unit sees you with cold, distant eyes.
  • Chaotic: This unit doesn’t open its mouth, but complains.
  •  Creature: The same as above.


  • Lawful: This unit can openly defy you in front of others.
  • Neutral: You’ve often seen this unit staring at your face with thinly disguised hatred.
  •  Chaotic: This unit seems to hate you and not only disagree with your decisions openly.
  • Creature: This creature crouches like it might suddenly spring on you.



  • Warning: Sending your unit into battle at this point may cause it to abandon your army permanently.
  • Lawful: This unit has lost all faith and can’t look you in the eye while speaking.
  • Neutral: This unit sees you as a threat and will use violence to eliminate you.
  • Chaotic: This unit sees you as a threat and uses violence to get rid of you.
  • Creature: The same as above.


Written by LordBlade

This is about Tactics Ogre: Reborn – Required Skills + Loyalty and Recruit units; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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