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You will find a detailed guide and some aspects of the game in this article. Also, you can find keybinds if you get stuck.


Hi there, just wanted to let you know that this guide is still in WIP. This means that it is still under construction.

I will be updating this guide as i have other things to do and trying to find the time to complete this guide.

Anybody who loves you all, go rescue those hostages and defuse those bombs

Happy hunting

Lobbying and co-op

Welcome to Tactical Assault

lets get started




If you’re looking to play coop with your friends, you can choose coop from your main menu. Next, navigate to A pc (most Left) and cross coop (middle). Cross play coop means you can play with your quest friends.


Clicking on either of these buttons will spawn a lobby. A van is in front of you. You can create a lobby with your keypad or make a code. You can also set it to private. If your lobby is not private, other people can join you by entering the same code.


If you wish to join someone, you will need to navigate to the right of the van. There are two options: join someone by entering a code or join them randomly from your tablet

I will add more detail to this version later.


You can open your menu by pressing LEFT control and the B button index (i believe it is Y on quest). If the menu does not appear, it could be due to a technical problem or you need to try again.

Once you have done this, you will see a variety of buttons. The two main ones we are focusing on now are SPAWN DEFENDING Enemies or SPAWN AGGRESSIVE Enemies

DEFENDING ENEMIES is, as the name suggests, defending the building behind a van

AGGRESSIVE ENEMIES are aggressive enemies that will kill you wherever and whenever you are.

Buttons and Settings

Here are some useful tips:

OPEN MENU Pressing ur trigger on your left controller and (index), B (quest), Y simultaneously will open ur menu. This may be behind you, or you may need it multiple times as the time window is limited.

FIREMODE: With your primary hand/the hand ur holding (index) A/ (quest) X for firemode

FLASH LIGHT:With your secondary hand, while holding ur gun in one of the SECONDARY grasps, press ur trigger to turn off/on the flashlight on the gun

LASER SIGHT: While holding your secondary hand, and while holding your gun on one the SECONDARY grips, press (index) A/ (quest) to turn on/off laser sight

NOTE! This may take up to 2 seconds, and you will not see anything for that time.

BONUS: Press (index) B/ (quest)Y while you grab your night vision goggles in order to turn on GREEN MODE

COMS / WALKIE TALKIE Place your left shoulder just above your right side for communication via your walkie-talkie.


Coming soon

Maps & amplifications

Coming soon

A few words


This guide was created by me. Please leave a like if you liked it or the guide helped you in any way. This will make the guide more accessible to others, which means more people can play the game and not like… a madman XD

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Some future updates include images/screenshots, and possibly a video.

New chapters for multiplayer / Gamemodes / Maps and some coll things I learned about the game

If you want to DM me for any reason, succubus caramel6610 is the right address. My current discord ID is 765497297756225547. You can find me there almost every single day.

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